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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins

  2. My 2k bet on Canucks vs Oilers

    I just got paid!!! Thanks to all who followed. That 9 game losing streak on top of it too lol. Oilers just can't get it done!
  3. Canucks @ Kings. 7:30 PM PST on SNP

    Is Quick playing?
  4. My 2k bet on Canucks vs Oilers

    Feeling real good!! Lol it's early but the Oilers looking like..... The Oilers
  5. My 2k bet on Canucks vs Oilers

    No he's paid every year. And yes this is a one year bet. he's so confident that Mcdavid and the rest of the changes will make the difference. Time will tell
  6. My 2k bet on Canucks vs Oilers

    Ok I'm a huge Canucks fan. I grew up on Van island. Now I've been living in Edmonton for the last 12 years. The history behind the bet is since 2010 season me and my crazed oiler fan best friend have bet 300 season on who was going finish with more points. Now obiously it's been along 5 years for my friend with whom I share season seats in Edmonton. Now as math would tell you I'm up 1500 in the last 5 years. After a few drinks last night he decided that not only he's certain that the oilers will win this season, he's wants to be up 500 after this year. Hence the 2000 wager. Now after accepting this bet I have minor concerns. Despite contrary beliives, I think Vancouver will be improved this year. We're possibly not better on paper than last but the grit and young talent coming in this year I know we're going in the right direction. Edmonton feels like a huge X factor (mcdavid and that SJ coach) I'm scared the possible AVS factor last to first. So my question is this... 2000 dollar bet on Canucks vs Oil total season Pts tie break goes to season series... Am I safe? Thoughts? Go Canucks!