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  1. Did the AHL dress the players wives for a women's 3 on 3? Just askin....
  2. There you go Phat. You must read 2-3 days worth of post to have any cred when you post an opinion. This can be a full time position if desired.
  3. While I am anxious to see Tryamkin back I don't think there was much solid about the Van d-core in Tryamkin's rookie year. IMO the talent wasn't there and combined with multiple injuries it was a disaster. That said Tryamkin's potential shone thru in many games. The fan frustration and desire for any sign of progress lends itself to over stating what Try actually did. Like any rookie he struggled, particularly in d-zone coverages. His season had lots to build from and his leaving was a shock. On the second go around, if it happens, Canucks fans should be excited. Yes, Tryamkin will have 3 years of KHL experience (for what that is worth?), be physically more mature, and most important more prepared emotionally. The most important opportunity for Try is that he is coming back to a much more talented roster. During the injury laden rookie season he was forced into much to TOI as a top 4 pairing. Some nights at a top pairing. The current roster will be able to give him much more support.
  4. I am in town a week Saturday and have tickets for the Calgary game. To bad it is their first home game off the road. Will PVR the game and have the benefit of two perspectives.
  5. The Blues were all partying at the All-Star game so the Canucks can catch them a step short. That is as long as Big Tuna stuck to golf in Cabo. Hanging out with Hutton probably did him no good. Geez I sure like that O'Reilly. Had to laugh at the go to comment on EP40 being 174 pounds. He might have broke in at that weight but I suspect he is 180 now. When he hits 200 he will be unstopable.
  6. Selke winner, 2x NHL All-Star; U18 Gold medal; WJC Gold; Olympic Silver; If it was all about awards Kessler would warrant the ROH. When he left I could understand that he wanted a crack at a CUP and Van was on the skids. All the stuff that was talked about afterwards I don't dwell on. What really made me a Kessler fan was when he came up with Burrows and the two of them took on the NHL to show that Van wouldn't be stepped on anymore. Those two had some pretty wild nights as they countered the 'turn the other cheek' attitude. That isn't a shot at the Twins as it takes different players to make up a winner. Kesler was a big part of that. Sure Kessler had a attitude. If he had not he wouldn't have likely been as good a player as he was. I suspect he regrets leaving Van at all. His best years were here. That said his personality was not one for a rebuild. Give it a few years and then yes up into the ROH. Put him next to Burr.
  7. As I said either it is safe or it is not. Enbridge doesn't make that call. I am sure there are forces out there that would try and down play the environmental risks.
  8. All politicians lie. What's new? What the MSM have done is desensitized the majority of citizens from listening to almost any serious expose of what Trump is doing wrong. It is giving him a bigger latitude to continue. When you look at the plummeting viewership numbers it says a lot. American broadcasters are canceling their coverage of the Senate impeachment hearings because people aren't watching. That is why I am saying it is the greatest threat to democracy.
  9. My point bringing Japan up was to demonstrate that risks are associated with all aspects of energy generation. I guess I stepped into this convo without going far enough back in the thread. My comments were about TMX and oil going out of the Port of Vancouver. That said if safety concerns could be met shipping from Rupert then I would still be for it. Harper should have over rode objections in the national interests. I didn't even mind BC raising the safety concerns as the discussion brought forward all the concerns. Who makes the final call on safety? Nixing oil shipments from the west coast for political reasons should be a non starter. Much of the environmental concerns are political. Again what is the dif between the west coast and the St. Lawrence and Halifax. A moratorium on off shore drilling in BC is OK but not so off shore the Maritimes. I am not even an Albertan and I can see the inequity of this stuff.
  10. We could have another Japan nuclear meltdown too. That is why safety has to be #1. World oil consumption is about 105 million boe/d. There are 5 refineries in Washington State that use the Juan de Fuca to receive crude and ship refined product out. They have been using the straight for 65 - 70 years.Their combined crude intake is 756,000 boe/d. BC has 2 refiners that use about 55,000 boe/d delivered by Trans Mtn. Another 30,000 boe/d of refined product comes down TMX to Vancouver. The current pipe ships about 300,000 boe/d. China takes 90k and Washington 140k. TMX upgrade increases volume by 590,000 boe/d. The record shows a solid record of safety. If enhanced environmental protection is needed then it should be done and industry should pay for it. Using your logic all oil shipments in the St. Lawrence and into Halifax should be banned. Line 5 under Lake Huron should not happen. Where does it end?
  11. I believe ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the POTUS. If Trump wanted her gone it does not require a conspiracy.
  12. If the Canuck goaltending was not delivering the way it has the conversation would be much different. IMHO the goaltending has made the d-core look better than it is. Often there is a fire drill in the d-zone with opposing teams having sustained puck possession time. While the status quo would be OK for playoffs this season it is not a CUP serious group. Playoffs this year would be valuable experience it is not the important period in the timeline. 3 years out is the target. At that point I do not see Stecher, Benn or Fantenberg on the team. On the bubble is Edler and Tanev. I like both of these vets and think both could still play it is about age and durability and CAP cost. Vancouver is on the rise and Benning will find lots of players who will want to join this young group for a CUP shot.
  13. I think it was Morgan Stanley who stated on Thursday they would not under write any company going public if their Boards did not have women or visible minorities on them. IMHO that was way out of line. I always thought people should be judged by their actions not their gender or colour. If they are establishing quotas, like their college admittance quotas, I have no idea how that would be administered. % of the population? % of immigrants? % of gender (whatever that is now a days). HR departments must be going crazy. It is like Pocohantas, what % makes the cut?
  14. She got what the Americans were willing to give. GM shutters another plant and Ontario craps their pants. You have to know that 2400 lost jobs in Ontario is far worse than 140,000 lost in AB. But I digress. While I cannot agree with government taking a bigger share of GDP each year I think I have to give some cred to the Liebels for funding some of these innovation centers. I say think because I don't know the details. I was reading about Equisheres Inc and Zinc 8 Energy Solutions who have both received seed money from the feds. Battery storage and 3 D metal printer tech. How does Canada chart an independent industrial strategy away from the USA? It is a national security issue and the failure to date makes me label Canada as a banana monarchy. It is why I consider the export of AB energy a national security issue. The income from that energy could fund a more independent approach. IMHO Harper was headed in that direction and was snuffed. Resources are finite and that wealth has to be used to secure the country's future if Canada wants to stay independent.