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  1. I just hope Ferland still plays his game. Seems like a lot of tougher guys who have come over to the Canucks over the years play a lot softer than when they were on other teams. Though I think the main reason for that was lack of team toughness and them having to do everything by themselves, and coaching. Green likes physical play so should be fine.
  2. I don’t understand his complaint about not being used properly. He was tried multiple times with Pettersson. Did well the first time, but so did everyone who played with him early in the season. He played a ton with Bo as well. He didn’t deserve 1st unit pp time.
  3. Not sure why people think Boeser will be traded. He ain’t gonna leave his bff Petey. Had a feeling there’s barely been any news on Ferland because he’s been waiting to come here. Hoping 4x4
  4. Would be nice to get another Russia to try and bring Podz and Try over quicker.
  5. I think there’s a chance MacEwan also cracks the line up if he has a good summer of training. He’s a big boy too. I think all this added size and toughness will allow Virtanen to play his game again. He won’t have to answer for every big hit he throws and can go back to destroying people knowing there’s guys on the team that can throw down now if needed.
  6. Should have packaged Dahlen with Eriksson to get rid of him.
  7. If we can get Panarin I like the Miller trade a lot more. Panarin-Pettersson-Boeser Miller-Horvat-Pearson Baertschi/Goldobin-Gaudette-Virtanen Looks pretty decent
  8. Why didn’t we just add more and trade for Trouba or Subban instead of Miller...
  9. Miller better click with Pettersson and Boeser. He can play with Horvat too, but his style should be perfect for Petey and Boeser. A 1st should have been enough, not sure why we needed to add a third as well, especially when we’ve been a lottery team.
  10. What a terrible trade, I can see a 2nd, but a 1st!? All I read last season from fans was how dumb Miller is and we trade a 1st+ for him.
  11. Juolevi was having a really good season offensively till he got injured. Dahlen hasn’t been any better on the Sharks farm team and I think the other 3 were just overhyped. I’ve never been that high on Lind, but he still has NHL potential. I think Dahlen and Palmu thought they’d easily transition since they both played against men, but got a bit of a wake up call. Gadjovichs’s problems are all skating.
  12. CHL drafted players have to be 20 to play in the AHL or play four years of jr.