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  1. Funny how illegal immigrants are sneaking into this country after games 3 and 4 while you argue FAKE NEWS officiating! Sad!!!
  2. Too bad the Blues played until they heard a whistle and the Bruins stood around staring at the ref. Boston could have outplayed a bad call by not standing dumbfounded. Too bad they did not.
  3. Ha ha Boston not even trying. That was a goal if it went to Chuck Kobasew or Kurally or whatever his name is.
  4. Sutherland’s work is saved lol. promote that man...head of officiating he knows and has his hand on the pulse of the game ;p
  5. I’m surprised Sutherland has not called the Blues yet to make up for that call. If he can get the Bruins within one, all will be forgiven and he can be promoted to head of officiating next year! How’s that for an overhaul lol
  6. Come on Winter Pig! Would rather see you win than some rag tag group of chumps like Saint Loo with some flash in the pan goalie! C’mon Bowmeister? Thought he retired 60 years ago? And Birmingham. Like Alf said, Hamburglar 2.0 or even Jim Carey, who played for Washington 30 years ago! Just a footnote in history. Would rather see Whiner Peg win even with captain Fortnite Laine scoring! C’mon
  7. Binnington has too many “N”’s in his name and his Cinderella run comes to an end as he is exposed by the Jets Offence. Jake Allen and what’s his name cannot save the Blues. Jets in 5.
  8. Where’s pre-game, post-game Xerox, great creator of the GDT to guide us through these turbulent times? The one who has no comments in game but can pick and choose who to chastise for team tank or play-off bound and picks and chooses who to go after with the infinite wisdom of his cigar-chewing The Thing avatar? The one who says only a top 5 pick is the way to go but the team cannot draft beyond that number because no talent lies beyond 5 and up. Oh great guru, tell us and highlight and pick and choose. You have volunteered so much time from your studies to show us the way, ya $&&!