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  1. If Boeser wants the best of Petey(with both get a lot of points) he has not act egoistically. If Boeser feeds Petey both win. If it goes one way Petey plays worse. Psychology is very important if we want our players to not lose focus or as in Peteys case, act fatigue.
  2. That's really strange... NHL vacuum every good player but not the vbest coaches.
  3. Can you tell me how he dogs it and why you don't think Green wants him to play exactly as he does?
  4. You get a lot of brown noses over there I hear.
  5. What is this about "he went to the media". The journalist, after reading this forum, knows exactly who's most interesting to interview. Do you think Loui can stay away from media? I think Jim Benning has said much worse to journos and people defend him and say he has the right to do so. Why should Loui shut up if so?
  6. When he gets a coach thinking european.
  7. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/hockey/a/opw1RK/darfor-tranar-han-med-reserverna Elias is disappointed with his play so he gets out and practise more. Including a little vid where he practise shots.
  8. Anton Lander seems to like it around both Petey and Loui... His salary now is 0.6 million... A steal?
  9. Talk to Green.. It's Green that often plays him out of position.
  10. A bit bad translation and a journalist who knows about the situation in Vancouver, fanhate... The journalist can ask the right questions to get clickbait. The headline speaks clickbait and many readers don't get any further in the article. WC, he is smart and Sweden like smart players.
  11. I see you don't have any faith for Green.
  12. I think we all want to upgrade defence... Who is not so important. EK has been one of the suggestions. But he is probably out of question or really expensive just because some fans are really bad for the club.
  13. I talk about a bad coach and that fans punish a player instead of the coach. This is bad for the club and make players like EK either stay away or want a helluva expensive contract. But use your brain and be stupid all the way... It's not my problem. I demand a lot more of the people responsible, coach and GM.
  14. Nahh, I think you and him deserve each other.