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  1. Not even the Zamboni driver at Rogers Arena has Biega in our starting lineup. Tyler Myers was visiting Francesco Aquilini this past weekend. My gut feeling is we will see at least 2 new faces in the starting lineup come October and Juolevi will be starting in Utica. I could see this as our starting lineup in October: Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Nemeth Stecher Juolevi will be called up when Tanev and Edler are injured and we will also see Brisebois and Rafferty at some point. Next year is the year where our defence can take a significant turn as we can see Juolevi, Tryamkin and Woo all on the opening roster. That would be exciting times for sure.
  2. Loui doesn't want to be here. When he finds out he'll be riding buses for the next 3 years in Utica his wife will tell him to mutually terminate his contract. He can make up the $9 million elsewhere. I'm sure some team will sign him to a 3 year $2.5 million per year deal, so if it's in a tax friendly state he might be able to get it all back.
  3. I don't think Benning wants to re-sign him even at his current salary. If he can get Nemeth as a 3rd pairing guy at under $2.5 million then Benning may go that route instead as Nemeth plays a heavier game and is better on the 3rd pairing, plus the Swedish connection.
  4. I can see this happening this year: Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Nemeth Stecher Juolevi Rafferty People may not like it but I can see that happening. Tanev will be gone in a year and replaced with Tryamkin. Juolevi will replace Edler eventually in 2 years and Woo will replace Nemeth. In 2 years we can see this: Hughes Myers Juolevi Woo Tryamkin Stecher That's not a bad D really. 4 guys we drafted, one guy was a college free agent and then we have a guy we signed as a UFA. Not a bad mix really of size and speed and grit. If we can get someone other than Myers I'd be happy with that but as of right now he looks like our most likely option on the right side.
  5. Yes you are correct with our defence. It needs a major overhaul if we are to compete in the playoffs. That's why Benning is currently in the middle of doing just that. It starts with re-signing Edler to a friendly 2 year deal so we don't have to protect him in the expansion draft. He's good for 2 more years so no worries there. The next step is to replace Hutton with a guy that can play a heavier game and be a good 3rd pairing guy. Someone like Nemeth. Then the next step is to add a right hand D who can play in the top 4. That's why he's talking to Myers. Maybe Risto is still in play as well. Then after all this we need to integrate our young guys into the D as we go along here. First off would be Juolevi. Then Tryamkin and Woo will follow. In 3 years we are hopefully looking at a D that has Hughes, Juolevi, Tryamkin, Stecher and Woo in the top 6 with a couple more guys acquired via trade or free agency. That is the plan. The core of our future D will be the guys that we have already drafted. Let's see what happens.
  6. Hutton is a really nice guy, most likely a great teammate, but he is not worth anything near $4 million. He's not even worth his current salary at $2.8 million. Losing him for nothing doesn't mean much if we can simply replace him with a UFA like Nemeth who plays a much heavier game, is a better 3rd pairing guy who can rotate with Juolevi and will come at a more reasonable cap rate.
  7. It's not semantics it's fact. You said we weren't buying any of his UFA years, which is not true, we would be buying one year on a 5 year deal. Also, BO will be a UFA the year prior to Boeser if Boeser were to sign a 5 year deal. Are you freaking out about that as well? At the end of the day if we have the cap space and we are a legitimate playoff team and cup contender there is no reason for either BO or Boeser to leave Vancouver. They are not prima donnas. Lots of guys re-sign with their current team after UFA status. The Canucks would have the advantage of adding that extra year to the contract as well unless that gets changed in the new CBA. At the end of the day if we are a playoff calibre team that is chasing a cup in 4-5 years there is no reason for either BO or Boeser to leave if we have the cap space to sign them. If we still suck after another 4 years then that is a different issue altogether and most likely we will lose both. So here's hoping the Canucks have a great summer and get back into the playoffs next year. Now maybe people can understand why it is so important to make the playoffs instead of just collecting high draft picks. It's because we actually want to be able to compete so our star players stick around and we don't end up like Edmonton.
  8. Sutter, Baertschi, Pearson, Edler, Tanev, Spooner, Schaller are all off the books by the time Petey and Hughes are up. That's over $27 million right there. Plus we are most likely getting rid of Eriksson this year, so a possibility of another $3 million off the books if we retain 50%. That's $30 million plus any increase in cap space over the next two years. That's plenty of money to re-sign all 3 players. We also still have $17 million in cap space this year excluding those contracts. So we have plenty of money to go out and sign another JT Miller type of contract. Especially if we let Hutton go.
  9. Boeser has already played 3 years of his original contract so signing him for 5 years would burn one year off of his UFA years...
  10. Love Hutton but not at $4+ million. He won't get that on the open market. It also frees up cash and a roster spot for a UFA signing. We have Juolevi, Woo, Tryamkin, Rathbone, Rafferty, Brisebois, Saunter etc. to fill the gap. What we really need is a top 4 Dman which Hutton is not. So spending that money elsewhere is a good thing. I'd go after Nemeth who would be a perfect 5/6 guy who you could get at a reasonable cap rate.
  11. I'm waiting for the HERO chart to come out to close the deal...