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  1. What did you do, fall out of the loop? Canucks are signing Hudler for those TOI.
  2. Agreed but you have a sizable group here who want to sign the Montreal Oldtimers for veteran presence!
  3. Canucks are going in to this season with so many question marks about players that this fall should be very interesting. One of the positive things about Benning's efforts to date is that he has broadened the prospect base. I agree that there are no clear bill ringers but this fall might produce a surprise or two. Because of the number of ? in the opening lineup I am not interested in a Hudler signing. There are enough vets to provide leadership. If we get a surprise or two out of the younger group it can put Benning in a position to deal a vet at the TDL.
  4. I guess we will disagree on this one. I don't consider any player on the roster over 30 a long term hold anymore. Some of those vets will retire in Van but I consider all of them movable for the right return. I agree that having a core of vets to provide structure is essential and moving a vet is always a judgement as to what the team receives from their play versus what would come back in a deal. IMHO the 3rd & 4th lines are where the younger players should work on their game. Injuries can move them up and down the lineups which can enhance their opportunities and skills.
  5. Not happy to hear that he is not in shape in late August but I was happy with his rookie season. Why? He has NHL speed and size and uses it. He has the ability to make plays off the boards and from behind the net. IMHO Virtanen did grow during the season. It was a tough year for the entire team and I had no expectation that he would look like a pro first year out. All this considered if management thinks Virtanen should get AHL time this year that is fine also.
  6. My only concern is the Canucks have the Twins, Eriksson, Hanson, Sutter, Burrows and Dorsett for veteran presence. 7 vets taking TOI. Horvat, Baer, Etem, Granlund, Virtanen and Gaunce and Rodin knocking on the door. It does not make sense signing another vet. If they sign Hudler then a vet has to go. I would like 2 vets gone even if Hudler was not signed.
  7. My suggestion of moving Dorsett is predicated on how quickly the younger players develop. Dorsett's physical play has to be made up by another player. Dorsett is an attractive player for a CUP bound team. Physical player, decent speed, PK'er and can score.
  8. For sure Guy but my all time favorite was Yvon 'the Roadrunner' breaking down the right side in the Red Army New Year's game. He took a pass knee high, at top speed, without breaking stride. Didn't score on the play but it visibly shocked the Russian bench. I watch replays of that game to simply see that play over and over.
  9. Vesey took advantage of what was available to him and good for him. It is a loophole that I hope gets plugged. My reasoning is that the draft is supposed to let 'smart' teams have access to good young talent. Failing this idea the NHL becomes a $ league where rich markets can take all that young talent. The NYR's have been famous for their huge player contracts.
  10. Sorry but all I see are many ? in your line up. Not saying that there might not be quality players there but they are still developing and so it should be. Hudler is not needed. I rather see Gaunce in this group.
  11. Sign the youth. Hudler does not help the Canuck timeline. There are enough vets on this team now to mentor the transition. Are you suggesting that Hudler makes the Canucks a CUP contender? If not then he simply takes TOI away from young players who are developing to become a serious CUP contender.
  12. Hairy, Nothing against Dorsett as he has been a very solid player for Vancouver. My hope is that the younger players show enough this year that Dorsett can be moved at the TDL. Considering the team timeline Dorsett's TOI might be better used on a younger player. Again I have nothing against what Dorsett has done. He might easily stay and Burrows is moved.
  13. Hairy; Don't sweat it. The kid has pedigree and I have no doubt he has been working all summer on the weaknesses that were ID'd last season. We are talking 1 year of pro experience. The kid is not washed up. There is no better coach that can guide him let alone his Dad. I have great confidence that he will have a solid year.
  14. My son is moving to Penticton. That much closer! Could become an annual event for the family!