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  1. Detroit was the team that all teams were compared to in terms of drafting. They are garbage now. Drafting is an inexact science, but I would sure like to take all of Tampas scouts.
  2. Not 12, not a realtor and as far as maturing passed 12 that depends the situation. Please site examples of not being mature passed 12. I asked for what makes me a partisan hack and the insult and the other person posted Bob burger gif. You remind me of the other guy
  3. You called me a partisan hack. Please explain. Also, what was the insult?
  4. Partisan to whom? I have no position other than watching the Trudeau train crash into everything it touches other than legalizing marijuana. If you think I put out insults, you may need to find a safe space somewhere.
  5. None of what you said above is illegal, much is immoral though, much like Trump. We all hate Quebec and their pompous language and noses in the air (immoral, not illegal). Strome admitted as much. And? Who is Strome and why should his or her opinion shape my thinking?
  6. It's so strange to watch people try to protect and spin for Trudeau. Canada's version of Trump supporters.
  7. Illegal crossings... think of it as Trumps wall but very low.
  8. They sure do and they can fine you exorbitant amounts for crossing decommissioned crossings.
  9. To answer the question in the thread title: No.