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  1. I did some editing using a bunch of clips and I made a song sung by Steve Dangle regarding the humiliating Maple leafs loss to a 42 year old Zamboni driver 2.5 months ago. Check it out and be sure to like and subscribe if you find it funny. I'm working on one called "The tragic enigma of Game 7 song" regarding the Leafs game 7 losses to the Boston Bruins also sung by Steve Dangle. Enjoy!
  2. Decided to post this thread about my YouTube channel so you guys can keep checking in. As you guys may know I recently made a YouTube account focusing primarily on Canucks and NHL videos. Recently I made a video of the worst sports anthem fails of all time and I'm making many more parts on this topic which I will upload soon. My main goal through this Youtube channel ever since the lockdown started is to create a channel that gives everyone some good hockey/sports related laughs and I'm hoping that you guys can help expand the reach of this channel so that everyone can have something funny to watch during these tough times. Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you find these videos funny and please also share them if possible. Part 4 of the anthem fails and part 5 of NHL funny moments are coming soon. I won't post part 1 of NHL funny moments on this because that's 15 minutes long but do check out the other clips as they are short and sweet. NHL funny moments part 2 NHL funny moments part 3 NHL funny moments part 4 Sports funniest anthem fails part 1 Sports funniest anthem fails part 2 Sports funniest anthem fails part 3 BONUS***** If you're a canucks fan, check out this hilarious Loui Eriksson "highlights" montage I made Remember to subscribe! Thank you!
  3. Yeah I tried adding that but I still can't figure out how to add 2 pieces of audio at the same point of a video because I just started making youtube videos 3 days ago and I'm still learning the ins and outs of editing. Thanks for watching! Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel as more uploads are coming. Also check out my other videos. Thanks!
  4. With nothing much to do with regards to the coronavirus these days I decided to make youtube account 2 days ago and already posted a plethora of hockey videos (mostly canucks videos). I am rapidly going to uploading new videos as time goes on. I just uploaded a video of the Canucks top 5 highlights of this decade and it's my personal favorite so far. I have the link at the bottom so please give it a watch. Also check out my other videos and please leave a like, comment down below, and most importantly subscribe to my channel as more uploads are rapidly coming. Thank you and enjoy!
  5. I know it's not the right forum to post this but wanted to get the laughs out there It's a montage showing all Eriksson is good at is scoring in the empty net. (Sort of). Remember to subscribe, leave a like, and comment under the video. Hope you enjoyed it
  6. BTW: This was my first crack at youtube and when I edited the video and uploaded it the audio got cut out somehow. Does anyone know if there is a way to upload an MP3 file to youtube from your desktop? Also don't forget to like and subscribe as I'll be making more videos like this (and yes with audio). I'll be posting a video of every canucks playoff goal in the 2000s very soon followed by the 90s and 80s. Thanks for watching!
  7. Another signing as well on the Dallas Stars twitter page
  8. And Imagine what happens in the first game Campbell and Clifford play in Campbell- Clifford- Back in the market!
  9. If someone can please help me with this that would be much appreciated. I have the answer in the answer key as 2.16 times 10 to the power of -7 grams but I can't figure out the formula to reach the answer here's the question. If a sample of Fe2S3 contains 1.25x10^15 iron atoms what is the mass in grams? Thanks