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  1. Great catch and good point! They seemed very sad to hear what happened to Eddy (Ed Sheeran’s character) while not really caring much about what Bron did to a dragon. So it’s all making plenty of sense now.
  2. I will say that I agree with some on here that the two episodes have been a bit of filler of dialogue (that’s HBO material, and not the books for you) that it’s exactly what the viewer wants for payoff. Sure there will be ties to some loose ends and final conversation before character deaths mount up next episode but here are a few things I wished they would’ve gone with instead of Breannas knighting or the power ladies chat that resolved nothing from it. How about Podrick explaining about his magic...sword at the brothel. Rather then singing a song. What about that undelivered joke that Tyrion keeps bringing up but never able to finish. (I once brought a honeycomb and a jackass into a brothel-") I also would’ve loved to see a scene where the Reeds made it to winter fell and that Howland Reed being the last living witness that can truthfully claim that Jon is the rightful king of the seven kingdoms. Well we got to see Ghost. But looked more like they added him into the scene after it was shot since there was zero interaction with Jon and Ghost. Arya scene was like being a dad (without being a dad) but having that uncomfortable feeling of seeing one of the children of the show growing up before our eyes. So I agree with the posters on here who have said the first two episodes have been hyped up. But next episode will kick mine and every other critics ass from these comments. Everything else was was pretty good especially the giants story.
  3. After what happened in Vancouver in December and seeing Cooper giving that punk Martell a fist pump at the bench after that cheap shot on Stetcher, I’m happy they got what they deserved. Suck it Tampa, Stevie Y must’ve known something about this group that nobody else knew this season.
  4. As all Canuck fans know so well. We live for the pain, nothing ever comes easy for us. But we are fanatics for this team to win that elusive cup, and have been broken three separate times. When the time comes and it will. The feeling will be that much more satisfying and poetic. Me being alive to see it happen is another story. But we are all they have as fans, and they are all we have. It would’ve been too easy and obvious for us to win any top 3 spot yesterday. 10th we will gain another core piece and if you have been here from day one like you say, it’s hard not to be excited about where this team is headed. The youth that we have drafted within has never been better in our 50 years in the league. I’m grateful to know Judd and his scouting team will grab us another beauty at 10 this June. Although there are days...
  5. CBJ did it and their mortgage of the draft this year wasn’t a complete disaster.
  6. What do you think it would’ve taken to get “Mainframe” Max?
  7. We are Unbeaten in the Quinn Hughes era! This team is exciting!
  8. I’m going to miss Saturday nights at the rink but this one is going to be fun
  9. As nice of a day it is before watching my last hockey game live of the season I am already going to miss it in a few weeks time. That all said it’s hard not to be excited for the future of this club.