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  1. I suspect Sutter will be the 2C and Horvat the 3C at the beginning of the season. I say that because Van's FO% was one of the worst in the NHL last year. Sutter can take 2C draws which should allow Horvat a easier opponent. I expect Horvat will get his points this year but want him to regain his confidence on the d-side of the game. He has had a tough first 2 years in the sense that he has been rushed into situations. All this considered if either of these players get hot I expect WD will line juggle to accommodate that.
  2. How many excuses can be chirped out about this guy before it sinks in. He is trouble and simply is to much a risk for a rebuilding team. Top that off with being over rated.
  3. Hairy; What do you really think Desjardin can do? If he squeaks this roster into the playoffs that is almost equal to a CUP! We know at some point that Willie will be sacrificed no matter how good or bad he is. He is working for a rebuilding team and the coach is always easy fodder for management to serve up to the disappointed fans. It gives them another couple of years to finish their rebuild. That is what I expect will happen. The way Benning is building Utica depth there should be a serious Calder run in the making. Not only is that a positive for the players there but the youth in Van who are sent back down come into a positive environment. I'm think Virtanen and Gaunce, maybe Pedan.
  4. This Kane talk is dog day stuff. I mean he is only 24! Has only played organized hockey for 20 years. Geez Louise he is just getting used to what being a team mate is and where he should be on the ice. He has to be a absolute steal especially if Buffalo, the fools, are willing to cut him loose for peanuts. What do you mean red flags? It has to be a conspiracy that now stretches from Atlanta to Winnipeg and now Buffalo. Why not add Vancouver? Oh, did I forget Lost Wages?
  5. Are things better than 3 years ago. IMHO yes but the sometimes blind optimism that seems to reign in here is just that optimism. This club is still led by the Twins and that is pretty sad considering their age and likely retirement in 2 seasons. The Canucks have prospects but that is it nothing has been proven by any of them at an elite NHL yet. My definition of blind optimism is a substantial number of fans who think the Canucks can be CUP contenders by acquiring just one more scoring forward. Sure, bet the farm on a less than desirable player like Kane. Move assets out to acquire him as obviously the CUP upside makes that gamble well worth it. The Canuck rebuild will take much more time. Hopefully the 1D was drafted in Joulevi but the 1C is not here yet. When both these future players on actually playing for the Canucks fans can start dreaming about becoming a contender.
  6. Agree with your take. Tryamkin is a work in progress and I will be happy if he makes the lineup and sticks. IMO the confidence by fans to date is a combo of his size and his KHL career which suggests that he can make the jump to the NHL quickly. That jump is more difficult than is given credit for. Larson has the same challenge but he at least has played significant NHL games and should have a clear idea of what faces him.
  7. Is that really you Jamie? If so how is Seattle treating you? Creston says Hi!
  8. If nothing else Schroeder has been persistent and as you said good for him. He gets another crack at breaking in. You never know when the right combo of linemates give you the break needed. His contract is probably not as lucrative as a Euro one might be but he keeps the dream alive.
  9. Sorry but we differ a lot on what we see in this current Canuck roster. It will not be a serious CUP contender while the Twins are still playing. Trading assets to compliment one more run with the Twins is a dream IMHO. Not only does his addition not make the forward group good enough but the d-core has so many questions around how it will perform. We can all hope for the best but I am more cautious. My expectation is that Benning continues to build depth and give his youth more experience. My take on Kane is that he does not have the temperament to help build a club from the ground up. Taking a flyer on him simply is not worth the downside risk. You give up assets to get him and then expose your youth to a loss canon on and off the ice. The Canucks are simply not deep enough to handle this gamble.
  10. I see the twins as place holders and culture carriers at this point in their careers. It's a very important role. They had their shot at a cup already. The way Benning has constructed this team, his primary goal should be to assemble a first line and replace the Sedins in that role. Totally agree with your point about the Twins and the absolute need of a point producing 2nd line. A 2nd line! How many seasons now since 2011 when the last 2nd line existed. There is experience in Hanson and Sutter and potential in Horvat and Baer. With the usual off season hype the big question this year is the d-core. It has to be the backbone of the club and yet there are so many questions. IMHO the Canucks do not have a CUP contending 1st pairing. Both Tanev and Edler are 2nd pairing quality. Edler has top pairing ability in a healthy season but he remains a question. 2nd pairing is pencilled as Gudbranson and Hutton. Gudbranson as per usual is earmarked as the savior and yet most fans have not seen him play much. Hutton had a nice rookie season and we all hope he continues his upward climb. The 3rd pairing with Sbisa and whoever shines in the pre-season is the biggest question mark. It should be as the Canucks look for a young d-man to break in. The most solid aspect of this club is their goaltenders. As bad as the team defence was last year, it was bad, the tenders made them look better than they were. Hamhuis is gone which in my mind is a good thing as his TOI was needed for developing the younger d-men. Hammer was being beaten regularly to the outside. The biggest team question for me is whether Gudbranson is as good as most expect and does a young d-man break in to the 3rd pairing with offensive upside.
  11. When I look at the season I separate Virtanen away from your list. Baer, Etem and Granland are at a age where they have to show they can be consistent in the NHL. I would add Horvat to your list in that group even tho he is only entering his 3rd season. Virtanen, Gaunce, Tryamkin and Pedan have to show they have enough potential to start getting more games. What about Hutton? I just smile a lot.
  12. The only way taking a flyer on Kane makes sense to me is if the Canucks were a serious CUP contender, they are not. The Jets are on the cusp of serious contention and they wanted rid of him. So bad that his team mates pretty much showed him the door. So he moves on to a young Buffalo club that is building towards respectability. Kane craps in that environment as well and now the Sabres are done with him. Most fans are focussing on his off ice problems when there appears to be issues on the ice as well. Complaints from players on the Jets and Sabres about selfish play. It is tough enough building a club back to legitimacy without the distraction of a problem player. Losing games almost always causes questioning of a player's game. Finger pointing is a easy out. No need to expose Canuck prospects to this type of thing.
  13. Totally agree about not wanting this kid rushed. Not knowing what options exist in Europe I prefer he stays in a Canadian hockey environment. That means the OHL and Hunter coaching. Since Benning was a young d-man in the NHL he will have a better idea of where Joulevi is than most. If he shows well in the pre-season I would also have no problem in his exposure to NHL games with 9 games. The point of that is rein-enforcing what he has to work on in London.
  14. Speaking of Prust has anyone signed him?
  15. It is the off season as is always the case the rose tinted glasses come out and optimism reigns supreme. As fans that is OK but I tend to be more cautious. The Canucks are entering the season with many question marks over most of their players. More youth in the lineup was not a wish but a necessity. How well that youth develops is not a given. The NHL reality is that most of these prospects will not have long term careers. This is why the depth of the prospect pool is often as important as the talent. Many CDC'ers seem to think that building around the Twins will lead to another serious CUP run. IMHO that ship has sailed. While I have always admired what the Twins have brought to Vancouver dwelling on their Canuck history does not rebuild the franchise. The Twins have to be that transition line that helps forming the new core leadership. It is only because the prospect depth was so bad that greater progress has not happened. This coming season is all about how the young players develop. Making playoffs is secondary and a reward for a better than average season. Making playoffs this year would be for the experience of CUP play but in my mind premature for the talent that exists on the roster right now.