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  1. Kadri value is still high for a guy that can play better mid 6 centre like the guy had 16g 28A 44pt 73GP with 14-17min a night, the cost will be high would be better off trading LOUI EK or a low draft pick for Zack smith . a pure 3rd/4th line centre grinder / checker that can put up point without any PP
  2. all for TOFFOLI will give the canucks a need in the secondary scoring but better off trading ben hutton
  3. NJD believe that Blackwood is better then Demko due to being younger and how well he did this year , there no way they trade him
  4. im just hoping benning trade down to get more pick and still draft a good player
  5. Trade one - Not happening value too less to move down 12 slot, gonna be there late 1st rounder + second + b prospect Trade two - not happening colorado doesn't need hutton or goldy , mb sutter
  6. April fool ? Eriksson for zack smith = equal cap dump , ottawa get salary relief , canucks get a bottom 6 player that play nicer defense with physical pressure with roussel / virtanen. sutter for 2/3 rounder pick = gain a pick for aging player Schaller depth = ??? something ???
  7. When it come to fill the need in top 6 winger kakko is the way to go. For best player available it maybe Hughes. If we pick Hughes have him play centre then slide ep to wing.
  8. would love to see zack smith on the team FUTURE 3RD LINE CHECKING Roussel Smith Virtanen EZ 30-50p each player
  9. we can just send tanev + gold for WN not worth sending a 3 O/A for a bust top 6
  10. pass on William Nylander overpay player , if it tanev for Nylander 1 for 1 maybe
  11. is it worth to start biega as a starting Defense man next season. the man is on a 30 point season if he would of play a full 82 game (27 GP , 2G , 9A) he currently out playing player like Pouliot, (Former) gudbranson as a bottom pairing D, once Hughes/ maybe Juolevi come in for next year the 2020 defense look like something like this ? Elder/Tanev hughes UFA/Tanev / Hutton/stecher Biega/UFA / Hutton (Juolevi if healthy) ex Juolevi or Biega
  12. so why do they never use roussel or granlund in front of net ?
  13. Only conditions if he wave his NTC this year Give elder 7 m x 2 y 1st year Nmc 2y mntc give us the option of not protecting him during the expansion Then sign him to 1 year contract for 6m or less depend on how he play