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  1. I wonder if something is going on with Roussell mentally. Sometimes on the bench he looks like he’s in his own world and doesn’t look engaged ever anymore. Anyone else want to see MacEwan with Pettersson and Miller? I think he’d be a great fit with Petey. His forechecking and physical play would open up a lot of room and he can protect him. Also has enough skill to keep up with them. I think the cheap shots would drop quite a bit with Mac on that line. I’d like to see Miller-Pettersson-MacEwan Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Motte-Gaudette-Virtanen Roussell-Beagle-Sutter Would also prefer Bailey in over Roussell or Sutter but Green will never do that. His size and speed is what we need, he’s still young, hopefully they can turn him into a decent bottom 6 player.
  2. Honestly unless Boeser returns to rookie form I can see him being traded in the near future. Green isn’t his biggest fan and I think a lot of that has to do with his skating. He’s just not fast enough to get his shots off anymore like he used to and when he does it has nowhere near the same power or accuracy. I think the back and all his wrist injuries/surgeries have done a number on him. Maybe after another hard offseason of training he’ll get what made him great back, but I just don’t see his skating improving much and the league just keeps getting faster and faster. That’s another reason why JV is having so much success in his spot.
  3. Some of your takes are pretty hard to read. Almost every time I read one of your posts you’re trying to downplay Jake. Sorry but that like with Jake is far better defensively, physically, in the neutral zone and on the forecheck. They’ve barely played together so not sure what kind of chemistry you’re expecting, and if you actually payed attention to the game last night you’d see that Brock actually carried the puck and was actually shooting and creating chances himself, something that’s rarely been seen since his rookie season.
  4. Yeah Brock can drive play in the ozone, but someone needs to get the puck there.
  5. That has nothing to do with driving play. Watch him when he tries to carry the puck, he doesn’t have the speed or the hands to get around defenders. Pettersson can carry a line, so can Miller, Horvat, because they can all skate. Everyone knows Brock can score and put up points, but that doesn’t mean he can drive a line. Seems like some of you need to learn some hockey iq.
  6. Except he wouldn’t because he can’t skate fast enough and doesn’t have elite hands to make up for the lack of speed to drive a line. Sure he’d put up the most points, but he wouldn’t be driving the play. Virtanen and even Gaudette can drive a line way better than Boeser.
  7. Jake’s always put up points on the pp when’s he’s on the half wall and used as a shooter. Like he was in jr. I don’t know why he’s never gotten a chance. I remember he did in pre season one year and he sniped a shot top corner against the Flames and then was taken off it and never put back on again. He has one of the heaviest shots in the league, take advantage of it...
  8. Virtanen’s best game of his career tonight, again... Think he might have finally turned the corner. I’ve said since he was drafted once he hits 25 he’ll be worth the 6th overall selection. Just needs to mature and gain some man strength and the confidence to play his game at the NHL level.
  9. Yeah I’m not really a fan of Horvat being captain. He’s a good player but he plays with no emotion. Never hits, doesn’t really have another gear either. Honestly wouldn’t have minded Edler being captain until he retires and then Petey. Atleast Edler actually plays physical. Petey has that fire in him and can take over a game. Still early so we’ll see how Bo fares the rest of the season.
  10. He had the hands and passing ability during his rookie season. He always made the right play and barely ever gave it away like he does multiple times a game now. His shot is gone too. Had one of the hardest and most accurate wrist/snap shots and now it’s a muffin most of the time. His wrist is still heavily taped every game and I think the injuries and surgeries are affecting him even tho he says it’s fine. His skating always needed work but It used to be better and I remember him a few times going end to end and sniping a shot. Never see that anymore, and with that freak back injury I worry he won’t be able to improve his skating too much.
  11. No one said he sucks. If you think he’s playing great then you have low standards for him. He’s been a turnover machine and his shot is non existent. I guess Neal is an awesome player because he’s scoring lots of goals.
  12. Yeah there’s been a lot of games this season where they’ve picked up points and haven’t looked good. Boeser hasn’t looked the same since his rookie season imo. Every part of his game seems a step down, his shot, passing, hands, iq. Still a great player, but I think all his injuries won’t let him reach his full potential. He used to snipe every shot and looked like he was going to be a 40+ scorer. Maybe he’ll get back to that form eventually, but his wrist surgeries and back injury were pretty serious.
  13. Agreed but once he fills out he’s going to challenging for the art ross imo. And he gets a 5 on 5 point....
  14. Pettersson just can’t get anything going 5 on 5. Really hope he fills out a bit for next season.