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  1. Dude, enough with the hostility, alright? Becoming one of the leading players in this league is the expectations many here have of him, and it is also my hope. Its in relation to these lofty expectations I’m judging him. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s already quite brilliant and comfortably the best player on the roster. Love the kid!
  2. My comment about Pettersson struggling is referring more to his NHL form after the AS break than the past few WC games. Where he’s got 6 pts in 4 but tbh, the opposition’s been very poor and the kid hasn’t really played that well. But again, that doesn’t really matter, the past three games have been stale and slow tempo blowouts. He (and Willie) should be judged for what they do against the likes of Canada, Russia and the US and not Norway or Austria. IMO Pettersson still has to up his game a few notches to reach superstardom. He’s had a great start in the NHL but next season he has to show that he can be consistently productive and dominant despite being targeted. And he still lacks a few things here imo. Has a great shot but doesn’t use it enough, his release has to be quicker (better team mates would help too). He’s quick with great hands but isn’t as effective as he could be 1 vs 1. He’s creative but also quite prone to the occasional bad give-away. Hope he he has it in him to make the needed improvements but I think Canucks fans would do well to somewhat temper their expectations. He’s nowhere near the level of McDavid, McKinnon or Crosby yet and I doubt he will ever reach it too. But I hope I’m wrong and he is a thing if beauty nevertheless.
  3. Nylander has always played like a superstar in Europe and the national team. Think the larger rinks and (often) poor opposition suits him well. Pettersson on the other hand hasn`t really shone as of yet. Tbqh the boy`s been struggling since the allstar break. Looks hesitant and rather taken by the occasion too often. Hope its just an early sophmore slump and he`ll comeback out firning next season. Dont care about the WC tbh.
  4. What a bust. Matinee game and Im finally able to watch. Team’s getting absolutely wrecked out there. Not enough quality on the roster, that’s the sad truth.