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  1. Ferland is an important depthplayer that adds something lacking: power. power enough to win puckbattles, win battles in front of the net, create space for teammates. Without Ferland we have no one that can fill that role and maintain a top 2 line skill level. So yea....definetly want him back.
  2. I dont see how u can trade Pearson and Leivo for that matter. they are 2 players that contribute offensively quite well as depthplayers. Leivo has great wheels and is creative. Pearson is more power and with a decent shot. Also Ferland is a much more powerful type of player to get in front of the net and create space. I like Gaud a lot this year and he is having a bit of a breakout season by scoring goals and is more suited to be a top 6 player then a bottom 6 which means u will have a competition for the winger spots on the 2nd and 3rd line. The only line to be intact at this point is Miller-Petey-Brock. If we can find another player like Miller to place next to Bo and Gaud develops into a fully fledged Sniper then we would have 2 Top lines imo. For now we got our cards dealt and i dont see a trade happening unless its something of a Roleplayer C for another bottom 6 role. in any case.....its Gameday back to back against a top team thats out for revenge for last night. I hope we can maintain that same lockdown of their Mcdraisaitl line and we should win this. Both should be equally tired so its a question of who wants it more. Im hoping the fans creates that motivation and support and with that a wonderful 4-2 win. Also hoping Edler is not on the IR list. This time Petey, miller, Brock and Gaud with goals.
  3. I never agree with anyone saying he is bad when he plays an ok or a good game and last game he was ok. If ppl are pissed over the big paycheck i definetly understand that so theres no reason for me to get upset if he gets a lot of $&!# when he doesnt deliver. I try and put myself in his situation and it has got to be mentally drainining for sure. So i hope he continues to deliver and goes all out on heavy forechecks and puckbattles. Then he deserves a spot....
  4. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Leivo-Bo-Gaudette Pearson-Sutter-Virtanen Ferland-Beagle-Schaller If everyones healthy right now u dont get those options so Bo will have to play shutdown line. Id still like to keep Miller-Petey-brock shutdown is Pearson-Bo-Virt semi-offense is Leivo-Gaud-Goldy/Eriksson 0-0 line is Schaller-Graovac-Macewen I do wonder what Goldy will bring....but the team is lacking defensive C atm so it feels a bit uneasy with the 3rd and 4th line.
  5. mmm game day against division rivals.....and this season a major improvement compared to last season. these next 2 games are huge games this season and we are without roleplayers in the form of sutter and Beagle that are supposed to be shutting down that Mcdavid/Draisaitl line. The rules are simple: shut down that line and we win 4-1. If not we loose 5-2. i think we win 4-1. Miller, Petey, Bo, Brock with the goals. big biiiig game.....
  6. Gameday, against one of the better teams in the league, No Crosby though, thk god. Malkin is still a major threat though, as always. Im thinking a 4-2 win for Nucks.... Petey, Miller, Bo, Brock with the goals.
  7. As much as i like Huggybear i still got to admit, Makar has impressed me too. Great all over the ice. Dont think hes as good as QH on the PP though
  8. u just gotta luv the way he rips it....
  9. Petey with Pearson and brock....Bo with Miller and Macewen...ehhh.....really??? enough for the fact that this is one of those games where nucks face a team thats heavier and tactical and no 1 in the league, not to mention contenders for the cup. But those lines are imo. well....hope for a bang and nucks manages to squeeze a point out of this. 3-3 and in ot i dont guess anymore. Brock, Miller, Edler with the goals.
  10. Everyone talks about injuries like that is the key factor, while at the same time there are those that wants guys like sutter traded. This was pure and simple solid defense and Key marking from the stars. They knew who to lock down and made it severly difficult for nucks to get a good entry across the Offensive blue line. Theres no reason to panic, instead simply watch, learn find solutions and move forward to the next game. Its gonna be a long road trip, so just let the team come together and they will find ways to win.
  11. The problem is that Gaud is a 2nd line player imo. Hes better offensively and is more useful there. Sutter, Beagle has the other C positions and i think its wether or not Gaud can play the RW and wether or not Jake will have that position. Miller-petey-Brock Leivo/Pearson-Bo-Gaud/Jake Pearson/Ferland-Sutter-Jake/Gaud Eriksson-Beagle-Schaller Its tough competition when everyone is healthy. Bo gets a heavy workload as center untill Beagle is back with the double shifts he did saturday against the avs. Personally i wouldnt mind seeing Leivo-Bo-Gaud as a 2nd line though.....Leivo has got the wheels and is also a creative player. Bo does everything and Gaud seems to be on the virge of a breakthrough as a sniper type of player.
  12. Never break a winning formula is my saying. Id NEVER put Miller down since he and petey and brock work so well together. Miller-Petey-Brock Baer-Bo-Jake Pearson-Gaud-Leivo Eriksson-Schaller-Macewen that would be my choice. Use Bos line for more 0-0 plays and pk. gaud can be used more as offense. Schaller can play C and hold a 0-0 line. The edge Miller gives to the 1st line is way too precious....and needed.