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  2. Probably Gaudette will be involved. Maybe Gaudette + Stecher + Depietro + Cap Dump?
  3. Just what I had in mind for a fair AAV and term. Thoughts?
  4. I love watching Steve Dangle trade trees but now since he isn't doing them anymore I have decided to make my own trade trees and I will be posting one each week. The link is in the comments. Took me a while to build this but I expect to post a new Canucks trade tree from time to time. Remember to leave a like and subscribe. Also remember to give me some feedback in the comments section regarding this video. The next video would be about one of the following trade trees. 1. Adrian Aucoin trade 2. Alexander Mogilny trade Let me know which trade tree you want me to do next out of these 2 options. You can vote on this twitter poll as well. The next video should be up in approximately a week. Once again thanks for watching and see you next time! Here's the link of the video
  5. Thanks, please subscribe. More uploads are coming!
  6. Hey guys, I made a compilation of all the Canucks goals this year in the pre season, regular season, exhibition, and playoffs so far with most of it being in HD. It is 80 minutes long so if you're bored and looking for something to do give this a watch. It took me a while to make this so please like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy it. Also a reminder that I have been and would keep posting Canucks highlights clips from each game after the game has concluded so be sure to subscribe if you would like to stay updated on that. Again, it will all be in HD. Here's the link, enjoy!
  7. Thx for letting me know. Actually the reason I have been keeping my clips short is so that I don't get a copyright claim. Please subscribe, more uploads are coming soon and unlike my first few ones, they would be in HD.
  8. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have been and will continue posting short highlight clips from each Canucks game and posting them into a playlist on my YouTube channel. Please give them a watch and let me know what you think. Just click the playlists section and you'll find them. Game 4 will be uploaded shortly.
  9. With Jake Virtanen working his way out of the team and with the Canucks need of acquiring a big defensively strong D man who can operate the right side, how about this deal? To Carolina - Jake Virtanen To Vancouver - Hadyn Fleury Both were picked consecutively in the 2014 NHL entry draft and both are starting to take steps. Fleury played on the top 4 for the first time this season for a while and Virtanen improved his points total. The Hurricanes need another middle 6 winger which Virtanen adds to the table while the Canucks need a strong defensive and physical D man who can play the right side and chip on offensively and they get that from Fleury who was on pace for 7 goals and 18 assists for 25 points this season and he also had a corsi of over 54%. Thoughts?
  10. I did some editing using a bunch of clips and I made a song sung by Steve Dangle regarding the humiliating Maple leafs loss to a 42 year old Zamboni driver 2.5 months ago. Check it out and be sure to like and subscribe if you find it funny. I'm working on one called "The tragic enigma of Game 7 song" regarding the Leafs game 7 losses to the Boston Bruins also sung by Steve Dangle. Enjoy!
  11. Decided to post this thread about my YouTube channel so you guys can keep checking in. As you guys may know I recently made a YouTube account focusing primarily on Canucks and NHL videos. Recently I made a video of the worst sports anthem fails of all time and I'm making many more parts on this topic which I will upload soon. My main goal through this Youtube channel ever since the lockdown started is to create a channel that gives everyone some good hockey/sports related laughs and I'm hoping that you guys can help expand the reach of this channel so that everyone can have something funny to watch during these tough times. Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you find these videos funny and please also share them if possible. Part 4 of the anthem fails and part 5 of NHL funny moments are coming soon. I won't post part 1 of NHL funny moments on this because that's 15 minutes long but do check out the other clips as they are short and sweet. NHL funny moments part 2 NHL funny moments part 3 NHL funny moments part 4 Sports funniest anthem fails part 1 Sports funniest anthem fails part 2 Sports funniest anthem fails part 3 BONUS***** If you're a canucks fan, check out this hilarious Loui Eriksson "highlights" montage I made Remember to subscribe! Thank you!
  12. Yeah I tried adding that but I still can't figure out how to add 2 pieces of audio at the same point of a video because I just started making youtube videos 3 days ago and I'm still learning the ins and outs of editing. Thanks for watching! Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel as more uploads are coming. Also check out my other videos. Thanks!