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  1. Pfff we should’ve traded for Mogilny instead this year....
  2. We will be fine CDC. We’re still in the playoffs. Doesn’t matter how you make it. Just make it. Keep those heads high folks. It’ll be a fun few weeks.
  3. This is the weirdest most delightful post I’ve ever read. Also never read the words “nice big smoked femur” in a row before. Kudos @Shaodin
  4. Agree. CDC bemoans that we never have any ‘bite’ and then when Zac feeds someone the meat candy it’s the reason we lose. @J-23 good take. Playing 60 minutes wins games.
  5. Good lord- @-Vintage Canuck- Do you have any info on Myers injury/issue? Is it illness or more long term?
  6. They my as well wear gray jerseys next game as they don’t make contact with any one anyway....
  7. I’ve always said I’d take Leon over 97. He’s the straw that stirs that drink imo.
  8. Thanks @StealthNuck that’s really sad tbh. JP is a bozo deluxe but come on Travis. Man up. If you cannot handle a reporter how can you handle the room...?