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  1. "The markets are a forward pricing mechanism". Suggesting that the markets have evaluated a Biden win and discounted that win is likely a stretch. Not saying that part of the market might have done so but many factors at work. Money is leaving the bond market and going where? Equities. Traditionally the bond market is 3X the size of the equity market. Pension funds are desperate for returns and are turning to equity and private capital for those returns. Pensions cannot meet their commitments and many States are bankrupt. IMO the climb in gold markets is a clear indicator of the unease in the markets. I do not think Biden can come close to saving the economic fallout of global debt issues. Electing him because Trump is a jerk hardly lessens the risk that those forces behind Biden represent. Who will influence POTUS Biden who obviously has cognitive problems. It does come down to the lessor of 2 evils. Massive intervention in capital markets by the left with a laundry list of unrealistic demands probably sinks the ship faster than Trump can. All that said Trump will not turn the tide either. The key issue in this election is how the USA will deal with the overwhelming debt facing the nation. Covid is not the sole cause as this situation has been brewing for 20 years. I place Bernie Sanders, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump on the same platform. They use taxpayer dollars to make unsustainable promises to a gullible public. Trump could have been challenged over the past 4 years by his economic actions. Instead the DNC dwelt in personal attacks. They should have spent their time building a platform of unity with those across the aisle. They did not. No matter who wins in November the USA will be divided and there will likely be violence. Anyone who does not think Canada will not go down the same path are ignoring reality. When government cannot provide social programs the disillusioned and desperate will do bad things.
  2. These playoffs are as much to do with featuring those players who won't be here in 3 years and moving them or shortening the term. Hard decisions to be made by Benning.
  3. The playoffs this year is a feature op for the Canuck org in the UFA market. IMHO UFA players will see the talent and want to jump on the bandwagon. Management's challenge will be sifting thru the resumes.
  4. Hughes dominated out there. Makes his team mates better. I admit going in that I wanted Van to play 5 OT games and then draft the #1. Thats gone now and I think they can win another round!
  5. It is hard not to cheer for Stech as he gives it every shift. I don't see him on a CUP contender so he will be gone IMHO.
  6. Canucks get the first goal and it puts Minny back on their heals. You have to play a different game when you are down. It took some of the physical pressure off the Canucks and allowed the Canucks to play more conservative.
  7. I use Qtrade. About 25% of my gold weighting is in physical bullion held in CEF.A on the TSX. My silver play is FVI but I also have FNV which does have some silver exposure. The historic ration is 47:1 and is currently about 80:1. There must be a silver ETF but I haven't looked. I make the argument for precious metals as governments world wide continue to devalue their currencies by QE and printing money. IMHO this results in massive inflation. People have been lulled into believing this massive debt means nothing. Governments will pass on the cost through the market place with increased inflation. It might work but I highly doubt it. If panic kicks in I can see the gold trade doubling.
  8. The compete level by EP40 is truly impressive. He puts on another 10-15 pounds and it will enable him to make moves that will amaze even more. His physicality will likely wear on him over a number of games but he is developing a base to work from.
  9. I am about 25% bullion and 70% miners. I added 5% of HEP last week. I was getting antsy on miner valuations and added HEP for some yield on covered calls. It might limit the upside but I am OK with that. It will be my first sell if necessary. That said I can see this being a 18 month to 2 year play.
  10. Gold at $2052! I started buying at $1120. Many predicting $3000 (Dines & Carrasco). Biggest short term threat is a Covid vaccine. IMHO the real strength in gold is a monetary one as people are losing faith in government monetary policy. When real panic sets in I can see +$5000. It won't matter who is POTUS on Nov.4th. Trudeau is an absolute joke. Canadian debt in aggregate is worse than most. The EU is a painted pig. Japan is in its own debt world. Nope no savior out there.
  11. I think you are right. We don't know what Green is dealing with here. That said I think he goes in. Jake has great o-zone presence and should keep the Minny defenders looking for his hits. Even tho Van played a physical game in #1 it has to be better. I think it will be as the team vets will realize that. Sit Roussel and play Virt.
  12. Vancouver has to play the Minny d-core heavier. This is where they can win the series. It is obvious that Minny thinks their game has to be the same way. They can beat Van by hitting their 'd' and throwing the Van game plan into the trash. That said I thought the Canucks did a decent job breaking up ice. I am not as negative on the effort that many fans seem to be. Add a heavier body like Jake into the mix and crowd the Minny net. It should work.
  13. Hmm. I have a relative who works for Telesat I had better make a call. I have to chuckle at how things have changed. When he worked for Spar he laughed at SpaceX as a crass American attempt at the pure science of space exploration. Now his satelites are launched on SpaceX rockets.
  14. Your knocking off a lot of good points. This series is all about playoff experience as you rightly pointed out this club is not a contender yet. I liked the way they came up ice, Marky and Ferland played well. Canuck forwards did not get enough shots as most of the SOG came from the defense. Also thought the Minny d-core were not hit/played heavily enough. EP40 was checked hard all game and he did well. Canucks will adjust and come out stronger next game. I was surprised Virtanen wasn't played but as an outside observer who knows what the story is. I do expect him in next game. Jake is a model for heavy playoff games. I take Roussel out and put Jake in. Roussel is a great agitator but I want Jake's heavier hits, speed and his ability to protect the puck in the ozone. He has both a slapper and a heavy wrister and if he doesn't score he creates rebounds. Roussel won't be on this team in 3 years when they are contenders but Jake will be.