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  1. hahahaha.....no. I could have been clearer. Read it as... Yes, yes, have a good laugh Mr "I think Petterson needs another year in the minors". (Zepps preseason forecast iirc)
  2. Because he's not very good and injury prone on top of that. How can you come back from that. It's tough. Worst +- on his team for instance. You're repeating what I said. He's probably going to be a bust. Or maybe he will be like Orr or Coffee. Quite a gamble. Hope your right. I'll remind you one way or another. I didn't like the OJ pick because he had no exceptional quality that I would look for at number 5. Bland. Weak. Why pick him. Proven correct. Not the case with Quinn, but man he is small and I would say lacks a certain something, maybe it's composure. I don't like to be mamby pamby, but I do think he has a shot to be a star, I just think he's gonna get knocked around big time so the odds aren't great. i made the account so i could say what I think not so I could figure out what you would like me to post, lol. Yes, yes, have a good laugh Mr "I think Petterson needs another year in the minors". I've been watching. lol
  3. OK. Maybe Juolevi can beat the odds. Can't totally write him off yet.
  4. lol. Not at all. Completely serious. Someone else posted similar thoughts. I will have to go back and give them a nice juicy.............like. Hughes plays weird. If a rover position is something that can work in the nhl then it looks good for him. I was right about Joulevi and hopefully I wont be right again. Benning needs to stick to drafting forwards it seems. Again though, during desperation time, I saw the star potential.
  5. Reading the posts here since the draft I was hoping for Phil Housely. After finally watching Quinn a bit at the WJC I have to say I have him pegged as a bust. But watching Hughes during desperate times in the game when the US was down gives me some hope. He can turn it up. A boom or bust pick. He needs to play his own game. Odds are not good of this being allowed or successfully integrated into an NHL team.