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  1. Green has always changed the team after reading this forum. It's Benning you can blame Loui for. I agree that the had a hard time at the end but that can you say about the whole team.
  2. So why does Horvat produce more with Loui in his line? Toffoli is definately an upgrade but Virtanen and MacEwan is more risky. So if you take up more AHL players we let in more goals. And in tight matches the difference between a win or a loss is players like Loui as you probably seen in some of the last games. The problem now is that Green can't carve his way through defensive teams, not that Loui is inbtop 6 or not.
  3. Yes, that line with Petey/Miller/Boeser means that we have 2 first lines with a really good 3rd line, Virtanen/Gaudette/Sutter With Loui as depth in case of injuries, as usual...
  4. Gaudette slipped my mind. But I want to split Miller and Petey. Petey and Toffoli seems to be a match. Do a balanced line up with Petey and Miller on different lines.
  5. Miller and Petey seems to get most of their points through PP, not 5v5. Miller crash into ozone and rarely pass the puck to Petey. Petey likes to pass the puck around so the oppo can't keep up. They doesn't match. What I've seen of Toffoli is a much better match to Petey than Miller. So Toffoli is delicate.
  6. The depth of this team is great. I just forgot about him.
  7. I don't see the lines as 1,2,3. I see them as thre scoring lines and dependent of how the game evolves different line gets more time. Miller crash down the boards and rarely seek to communicate withvPetey while attacking. I want the line to seek communication in order to outplay the other team, not just crash around and hope the commotion, or luck, create some space. Green is looking for lucky bounces and I don't like that.
  8. PEARSON - PETTERSSON - BOESER ERIKSSON - HORVAT - TOFFOLI BÄRTSCHI - MILLER - VIRTANEN MOTTE - BEAGLE - McEWEN Roussel, Sutter This can be a way to have three lethal lines, scoring wise, when Boeser is back. Miller doesn't click with Petey so I would change it in some way. Don't focus on wich lines is 1st, 2nd and 3rd...
  9. Really? You mention that Horvat is -14. Loui is -2 in 49 games. That should say something. Especially that Loui is instrumental to Horvats success. So I say don't shift players all the time. Keep Horvat, Pearson and Loui together through the whole games. Let Loui be on PP2. Because he knows where to be and he is good close to the net. Green shift players all the time and it's just stupid.
  10. You usually are pa but not now. I'm a bit curious to why. No, you didn't respond to my post earlier...
  11. Only about Bennings words... He could have spoken about the young players not willing to play in AHL in another interview not close to Dahlens departure. Remember, I don't have a problem with Benning wanted to trade him.
  12. He's human and your words don't change that fact. I'm not saying he is mourning another player. I say that Bennings way of dealing with this situation is affecting Petey. It isn't especially good if you don't trust or like your GM.
  13. Did you even read what I said? You're really bad at reading and when you try something else you go the passive aggressive style. It's marvelous that you didn't go the passive aggressive way now, I'm very surprised...