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  1. First game of the new decade/year for me, and it happens to be on my birthday. I'm going to be there in the 300's getting drunk to celebrate my 28th year of life on this miserable planet lol Go Canucks Go! Make er' 6 in a row. That's my rhyme for the day, cya.
  2. What the hell is up with Beagle, he was in the line-up, then out, then back in and now he's out again. Anyone have any clue what his ailment is?
  3. Brian Burke is the first to admit he made a ton of mistakes as a GM which shows how good his judgement can be. Youre gonna need a lot more than the opinion of one analyst to convince me "hes the best goalie in the NHL". I can probably count on both my hands, better more established goalies playing today, nice try though.
  4. Markstrom is far from the best goalie, give your damn head a shake and then take off those rose coloured glasses. He's an adequate starter, that's it. That gamble was a huge gaff and it potentially cost the team a point, becuase he was impatient, pure and simple.
  5. How is wanting to remove clearly planned fights from the game "such a left wing thing"? I think a good fight, when its warranted is great. But these orchestrated fights to "wake the team up" or get the crowd going is stupid. There's enough studies to show that this is causing long term effects on these guys well after their playing days are over. The game is evolving, gone are the slow goons that just fight other goons for the two points listed above. You know what else gets the crowd/team going? Goals, HUGE hits, amazing plays, crazy dekes, breakaways, etc. Need to move on man, and saying something is "so left wing" because you don't like it shows your maturity level.
  6. Honestly, it was the first GDT thread I could find to copy, because idk what I'm doing lmao. I did like the analysis part of it though
  7. How friggen convenient, guess he didn't wanna mess with Myers again.
  8. I posted that on the off chance he was being serious, didn't want my friend getting a bad rap.
  9. I'm friends with him outside this forum, he's just razzing me. Hope you're not serious about your comment lol
  10. Thank you, I was surprised there wasn't one up already and I wanted there to be one so I could follow peoples posts like I usually do, so I took it upon myself to make one lol. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, especially since I ripped off the last one from the NYR game.
  11. I'm still working on editing things, so bare with me lol... First time making one and literally copying someone elses format, so go easy on me :/
  12. Vancouver Canucks (5-3-0) Vs Detroit Red Wings (3-5-0) 4:30 PM PST at Little Caesars Arena TV: SN360, City, FS-D RADIO: SN360, SN650 Last time Vs. the Red Wings The Good Guys (Subject to Change) Team Analysis Top 5 Scorers: JT Miller: 4G-4A-8P in 8GP Alex Edler:3G-3A-6P in 8 GP Elias Pettersson: 2G-6A-8P in 8 GP Brock Boeser: 2G-5A-6P in 8 GP Brandon Sutter: 2G-3A-5P in 8 GP Who’s Hot: Elias Pettersson: Put up another 2 assists on Sunday in New York, despite heavy coverage from defenders and admittedly not playing his best. JT Miller: 8 points in his last 6 games, including a career 4 point game on October 9th, and 2 PPG on October 12th. The Penalty Kill: Currently 2nd in the league, operating at 92.6% efficiency, behind the San Jose Sharks who are in 1st with a 92.8% efficiency. Who’s Not: Adam Gaudette: Scored 1 assist in 3 Games played, and has been scratched for the past 5 games. Jake Virtanen: Still waiting for the first #Shotgunjake of the year, and only 2 assists in his past 8 games. The Power Play: Currently (1-15) since the beginning of the road trip, thanks to Bo Horvat on Sunday for breaking the streak. Who to Watch for: Bo Horvat: Watch for Horvat’s offensive game to pick up after scoring his first goal of the season on October 17 and another on the PP on Sunday in New York. Quinn Hughes: Watch for him to make an impact now that he's been moved to PP1, and looks to have his legs under him in this young season. The Other Guys (Subject to Change) Canucks Memes:
  13. First work on your punctuation and proper spelling before you ask about jobs writing professionally. Not trying to be mean, but for what you're looking to do, it is very important. Secondly, I'd suggest taking some writing courses, and what not to improve your skillset / resume. Again, not trying to be mean, but no one is going to hire a 17 year old who's taking a gap year to write for them professionally, that's the sad reality of the world. For instance, I myself have schooling and 6 years relative experience and haven't been able to land my career job yet. Honestly, the best thing you could probably do is start a blog and use it as a portfolio and maybe in a couple of seasons go around with it and see if someone wants to hire you.
  14. When you phrase it like that, it's not so bad, and I agree to a degree. To straight up say the song sucks is just silly.
  15. How dare you say Ain't Talkin' Bout Love sucks. You sir are an idiot of the highest magnitude.