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  1. How can almost every movie on here be rated 8/10? Weak sauce. Haven't watched movies lately, but I did finish all 5 seasons of The Wire. Excellent. 9/10.
  2. American my ass. It's a remake of a Swedish movie which is MUCH BETTER - Let The Right One In.
  3. Ray Lewis is a tool. Go Niners.
  4. and a d-bag
  5. It wasn't conclusive either way
  6. Ohhhhh that burns Maybe next year Failcons
  7. Seen this storyline before...
  8. Huge pet peeve. 5 commercials on shuffle all day. We couldn't watch the Die Hard trailer....
  9. Dang....Kaepernick throws laser beams....
  10. That is a sweet running game......Hope the Browns can do that soon
  11. It's early..... Plenty of time for the Fail-cons to blow this lead
  12. yeah yeah yeahs
  13. No....Ravens can eat s*** and die
  14. Dang special teams
  15. Screw Ray Lewis.....