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  1. Hoping for... Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen Pearson-Gaudette-Leivo Graovac-Schaller-MacEwan
  2. Wish Goldy could figure it out. He’s one of our only guys who can create plays and make room in tight spaces with his puck skills. Also good at gaining the line and not just dumping it in.
  3. Finally has some confidence and is getting his man strength. Green needs to give him some more ice time. He should be on the point on the 2nd pp unit. He has a heavy shot and can catch up to anyone to prevent a breakaway. Also should be playing 3 on 3. Wouldn’t mind seeing him on the pk as well. Would get a lot of breakaways and opposing d men will have to be weary of that when he’s on the ice.
  4. Jake had a good game again. Finally has some confidence. I hope Green leaves Jake with Bo for a while and lets them develop some chemistry. Though I think Jake plays his best hockey with Sutter for some reason. Probably feels less pressure and can just play his game. When Roussel is back would like to see Roussel-Horvat-Virtanen Not sure why he was playing on the 4th line at the end of the game. He was the only forward consistently creating chances and turnovers. He needs more ice time and should be playing 3 on 3. Not sure what Green is thinking..a lot of the time..
  5. Of course it had to be Hughes ankle too. Now Boeser is hurt.
  6. Would be nice if it was true because it would explain a lot.
  7. Except I’ve probably played a way higher level of hockey than you, if you even played. You can’t even type, maybe you should go to bed bud.
  8. He got cross checked from behind like 6 times already? Try watching the game.
  9. Sutter can’t even take a pass this game and just keeps falling down... play dies on his stick every time.