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  1. Can't agree more. But I am afraid our tomorrow's game will be postponed if not cancelled . Hope I am wrong
  2. Yes, schedule is ridiculous and absurd. NHL helping its golden child without any shame.
  3. His SV % in the bubble is 0.9092 For Marky it is 0.9288 We are better in this department, especially considering quality of opponnents they were facing
  4. I am superstitious as hell , I would go absolute nuts if this happens to me.
  5. Chicago , IMO, did not forechecked Vegas hard enough. Canucks is capable to put a great pressure on Vegas D.
  6. I think that Canucks advantage for the first game is the fact that Vegas was doing nothing for the last 4 days while Canucks were playing hard. It is like yesterday's game between Dallas and Avs- before Avs woke up- they were down 3-1 and 2 key players out with injures GCG!
  7. I wonder where to find the whole exchange between them on Burrows from yesterday?
  8. Juice such a breath of fresh air. Joy to watch.
  9. I don't think Chicago played Vegas hard enough, and still all games but one were one goal games. I think we have a chance. I personally don't like Vegas because that city was given a very competetive and deep roster from day one on a silver plate.