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  1. 1year 1.5m add scoring depth give our middle 6 some action
  2. Frederik andersen 0.919 SV% age 26-27 UFA Traded on 2016 for #30 (2016) and #50 (2017) a Late 1st and 2nd jacob markstrom 0.919 Sv% age 30 UFA same price a early 2nd (2020) and a late 2nd (2021) wouldn't really matter if he under contract or not if they want a #1 goalie the price is around there at most canucks take a #41 2nd (2020) and a late pick at least for markstorm
  3. CAROLINA Jake Virtanen Jacob Markström VANCOUVER Jake bean optimus reimer 2nd 2020 41 OVA (NYR) 2nd 2021 Canucks does this , add a 2nd at 2020 2021 . add pp2 in jake bean and a backup of Reimer that only has 1 year left of his 3.4m which we can use for the future 3 core EP QH TD Carolina get a #1 Goalie and a serviable top 9 in virtanen
  4. Is it time to trade a guy like roussel for a matt martin Roussel 3m x 1 left show sign of slowing down and no bite left . Waste of pp and no pk Martin sign 1.5-2m x 2y can play on bottom 6 + pk show that we need a guy who play hard heavy game on a team like the Vegas series
  5. Green not willing to play zack macewen and olli juolevi over Jake Virtanen /oscar fantenberg. Both of them seen out of place and haven't made an impact over the post season .it is time to play our wild card the dark horses
  6. Does a mtrl and van trade come alive? Mtrl Jake virtanen Tyler toffoli Van Max domi
  7. VAN Jesse Pulijujarvi 2nd round pick EDM jacob markström Edm get there #1 goalie they r looking for VAn get a highly tour prosprect to play in there top 6 and JB looking for that 2nd rounder he lost to that trade for TT
  8. Ottawa 1 OVA New York Ranger 3 OVA 5 OVA 22OVA MB 33 OVA Ottawa get there GUY QUIN *cough* Alexis Lafreniere NYR does this if they 4 first ROUNDer gamble on deep draft. hoping they don't push a boston 2015 moment ( recap 13,14,15 OVA) only 1/3 made it to NHL
  9. i think we would benefit if we do 3m x 3y
  10. our top 6 was eating sasuage in tonight game . we need fight out of Ferland to help top Miller/pettersson. Macewen < Virtanen Macewen out play virtanen during the camp and the last few game during the regular games so I would have Macewen on over J.V spread out the scoring on the team Black ACE = O.J and Z.M Miller-Pettersson-Ferland Pearson-Horvat-Macewen Toffoli-Gaudette- Boeser Motte-Beagle- Eriksson Edler-Tanev Hughes-Fantenberg Juolevi- Myers Markstrom Demko PP1 Macewen - Miller - Ferland Pettersson - Hughes PP2 Eriksson -Horvat- Toffoi Bosser-Juolevi/Myers PK 1 PK 2 Beagle-Motte Macewen/Peason-Erikkson Edler - Tanev Myers - Fantenberg
  11. How many time have big mac got call up so far and many time is gonna get call up by the end of the year
  12. yea most of the good goal by petey were from the defensive zone and he not getting a chance to play there . there no more rush / turnover goal that he can chip and chase like one rly good example is his first goal on Detroit xD.
  13. NYR know how to rebuild on the FLY. they are already 2-3 year on being a contender , they add two young D with top pairing potential ( ADAM FOX / JACOB TROUBA ). see them very soon in the cup final
  14. Better off with La buying him off , we can sign him if elder doesnt want to sign cheap with the team . If u compare elder to phaneuf , they r about the same player both play on pp/pk , similar age , both can move the puck well and only reason why his production was bad last season of willie ....(not the best coach ) The only thing different phaneuf is a bit older , but more of a physical player then edler is. Phaneuf offseason signing after la buy him out 2y x 2-3m Elder 2-3y x 5-7m with a protection contract Which would u choice
  15. To VAN 15 th OA 45 th OA 50 th OA Via CBJ To MTL 10 th canucks does this to get more pick and get BPA ( best player available ) with 2nd or package a couple of the 2nd + 3rd rounder to get a late 1st MTL move up in draft