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  1. It is though. I bet for some of these kids, its even more pressure being sent into a random situation with random people while random people are filming for a random video. They would rather have a hockey stick and a helmet on.
  2. @oldnews Cmon man. Im not a bad person. Im opinionated, and i admit i do quite enjoy giving people a perspective they may not understand yet. Im not a troll. I dont think i am anyway. My whole motivation for my first post, was to initiate a conversation. Im fine with taking a hit for real ideas getting real discussion. If it doesnt happen, we all just cowpoke our way out not learning anything. I believe we, as fans, and human beings, need to stop glorifying and putting these kids on pedestals that they dont deserve or even want. Let them be kids...people....let them live without constant scrutiny. This is wrong. Leave them alone.
  3. Not gonna get into the big brother thing. The premise, in my opinion, is not much different than canadian hockey media. Unimportant. Is being made a spectacle, paraded around a city, every move photographed and scrutinized something that a hockey player in canada should have to deal with? im just saying.....these are people, mostly good people, and because of our “fan overzealousness”, we have an effect on them. We should be leaving it all on the ice, like a good hockey player. All of us. Fans and players. These are people doing a job. Leave them the eff alone outside of work.
  4. Weak. My “insults” to you were either ideas you couldnt comprehend, or you you Go to your safe space princess. Theres a “Little Mermaid” remake coming out sometime that will validate your whole life choices.
  5. Bing-pot. Can you imagine trying to do something nice for someone in your “down time”, and being filmed and scripted to say certain things? Can you imagine being on the other side of the social media spectrum? Screw this constant big brother crap. Leave the players alone. Despite them making more money than regular people, they are real people with real feelings.
  6. Thats right. You are right. Everyone who has a different opinion than you is a troll. Damn them trolls. We should give each other thumbs up and maybe hydrations, because those damned trolls are always having....them damned...differing opinions. Damn them for not following the herd! Some of the sheep are black too! Damn their unshorn wool. Damn them!!!!
  7. Ive been called worse.... by smarter, better, and less ignorant people than you.
  8. Ahhh thats right. Pat yourselves in the back. “Yeah get him! Hes wrong as long as i got hydration from you i can keep going!” Whatever i said my piece. If you throw that $&!#e on social media, you are not doing it because you are “a good person”. Its because you are virtue signalling.
  9. Oh my god(dess?) thankyou. Thankyou for this absolutely delicious “ironing”. Theres a very clear, definable difference in these two accounts. It wasnt an NHL team that brought up Milanos and AJ Greers....discretions. That was hidden, as long as it could be. Canucks media jumped all over video taping stecher and boeser and gudbranson and eriksson and the sedins and linden and horvat etc etc. Let the players play.
  10. You are out of your element. I clearly stated that this has nothing to do with Hughes in page one. If you are confused, its because you jumped into a conversation “guns a blazing”.
  11. Once again, this has nothing to do with Quinn Hughes. Canucks social media could have thrown the corpse of Peppa friggen Pig (if they owned the rights) and it would still be the same thing it is now. A virtue signalling, propaganda story that only gets people clicking and liking and watching. Sadly, theres not enough thinking going on.
  12. Your ignorance is clear. I said that the vancouver canucks media team was at fault, not Quinn. People need to take the time to read before they “speak”.
  13. I dont get it. What is alt virtue signalling?
  14. Why dont you use your limited intelligence to dispute what im saying, instead of labeling me some kind of mythical creature?