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  1. How many time have big mac got call up so far and many time is gonna get call up by the end of the year
  2. yea most of the good goal by petey were from the defensive zone and he not getting a chance to play there . there no more rush / turnover goal that he can chip and chase like one rly good example is his first goal on Detroit xD.
  3. NYR know how to rebuild on the FLY. they are already 2-3 year on being a contender , they add two young D with top pairing potential ( ADAM FOX / JACOB TROUBA ). see them very soon in the cup final
  4. Better off with La buying him off , we can sign him if elder doesnt want to sign cheap with the team . If u compare elder to phaneuf , they r about the same player both play on pp/pk , similar age , both can move the puck well and only reason why his production was bad last season of willie ....(not the best coach ) The only thing different phaneuf is a bit older , but more of a physical player then edler is. Phaneuf offseason signing after la buy him out 2y x 2-3m Elder 2-3y x 5-7m with a protection contract Which would u choice
  5. To VAN 15 th OA 45 th OA 50 th OA Via CBJ To MTL 10 th canucks does this to get more pick and get BPA ( best player available ) with 2nd or package a couple of the 2nd + 3rd rounder to get a late 1st MTL move up in draft
  6. Just need to take Robert contract bak and they may end up saying yes We end up not getting screw by lou contract penalty if he does choice to retired and Florida can go and get two Russia player
  7. Take the goalie off And we got a good trade
  8. I dont think Vancouver need the mcartur . Better off like this Vancouver trade Eriksson + 4 or 3 rder 2019 Ottawa trade 3nd rounder 2020 conditions (gp 60 + , pt 40 + upgrade to mid 2nd rounder )
  9. trade # 1 good for 2 reason we need callahan expensive at bottom 6 grinder and bottom for physical when EP get $&!# on. have RC EP BB trade # 2 don't think carolina would be willing to give so much to get rid of a goalie with only 2 year (3.125M) but would be good idea saying the goalie depth look shady . michael dipietro , jake kielly ,Richard bachman , really no one that would be worth calling up if one of the two end up getting hurt . Good insurance # 3 goaltender. trade # 3 don't think we would make this cuz ottawa would do the deal but maybe for less
  10. Kadri value is still high for a guy that can play better mid 6 centre like the guy had 16g 28A 44pt 73GP with 14-17min a night, the cost will be high would be better off trading LOUI EK or a low draft pick for Zack smith . a pure 3rd/4th line centre grinder / checker that can put up point without any PP
  11. all for TOFFOLI will give the canucks a need in the secondary scoring but better off trading ben hutton
  12. NJD believe that Blackwood is better then Demko due to being younger and how well he did this year , there no way they trade him
  13. im just hoping benning trade down to get more pick and still draft a good player
  14. Trade one - Not happening value too less to move down 12 slot, gonna be there late 1st rounder + second + b prospect Trade two - not happening colorado doesn't need hutton or goldy , mb sutter