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  1. The whole world should have shut down, borders closed, for three months, to contain it. And now we are here because of stupid, is, and stupid, does.
  2. I realize this. Didnt stop them from giving it to panarin though, now did it?
  3. For what its worth, Gretzky didnt win the Calder either.
  4. Dont count out gentleman jim. All three theoretically could be canucks next year. Lots of wasted salary on the team. If he can get rid of most of em, its not impossible. Just extremely improbable.
  5. Vancouver did dallas a huge solid. Stars in six...sadly. I hate seguin and jaymee
  6. So how many fans you think vegas is gonna have in the stands when they rebuild two years from now? They wont be the “shiny new buttman toy”, and as dallas and vancouver have proven, they are meh. This was the year they had to win. Next year, i dont expect them to do much. Their best players are getting old, they have their first goalie controversy (g’damn noobs), and while they were gifted a lot of picks and a damn good team from the get go, they dont seem to know what do do with them. Its that old saying, give a man a team of good players and a bunch of high draft picks, you get fans in the stands for a day. Teach him to to fish blah blah you get my point.
  7. The dopes really need a set formula for how they determine a suspension. Follow the formula no matter what, there you go theres the suspension. Late hit? +1 game Numbers into the boards? +1 game No history? -1 game Target head? +1 game Predatory? +3 games (not talking about this hit just suspensions in general) Make it easy and stick with the formula so players know they are going to get dinged, no matter what. No exceptions.
  8. Here i was like ”pmfg who the f is jum gergy hes not a gm how can he win it”. Then i read the whole post and i just didnt give a flying fook because the award is either a “aw jeez your team lost and we fooked you over.” Or its like “aw jeeze you need better kneepads, those are worn out”. ie. 2011
  9. Leivos done, guy. Might as well put ferkland in that placeholder.
  10. You need to lose, before you realize what it takes to win. They lost two? Years in a row. Then again Vancouver has lost fifty. Im not sure where i was going with that.
  11. They did fantastic. They played one physical series, “before” vegas played their first real games. They will not underestimate us again. I highly doubt they will win the cup though. They really arent that good, and they are old, and they havent earned it as a franchise. Let them get a taste, then we up the price. Money cant buy the finer things in life.
  12. Cant blame refs this time boyos. We got outgunned and out muscled. Hopefully theres a next year. &^@# covid!!!