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  1. Yup, can't recall his name (not that I'd give it out anyway) but it was a few years ago that we worked together. The guy takes the job very seriously, but was a pleasure to work with as a colleague, very joyous man.
  2. I worked with that man, he's a good fellow. Used to be VPD wayyyyyyyyy back in the day but he decided it wasn't for him.
  3. Bear Grylls is not a mountain man lmao, he's a fraud. All for entertainment. There's some decent survival tips on his show, but he's no Les Stroud.
  4. I was waiting for someone to bring up Coach V. I find it amazing that so many people on here have bashed on him... Took Vancouver to the cup finals, then NYR and he's doing a tremendous job so far in Philly.
  5. Pathetic effort for another 50 minutes of the game. Can't start playing with 10 minutes left in the third and expect to win at all, especially at this time of year. Can't keep pissing away valuable points...
  6. Marchand on an 9-3 loss to Vancouver: "A team like that should not be beating us like that" He says while crying salty tears down his absolute F***ing beak of a nose.
  7. Mike Ricci is one f***ing ugly guy, I don't even think a mother could love that face.
  8. First game of the new decade/year for me, and it happens to be on my birthday. I'm going to be there in the 300's getting drunk to celebrate my 28th year of life on this miserable planet lol Go Canucks Go! Make er' 6 in a row. That's my rhyme for the day, cya.
  9. What the hell is up with Beagle, he was in the line-up, then out, then back in and now he's out again. Anyone have any clue what his ailment is?
  10. Brian Burke is the first to admit he made a ton of mistakes as a GM which shows how good his judgement can be. Youre gonna need a lot more than the opinion of one analyst to convince me "hes the best goalie in the NHL". I can probably count on both my hands, better more established goalies playing today, nice try though.
  11. Markstrom is far from the best goalie, give your damn head a shake and then take off those rose coloured glasses. He's an adequate starter, that's it. That gamble was a huge gaff and it potentially cost the team a point, becuase he was impatient, pure and simple.
  12. How is wanting to remove clearly planned fights from the game "such a left wing thing"? I think a good fight, when its warranted is great. But these orchestrated fights to "wake the team up" or get the crowd going is stupid. There's enough studies to show that this is causing long term effects on these guys well after their playing days are over. The game is evolving, gone are the slow goons that just fight other goons for the two points listed above. You know what else gets the crowd/team going? Goals, HUGE hits, amazing plays, crazy dekes, breakaways, etc. Need to move on man, and saying something is "so left wing" because you don't like it shows your maturity level.
  13. Honestly, it was the first GDT thread I could find to copy, because idk what I'm doing lmao. I did like the analysis part of it though
  14. How friggen convenient, guess he didn't wanna mess with Myers again.