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  1. I am pretty much with you. Many are saying win no matter what and in my humble opinion that is short sighted and a tad naïve. You could expand on that premise by saying trade the prospects and picks to enhance the existing roster for a playoff birth. That said and I would imagine the 'winners' side would say whoa. To me it is always about a team development time line. Who is your core and where are they in their development. Right now the Canuck core are Horvat, Hansen, Ericksson and pretty much the entire d-core. The forward group is no where close to CUP competitive and I do not want to trade assets to acquire a forward who might take them to playoffs. The team is not strong enough and there is more that has to be put in place before the move up takes place. It is basic asset management that vets are moved to compliment the team in an effort to build towards a CUP contender. Yes, to me this is more important than playoffs. I have been around hockey for a long time. Anyone who thinks it is a matter of course that teams can maintain a high competitive level on a ongoing basis has to cherry pick their orgs that have accomplished that. Teams peak and if lucky can maintain for a period and then they have to rebuild. The Canucks have rarely done that in their history. They have more often traded youth or picks for a quick solution rather than built an org that could produce a winner from within. The clubs greatest GM Pat Quinn who drafted Linden and Bure also was a trader who made deals that put the team into the Finals. My assessment of the Canucks is that their goal tending and d-core have CUP quality potential. The forward group is weak and the prospects might have promise but are no where broad or deep enough. Fans are very high on Horvat right now but a 1C prospect is desperately needed. That is why getting the highest draft prospect is essential. The standard reprise by fans who disagree is the suggestion that games are thrown to ensure the pick. I would say that is over simplification to make an argument. My counter is than management picks their core vet group that will lead the team through their transition and then move those that can bring a return back. The core I would stay with are Ericksson, Hansen, Sutter and one of Tanev or Edler. My vets to move are the Twins, Burrows, Dorsett (if not injured), Skille and preferably Tanev on defense. Tanev is moved because he can be (no NTC yet) and because of his injury history and size. His abilities would bring back a decent return.
  2. Sbisa and Guddy not moving. It will come down to Edler or Tanev moving. My choice would be moving Tanev because of his value and injury history. Whether by the TDL or next fall does not matter other than who is exposed to Vegas. This is why I suspect Tanev by the TDL.
  3. Benning should trade Miller only if the returning value is there. 2nd Rounder or higher. He is playing so well that I expect his new contract will target a 3 year deal and that is to much for Van. It is the old story with the Canucks that a quality vet walks as a UFA for no return. IMHO Van cannot allow that. I would also argue that Markstrom is ready to be a #1 and considering the team development timeline it is Markstrom's spot.
  4. You make some good points, especially about the 'right to work'. My concern is the long term deterioration of the CHL and the level of play that benefits a lot of hockey players. Hockey Canada puts money into training coaches all the way back to Minor Hockey. So, yes CHL players do not get paid but in return they are provided a system and structure that can help them either make a pro career or play at the collegiate level through the CHL payment program.
  5. Megna has to start putting points up whereas Chaput not so much. Age also is a factor. I also question Grenier's skating versus Megna's.
  6. You have outlined legit core concerns. I watched Virtanen playing for the Hitman and admit I was surprised to see him on a 2nd line. His play was not that different than how he was playing with the Canucks. IMHO there is time for Green to rebuild this kids game into something that works in the NHL. My take away on JV is that he has superior skating and a wicked wrist shot. I'll wait to see how he develops in Utica.
  7. Sid; My issue with letting under agers into the AHL is that it becomes the prime method of developing young draft picks. 'To good for further CHL play' according to who? NHL orgs have many imperatives and do not assess their draft picks on the same basis. How many players are ruined by being fast tracked into orgs that have a serious talent shortage. Yes, we can consider the Virtanen and McCann seasons last year as a possible example. The AHL and how it is managed is far different than the NHL. The other aspect of allowing under 20's into the AHL is the impact it WILL have on CHL economics and quality of play. Creaming off the players who attract fans could financially sink many CHL teams. How do CHL teams draft their players realizing that some of those picks won't play past 18 for their teams? Many CHL fans would argue that a disparity already exists between orgs with stronger fan bases. There is a serious possibility of exploiting these young players in a professional environment. I understand that this risk also exists in the CHL. The Canadian CHL movement is the best in the world and produces the bulk of the players in the NHL. Don't wreck a good thing.
  8. Positionally I see Gaunce playing a strong game. Strong fore check and strong defense is what is expected from a 4th line and IMO Gaunce-Chaput-Skille deliver this. If the gauge being use by fans is the ppg then they will be disappointed. I am not worried about his point production my only wish would be a touch more physicality. Gaunce is the type of player who could surprise if played on a 3rd line. Desjardin's allocation of TOI has steadily increased for the 4th line and is a valid move. The NJD game had ideal allocation IMHO.
  9. Thanks for the link, Hairy! Many fans are most excited by Stecher's game and fair enough. IMHO Tryamkin has a bigger overall upside than Stecher has. Needless to say the arrival of these two has transformed the Canuck backend. It likely allows Benning to trade either Tanev or Edler within the next year. Hopefully Tanev by the TDL but I doubt it. What we are now seeing from Tryamkin are glimpse of his offensive upside. He is moving the puck up ice more often and cover 200' very quickly when he winds up. One has to wonder what happens when he starts going to the net more aggressively. He will be fun to watch for years!
  10. Megna is no where near as bad a player as made out to be on here. Above average speed and a decent positional player. He does have to put up points which he has not done consistently enough. The same thing was being said about Baer and Granlund last year. The question is how long does his opportunity run?
  11. Hmm... Played for the Hitman as well. Won a CUP with the Hawks. Sounds good. I see Virtanen as a solid 3rd liner if Green can reground his game into a solid defender with a physical side. Jake's much vaunted physical game is not a regular part of his play from what I can see. Some have questioned his shoulder and I am doing the same. He has great speed and if his defensive game is solid he could be a real threat off his wing. I have complete confidence that Green can coach him in this direction.
  12. Been awhile since Grenier was up but I agree that he did not play much of a physical game. With his short opportunity timeline I would have thought he would have gone to the net more than he did. If you pencil him in as a top 9 forward I question whether he has NHL speed. I have little to base that comment on other than a rather vague memory.
  13. Evan McEneny? For all the Comet watchers that post on here. Your observations are always appreciated. I am curious about how well McEneny is progressing. He has a NHL body but wondered about his speed when I watched him at the Prospects Tourny in Penticton.
  14. Actually the epic fail will be not moving the Twins, Burrows, Miller and Tanev.
  15. Sad to read. Rodin could possibly be seeing his career ebb away. I rather he be put on LTIR for the rest of the season than risk what opportunity he has left. One has to question whether he was given a premature OK last fall to play.