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  1. Sadly, i think the bruins take it in six. Too much playoff experience. It sucks. Toronto was the only team i hate more than boston. Cheering for boston was like eating rotten dog food the chihuahua yacked up, because the alternative was a big dog poo sandwich.
  2. Delicious. Cap hell cant get past first round. Dont have a defense. Only bad thing now, is that the bruins are still in it. Bleh
  3. Its bad when the bruins are the lesser of two evils. If the leafs win even a round, you would hear about it more than the cup winners. If toronto actually wins it all? Decades of “greatest team ever. Canadas best team. Best city. Blah blah. Toronto model blah barf” you have to cheer for boston
  4. Podkolzin is hardly OV or Geno. If he was we wouldnt be having this discussion because he would be going “top three” like you claim he should.
  5. If teams pass on him, then the reason is obvious. Russian players are too much of a wildcard in the first round. They might be the greatest player in the draft, but that doesnt help if hes playing in Kazakstan.
  6. How many swedes give up an nhl career for another league? How many canadians, americans, finns, or germans? we arent talking “couldnt get an nhl job” either.
  7. Typical. Maybe i was referring to nichuskin? Radulov? Kovalchuk? Yes yes blah blah not every russian does bolt......but the problem remains, far far more likely than any other nationality of player, that they could go to the khl. And have. And still do. No russians.
  8. No russians. Cant count on them to stick through thick and thin. Dont like the coach? Run to khl. Dont like the city? Run to khl. Dont like having to earn your spot? you guessed it. Run to the effing khl. No russians.
  9. Should have tanked for a better draft pick instead of finishing first in the west. Silly calgary.
  10. Cherry is a senile old fool who wears his dead grandmothers curtains for clothes. He should have been put to pasture a long time ago
  11. Honestly i wouldnt bet on it. I got a feeling binnington will take it and have a hamburglar/jim carey type career
  12. Im not sure if you are being sarcastic. It wasnt Bertuzzi that dogpiled on top of himself and moore, likely the real reason there was any “injury”, and romes hit was hardly vicious let alone intentional or predatory.
  13. Hmmm....sounds like i gotta up my prices.....i mean *cough* friend uh with yeah friend does
  14. Curious what you usually know for a friend of mine......