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  1. yep he was more steady, however a bit of a drop at the end IMO. A bit the same as last year at the end of the season, so still need to improve his physique and a mental state of mind to be able to maintain a stability throughout the season. Still, a slight improvement overall in stability and some lessons learned to always keep on ur toes to avoid getting injured due to foul play. id say that sums it up. The key player this year has been Miller who has thrived by playing with Petey. Im hoping that Brock gets back into his groove so that Toffoli can get a match on who plays alongside Petey for next season. Im saying next season because there is no way what so ever there will be an end or continuation of this season due to the Corona.
  2. Gotta b marky...the nr of times hes bailed the team out for the win is way above normal. Of the players id say miller has been the best but marky has been incredible this year.
  3. Great addition id say. In his prime and rolling. will be fun to see him evolving as he adjusts to his new surroundings....
  4. Tough game, tough oponent....time to get nasty and win it by grit and skill.... 3-2 nucks, Miller, Petey Bo with the goals
  5. Will be interesting to see how toffoli fits in and how he adapts....... think were gonna win by 5-2 miller 2 petey Pearson Jake with the goals....
  6. A bit up and down as of late but im hoping for an up tonight and a solid 4-2 win. Miller petey Gaud pearson with the goals. Ofc huggy gets an assist or 2 if theres some PP involved
  7. at the start of the season i predicted this would be a tough year with extra attention from the other teams. That it ends up this way towards the deciding games at the end of the season is how i thought it would be the entire season. Up untill now hes been succesful but now the other teams are getting desperate and pushes the limits. I do hope u get stricter calls from the reffs or Nucks will be forced to take the law into their own hands. This is getting dangerously close to getting injured. I hope Petey adjusts and doesnt relax at any given moment. id say the hit in boston has been a good lesson for that. And against calgary u see how the reast of the season will be against teams fighting for a playoff spot.
  8. u want that in order of every league in europe thats considered a goon or something like that? or u think Petey should throw away playmaking and sniping and become the next Gino Odjick on the team? Why not ask chicagos Patrick Kane if he can put up a fight now and then and let his right wrist get broken for the remainder of the season? its brilliant...why didnt i think of this? i mean afterall... its.... Life!!!
  9. Sharks Swedish D Douglas Murray
  10. well i was actuallly talking about the 3 posts u just stated in this thread after mine and nucker67s posts. I dont understand its context clearly enough and just end up with various options on the meaning of it. So please explain the purpose and what the point of them are?
  11. is there any point to ur posts or are u just rambling?
  12. the thing is that elias is far from the puck and there wasnt any contact or "fight for the puck" when elias passed the puck against the boards. Then he skates for a sec or 2 and then looks over his shoulder to look after the puck and THEN he gets the hit. In the playoffs id say u have to be ready at all times but this just feels unnecesary due to the lack of contact or "fight" for puck or position. It just looks like a hit he was waiting to do when Elias wasnt ready. Pure intention to catch him off guard and inflict a "meaningful" impact. Id say we are lucky EP40 didnt get injured.
  13. Im very much with what green says on this one. Thats a late hit, and not a time when u expect a hit. Elias is already looking over his shoulder looking for the puck when he gets hit. Point being is partly those hits occur constantly, u cant relax. At the same time Petey always attracts attention, but at moments he gets contact hes been prepared and therefore can brace himself. Its an "unnecessary" late hit. The kind of hits id expect to see in a playoff game and get away with it but not during a regular season. A consistent afficiating is preferred but i think with that hit it set a lower level from the refs and i think that hit and the aftermath of that, changed the game to Bruins advantage.