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  1. Lol, who do you think I am? Talk about bad judgement of character.
  2. Petey has retalliated before when frustrated so for me it's nothing new. More muscles and experience will lead to a more Foppa-style of player. Yes, Loui is great for depth, no question about that.
  3. I can assure you Foppa Forsberg is one player Petey watched a lot. He don't need Myers for that.
  4. Philly vs Montreal - Philly in 6 Tampa Bay vs Columbus - Tampa in 5 Washington vs NY Islanders - Capitols in 7 Boston vs Carolina - Carolina in 6 Vegas vs Chicago - Vegas in 5 Colorado vs Arizona - Colorado in 5 St. Louis vs Vancouver - Canucks in 6 Dallas vs Calgary - Dallas in 5
  5. I've tried to convince Sam to be the silent, strong type but he won't listen. Myers only asset is his size wich is a big plus around our goalie. He's too slow to get back in time wich could kill us if we meet a team like Dallas and he's inferior pointwise in PP compared with Edler.
  6. No, rebounds is the job for the defence and if you complain about the snipe every goalie should loose their job... The last goal on the other hand.
  7. Great Can someone tell me who is there to take the rebounds? First goal was a rebound that maybe Tanev should have guarded and second was a snipe that is a goal almost every time and third also some sort of rebound...
  8. Well, if the Wilds had won because of Myers penalties I think people here would have said very offensive things about him. Now we won and everything is fine. It seems nothing has changed here.
  9. The Wilds has a lot of pressure on them so I believe we win this. They have to push and we can take advantage of that.
  10. My mantra is 6-2 Canucks. This time I hope they keep it going til the end. Petey
  11. I hope they don't let you near Louis equipment after you "fixed" his stick yesterday...
  12. Experiance wise I agree but if you want us to the real play off you want the vets also...
  13. I definetaly wanted him yesterday in PK... A player like him might be a real difference if we get a lot of penalties. It seems we get a lot of penalties against in playoff.
  14. I have to stick with 6-2 Canucks. A little unlucky and rusty in the first game. Petey with the last goodie.
  15. Green has always changed the team after reading this forum. It's Benning you can blame Loui for. I agree that the had a hard time at the end but that can you say about the whole team.