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  1. Just watched Boeser’s insta story and he is watching midget wrestling instead of training... Every player takes time off once their season is over, you’re being ridiculous.
  2. Oh yeah meant Eastern final lol. Don’t really care who comes out the west as long as it’s not Calgary.
  3. Yeah I just don’t see Tampa winning with Stamkos and Kucherov. Im hoping for a Columbus Washington final. With Ovi winning again so we can watch him party all summer and then win the rocket again.
  4. Agreed, hopefully he can stay healthy now. Probably would already have a spot on the team if not for all the injuries and time lost. Anyways back to Madden. Does he play wing too? Will be interesting to see how fast he fills out. Needs to put on atleast 15 pounds before he turns pro, 150 at 5’11 is pretty slight.
  5. A lot of games I’ve watched from Juolevi he gets beaten on the outside and doesn’t have the quickest feet. No denying his offensive and puck moving ability, but he still needs work on his defensive game. His coaches and people who watch him have said the same. Maybe try reading the post I replied to? I was talking about Bouchard...
  6. The guys one of the best goal scorers in the league and still had a good season barely being able to skate for half of it. I can easily see him putting up 40+ goals next season and be ppg, especially with Hughes on the team now and another free agent signing. I just can’t see him making less than 7 long term when you look at other contracts around the league.
  7. Would love to see Eriksson gone. He’s good defensively and makes some good veteran plays but he’s just too slow and the game is too fast now. He could even lose another step by next season. Would much rather see someone like MacEwan take his spot. We need the size and grit especially with two defenseman under 5’11 in our top 4. I don’t want to see any cheapshots on Hughes next season like with Petey this year. Schenn is a must sign for that reason and we need one or 2 more big bodied forwards.
  8. You said the same thing about Boeser and Pettersson. No way Hughes sees the AHL.
  9. Virtanen just can’t seem to play with skilled players. Better suited for the third line. Hughes is going to be damn good.
  10. Hughes and Rafferty in will be fun to watch. Still think they should give Goldy 1 more game.
  11. I’ve never seen anyone close to as bad as Andrew Walker... Rintoul looked like he wanted to kill him haha.
  12. I don’t think they’ll cut him loose due to the Tryamkin factor. Agree about the Hutton situation, hopefully he can come back next season and be a legit top 6 winger. Still think it was a weird time to scratch him. Was playing some of his most complete hockey and has hit as many posts as anyone in the league probably.
  13. Was probably a lot easier for Virtanen to cross over in the neutral zone in jr. Doesn’t seem to be enough space or time for him to do it as often in the NHL. Still think he should line up on the left side on some face offs.