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  1. I’d absolutely love to have BUFF and Simmonds for playoff push! That would be absolutely SICK! Imagine that! Petey, Boeser, Hughes or any of our stars! Would never have to worry bout anything again! Our body guards will fack them up! if they touch them haha!
  2. I have no clue on how his conditioning has been over the duration of his absence in the NHL?!? I’d love to find out. Man it would be a nice addition even if it just for this years playoffs:) imagine him and simmonds on our squad! Nobody will mess with Petey Boeser Hughes or any of our young stars then! That be sick!
  3. What the deal with Dustin Byfuglien? Can we make room, cap wise to acquire him? Then add a guy like Wayne Simmonds for our playoff run:) is that possible? Be nice to have those two guys skys the limit then.
  4. If we can somehow get rid of Erickson and his contract I’m all up for it. We need another defencemen for the extra playoff push imo. Same as we need a tough power forward who will not take any $&!# whatsoever. That will not put up with anyone’s $&!# meaning protecting our young stars. Then a deep playoff run can happen sky is the limit!
  5. We’re Keeping Boeser buds! If we’re giving up Boeser, which we most definitely are not lolol. we’re getting a forward of that age. who can score/produce just as much as he does;) when he’s healthy and in the right state of mind. The sky is the limit for Bess:) Dumba not even close. to being as valuable as he is;) that’s just crazy!
  6. NJD laughs hangs up phone. LA. Prolly takes deal I’m sure. An overpayment definitely on Nucks part;)
  7. Sedins should come out of retirement tomorrow. instead of retiring lol surprise us all! that would be ABSOLUTELY SICK! They would tear it up still lolol wishful thinking lol. Let’s start a petition! Haha!
  8. Ok good points yes... NJD is rebuilding so picks are gonna help to speed up their rebuild. Why doesn’t NJD tear the team down and rebuild with picks? in this years aswell next years draft. Our first and second & Hoglander should be enough for Hughes. He’s not having the greatest rookie campaign. He’s not showing value, just like Nolan Patrick a first pick overall. No real value in my eyes but could turn his game around with his brother Quinn. Plus PKs contract, same with Simmonds ends long before Myers and Erickson’s contract. so we automatically relieve cap room quicker then we would with Lou and Tyler. But it’s probably still not enough for NJD to pull the trigger. Not to mention the NTC.
  9. I’d rather keep Virtanen aswell stetcher. I’d be looking to better our defence by moving Benn and Myers. Go for Ristolainen ftom the Sabres... but NTC I hate NTCs lol
  10. We need the help now;) not later on. We need some offence and my opinion perhaps another solid defender. Let’s try to make some moves now rather then wait til deadline... NTC frick I hate NTC lol
  11. Alf just chapped cause he didn’t want Kovy. He mad cause Kovy doing just like I thought he would lolol tearing it up:) geee would have been a nice addition to the Canucks Organization;)
  12. Coyotes took cap dumps in the past aswell as other teams... look how well they moulted together over the years. It can pay out in the end. just takes time. Quantity can pay off. If GMs picked the right prospects to speed up the rebuild process. Plus Hoglander pretty decent return same as Myers and Roussel.
  13. Hoglander has that potential just as Hughes does, just not as high as. Plus NJD are in rebuilding mode. Plus NJD adds 4-5 more picks to their upcoming draft. That’s more chances to land a diamond in the ruff. While receiving more B prospects to their core. Canucks can’t get it done either because of our NTC clauses! Which sucks lol!
  14. Lmao you right haha fun to think they would though! Ntc so dumb wish players didn’t have a choice sometimes haha!
  15. Devils trades Wayne Simmonds Pk Subban Jack Hughes Canucks trades Tyler Myers Lou Erickson Nils Hoglander Antione Roussel 2020 2nd and 3rd rd pick 2021 2nd and 3rd rd pick njd prolly want our 1st rd pick too I’m thinking...