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  1. I believe he has +/- 125 NHL games with Dallas and Edmonton. His stretch in the KHL and the points he put up there has led to speculation he can re-enter the NHL with an offensive upside. As a RD it gives him some advantage. Tryamkin could eclipse/ or has already Pedan's ability to break the lineup. Sbisa, Larson and Tryamkin are probably the bottom pairing options unless Pedan blows the doors off in pre-season. Injuries might help him as well.
  2. After the rookie season Reinhart had there is not a chance in he** they are moving him for a over rated Tanev.
  3. Totally agree. Etem has not shown enough to be penciled into long term plans. He has a lot to prove this season.
  4. My concern with Tanev has always been his ability to withstand heavy physical play in playoffs. There is regular season play and CUP play. Calgary showed what physical CUP play was and they ran Tanev regularly. This does not mean Tanev is not a good dman but if his value is over rated or if he fits better in another org then Benning should move him. Again, it is all about what comes back.
  5. My comment on Dorsett is not a put down. I agree his speed is better than Burrows. Cannot wait for the pre-season as it will be a fierce compete.
  6. In my mind players are not 'gifted' a roster spot. It is all about current and future potential. If Larson's upside is viewed worth more than giving Pedan a shot then that comes down to management decision. I honestly cannot comment on Larson as I have never seen him play. It is claimed that he might QB the 2nd PP which if that happens would be a real boost. In the end it does come down to allotting TOI to players and Van now has enough prospects on the blue line that competition will be tough.
  7. I think your top 6 is likely although I see Hanson/Eriksson interchangeable. I like the idea of Baer having a sniper like Eriksson to set up. No way I see Dorsett on a 3rd line other than thru injury. If Rodin makes the line up he gets the RW 3rd line. To me both Burrows and Dorsett are on the TOI bubble and on the trade bubble leading up to the TDL. For that to happen a couple of the young players will have to take it from them. I like that you mentioned Zalewski's name. IMHO he has more chance of sticking than Grenier. Virt and Gaunce can be moved up and down which could be the case as Etem, Rodin and Granlund get a close look as decisions are made.
  8. I thought Bolland was done when he first went to Florida and then they gave him a new contract. Florida is a CUP contender now and getting rid of Bolland's contract is a big deal. Crouse was not going to be a big part of their CUP drive. 2 years ago at WJC Crouse was a bear. He can work things out in the desert and still be a NHLer.
  9. Fans criticize Benning for not signing every long shot available and then criticize him for not gathering up draft picks because he is such a 'great evaluator' of talent. Go figure.
  10. So many question marks going into the season with Gaunce being one. This is why IMO that no further vet signings were needed. Hopefully a number of the young players actually shave TOI off existing vets. CUP contention is 3 - 5 years away and the younger players have to be the key parts of that goal.
  11. Agree with you except for Subban. Benning did not do anything foolish like sign Hudler so Gaunce should get his chance.
  12. What did you do, fall out of the loop? Canucks are signing Hudler for those TOI.
  13. Agreed but you have a sizable group here who want to sign the Montreal Oldtimers for veteran presence!
  14. Canucks are going in to this season with so many question marks about players that this fall should be very interesting. One of the positive things about Benning's efforts to date is that he has broadened the prospect base. I agree that there are no clear bill ringers but this fall might produce a surprise or two. Because of the number of ? in the opening lineup I am not interested in a Hudler signing. There are enough vets to provide leadership. If we get a surprise or two out of the younger group it can put Benning in a position to deal a vet at the TDL.