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  1. I think canucks have the edge to start this series, they are going to be firing on all cylinders. I watched the blues games in the round robin and they weren’t playing with playoff intensity like canucks are right now. But.. they’re the defending champs and more than likely will turn it on. This is possibly the best test this young core could get for their first taste of the playoffs. GCG
  2. Man it must be awful never being able to enjoy anything. The team played great and got the W, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.
  3. I think adding Ferland to that line could give them the jump and time and space they need. Ferland Miller Pettersson Toffoli Horvat Boeser Pearson Gaudette Roussel (Preferably Virtanen)/Sutter Beagle Motte Just realizing now how Center heavy this team is.
  4. I agree with most of what you said, but Pearson and Bo were very good all season and have great chemistry, now they’ve added Boeser to that line so it’s not lacking in skilled wingers. They just need to dig down and produce, but that goes for the entire team IMO
  5. Even making a joke about that is pretty ignorant and I would advise against it. Don’t make jokes about atrocities or compare them to a hockey game. It’s not funny.
  6. It’s only 1-0, Canucks played a decent period after the first 5 minutes but still looked a little nervous and were throwing the puck away a little too much. The sky isn’t falling guys, this is anyone’s game at this point.
  7. Wow I’m so excited I’m freaking out! Haven’t had this feeling about canucks hockey in a long time, let’s go!!!!
  8. As a self proclaimed coach and GM I am offended by this!
  9. I agree with a lot on here that he didn’t intentionally try to cut the back of his leg, Tkachuk is a tool but I don’t think he would ever do something like that. Plus slowing anything down can make it look intentional, at full speed while playing hockey you’re not always in full control of your skates especially if you’re off balance like they both were. I think it’s a huge reach to say he did that on purpose.
  10. The bigger issue is we have Covid health experts on set at all times and they don’t seem to care, they tried and then gave up after a couple days..
  11. So I’m back to work in film now, this is a nightmare guys... basically the conclusion I’ve come to is Canadians are also pretty stupid and uninformed. It’s mandatory we wear masks on the job but we have a crew of about 100 and half the people wear them below their nose. They believe the pandemic is pretty much over, and I’ve heard multiple people say when a vaccine comes out they won’t get it because bill gates is putting a microchip in it or it will cause autism, no joke. I’ve accepted that I will more than likely catch this virus on the job because speed and profits mean more than safety and after 3 days on the job everyone has given up on the safety protocols. Bonnie henry would be disappointed and this is my nightmare. They share their opinion on it that is based on ignorance and then tell me they don’t actually know anything about the virus cause they don’t pay attention to the news. They think masks cause more health problems than the virus and because they’re young and healthy they’re immune. Because of the attitudes I’m seeing amongst big groups I’m struggling to think there won’t be a second wave. It’s hard to go to work right now and people talk to me like I’m a crazy doomsayer because I’m informed about the current situation (in regards to this virus) around the world. When did ignorance and opinions become more widely regarded as fact over science and experts knowledge in their respective fields that they dedicated their life to? Maybe I’m the stupid one lol Anyways that’s my rant and work sucks.
  12. Hahaha what a stupid system, watch Pittsburgh or Edmonton win it