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  1. If they keep Biega I hope you get a 5% fee. Biega is a honest player who gives it his all ever shift. I am hoping he gets sent to a team where he can play regularly. I say that because his TOI has to go to a younger d-core. I include Tanev in that assessment as well. Neither of these players will be with the team when they are serious CUP contenders.
  2. Not a fair shake simply because of the players he was given. Not enough talent for a serious CUP contention and no apparent commitment to get younger. Even in his exit presser he called for a re-build. It just seemed to me that he took a lot of the heat for what was a management and ownership issue.
  3. Gilbert-Ratelle-Hadfield. #1 line in the NHL one year I believe. Since we are talking old time comparables I will throw JC Trembley out for Hughes. Never understood why players dropped the old alley opp shot that Trembley did. He used to get 2 - 3goalds a year by flipping the puck way high and have it drop infront of the goal tender. Bad bouce and it was in.
  4. Hopefully what the NYI and CBJ have just done will hit home with fans and especially management. Vancouver needs more SIZE! Regular season play is NOT Stanley CUP play. Regular season stats hopefully give an indication of what a player can do in CUP play but as we have just witnessed, not always. Congrats to Torts who did not get a fair shake in Van. I wanted Trotz when it was maybe a choice between him and Desjardin. I doubt he was interested. Two coaches who are mentally tough. Not saying Green is not as I think he has it in him as well.
  5. Canucks as an org seem pretty consistent in their approach both in Vancouver and Utica. I understand that it can be a fine balance between TOI and sitting. While Virtanen hasn't reached his top end yet I liked the way he was handled. He started the season as a show me player and as the season progressed his TOI went from 10 - 12 minutes to 14 - 16 minutes. He moved up and down the lines. Goldy seems to have to play top 6 or not at all. That is tough. My biggest gripe is that he is not hard enough on the puck. It is what likely kills his NHL career.
  6. IMHO the Vegas scenario was more than unique in that they got to pick players from every club in the NHL during their expansion draft. They came out of that draft with more depth and draft picks than Jim Benning could have w*t dreams about. They avoided a 10 year process of team building.
  7. You said it better then I. Yes, the Canucks can use smaller, faster players. My concern is the mix and to a degree the famous 'truculance' level. Really impressed with the CBJ & NYI.
  8. It is almost laughable listening to media and fans talk about how the 'game has changed'. It is all about speed and skill, not physicality. Well it has not changed. CUP play tightens up the game and the talent often gets shut down. The 3rd & 4th lines often shine as a result. Canucks have to get bigger and meaner!
  9. I agree with you and Thorn. Not only are pieces still needed but developing the team with those pieces will take time. While I think the Canucks can make the playoffs next year all the other teams are improving as well. I still think it is another 3 years before the club can be serious CUP contenders. As you rightly point out the existing depth have to all progress faster than should be expected for the Canucks to do any damage next year. Next year will be another development year.
  10. Good examples and I would add Columbus. Canucks are not close to being big enough IMHO. Watching some playoffs for the first time in years and it simply re-enforces my 2 season mantra. Regular season and CUP play. Different games all together. Both Benning and Green talk about building towards a serious CUP contender which has to be the prime directive.
  11. Cherry likes the attention he generates but he knows his stuff. I had the pleasure of talking hockey with him for a couple of hours way back when and he is exactly how he comes across on TV. I was a Habs fan and he was the ex-coach of the Bruins so no love loss. Still I went away with a smile on my face as he was a fountain of hockey history and information. No doubt in my mind that he tabbed Binnington as the Rookie of the Year because the kid took his team to the playoffs, EP40 didn't. Cherry is a bottom line guy. I would also point out that Cherry was on the Petterssen bandwagon all season. It kinda reminds me of when Dryden came up and won the CUP with the Habs and the MVP is I remember right. He came back the following year and won the Rookie of the Year. If EP40 hadn't tailed off to close the season I doubt this conversation takes place. Binnington comes in and takes St. Louis from the basement to playoffs. If he takes the Blues deep I suspect he will win the Calder.
  12. Personally, I don't want any crabs! Sorry Krebs?
  13. JB has a pretty good record so I'm happy he is choosing and not CDC. My pref is a RD who can create enough confidence in the depth to allow Tanev's trade. Failing that a left wing who could play with EP40 and Boeser.
  14. To a limited extent Roussel demonstrated an ability to move up and down the lines. Add his abrasiveness and I give him a lot of cred. Ignoring legalities of contracts I would move Ericksson and Schaller along and keep Roussel, Mott and Granlund.
  15. I like the idea to the point of wanting NHL teams to buy ECHL franchises. I suggested this a couple of seasons ago but no one seemed to like the idea. I have never seen a ECHL game or know what their budgets are so I haven't much to base this on. It just seems to me that all of hockey would benefit.