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  1. Not sure who their scouts are but they have been solid for decades.
  2. I agree with your projection on finish. Canuck roster has way to much development yet and does need another big draft to move forward. It is Vancouver's turn to luck out on the lottery.
  3. IMHO this is what the upcoming season will be all about. Rotating waiver exempt players between Utica and Vancouver. Evaluation and development. Goldobin with his success and experience in the AHL should get a long look. He always runs the risk of being usurped by another prospect. I do believe the Canucks have to many vets going into the season but injuries always seem to take care of that.
  4. If I have to pick between Subban or McEneny I am picking the guy that stood out in Utica last year and gained Green's confidence. NHL size combined with a two way game. I am hoping that Benning can move Subban some time this fall for a draft pick.
  5. I have 'great expectations' for Gaunce's upcoming season. He played a OK physical game last year but I would hope he amps that up a bit. His ppg will come. He was hitting posts and cross bars on a regular basis last year. My take on Gaunce is his great ability to read the play. A year's experience will stand him in good stead.
  6. My business experience tells me that Bettman takes his direction from ownership. Another perspective is that there are 31 owners, a diverse group. A strong personalty could exert more influence and direction than one might assume. From a strict business perspective, whether warranted or not, Bettman has delivered over his tenure. The idea that the NHL owners could get a Vegas buy-in at $500 mil is staggering. What does that make a 2nd franchise in Lafferville worth? If Bettman was the driving force behind that deal he can do whatever he wants I suspect. Sell another team into TO and he retires with a nice cheque. No doubt there is a convergence of interest in the NHL management and owners. I have some sympathy for the owners reluctance to shut their businesses down for 3 weeks simply to line the pockets of a bunch of Euro thieves rather than their own.
  7. To my knowledge not going to the Olympics is a ownership decision not Bettman's. A choice between a group of NHL owners priorities and the corrupt oligarchs who run a crooked monopoly on world sports. The fans lose out. To be honest I rarely watch any Olympic coverage other than hockey. My nationalistic urges will have to be served by the WJC.
  8. Not sure of your point. Benning was faced with a huge age gap in his roster. He acquired Vey, Etem, Baer and Granlund. The alternative would have been drafting 2nd rounders who would not have been ready for NHL play for 3 - 4 seasons. I prefer the Benning direction of keeping some older vets, adding some 23 - 25 year olds and drafting. The draft picks might eventually replace the older players. Hopefully so as the timeline for the Canucks to be a playoff contender is likely 5 years.
  9. Great summary. Fans are taking the Vey deal out of context from what Benning was trying to accomplish at the time. All players are gambles, whether 1st or 2nd Rounders. Baer and Granlund were also deals in the same vein that appear to have worked.
  10. With the waiver problem in Vancouver I expect Boeser to start in Utica. It gives Green some time to evaluate some tweeners and make decisions. Meanwhile Boeser gets his first serious pro exposure. 20 - 30 games would not be out of line in Utica. Of course all this goes out the window if he comes hard in the fall camp.
  11. What is the going NHL rate for a 50 - 60 player? I agree with your premise of expectations being to high for this kid. Much of this comes from his steady work and a fan base starved for positives. I actually think through all of this he has held up well and that his development has gone better than should be expected. Hopefully he has help coming. Starting his 4th season I do expect him to break 60 points.
  12. Ferland exposed a Canuck inability to respond to a physical force. An inability to change a game plan that was not good enough. While no where close to the same quality of roster in 2011 some of the characteristics were the same.
  13. Not always treated well in SJ but this was a classy act.
  14. Summer doldrums = Canucks playoffs? Fans can put a optimistic view forward but the odds are against. Take the blinders off and look at the competition. Am I upset for being negative on playoffs, not close. I do want to see the Canuck youth all progress. It does not change where they are in the team development curve. If they do better than expected I suspect they draft in the high single digits. I am still expecting a top 5 pick in 2018. The 2018 draft should provide the last of the core prospects needed to build from. While the current pool looks good it is not broad enough or deep enough yet. The coming year is the Sedin swan song. I do not expect them to be resigned. Replacing 100 points will fall on young shoulders and that will require adjustments.
  15. If he has a great season then Benning will pay him what the market suggests. I doubt you get top 4 d-men for less than $5 mil. What is more important IMO is the term.