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  1. can we use Ferland next time we play Panthers? ...i still think matheson needs to be taught a lesson.
  2. Hes not a vet either. My point is hes not a 10 mill per year player long term deal yet but not far from it. Most likely he will reach that level but hes not there yet and thats why i called him a prospect, as in prospect to become a player of that level and value.
  3. Where does Brock go during his summer holidays anyway?
  4. long term deals is hard to make it happen on both ends. Brock is brilliant prospect but still has some ways to go to be in the 9-10 million range. we will see how things turn out but hes a first line player and should be Peteys partner for many years to come.
  5. Glad to see him resigned. I still prefer Leivo over Pearson. Miller-petey-Boeser, Baertschi-Horvat-Leivo/Goldobin/Virtanen works in my book.
  6. Leivo and Pearsson are same age. Imo Leivo is somewhat better skater and works harder in the Dzone and without the puck. Id still pick Leivo over pearson but thats only due to those reasons.
  7. Leivo-petey-brock was really good last year. im hoping miller will fill the role of the grinder and powerforward on that line instead of leivo, but leivo is always there and i think he could be a top 6 based on what i saw last season.
  8. Yup miller can bring something to the table. Energy and skill in one.
  9. around 7 for 6 or so? sounds fair imo...
  10. calder tropy is its just a matter of time untill the Art Ross or the Maurice richard is his also. Hes definetly got the potential for it.
  11. glad to see Edler stay for 2 more seasons. Hes still the best we got and hopefully hughes and others will develop into more solid D. 2 years is a long itme so team will change a bit of course. but with hughes and stecher Edler and a healthy (!) Tanev its not that bad.
  12. Id say this is nothing more then a mental fatigue. Sharpness goes and the confidence gets lost. Next season he will be more prepared but also depends on how hard he will train for the season and how well he recovers during the summerbreak. The mental game is important for someone thats supposed to be racking up the points. Petey has been ok but no points has made it to the board so it just makes the struggle harder. how much he improves physically will definetly have an impact for the next season and hopefully he will mentaly be more prepared during these last stretches of the season, since he will have this years experience with him.
  13. hehe id say its both mentally and a physical drainage that u cant tell its there since it just slowly wears u down. It takes it toll on confidence and sharpness and we wont se any explosive things for the remainder of the season. it will be more an occasional assist here and there. It will take some time to "recharge" the batteries and for now its just a long road untill the end of the season.
  14. U guys are just Leetching on those who doubt....Brian said so...
  15. The kid exceeds my expectations. His skating and jumping on the rush is phenomenal. I knew his passing would be good but very uncertain on how he would measure up against NHL competition. He still needs to improve in the Dzon though, but this kid feels like EP40 on D. Tons of potential.