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  1. Lets ask cory schneider about keslers honorable character. Might as well put an old toilet outside rogers. Its cheaper *1 and 7 equals number two as far as im concerned
  2. Was just telling my wife that believe it or not, its a good thing the virus is fatal, or people wouldnt have noticed until the population was infected. Quick mutation and boom, Rip.
  3. Oddly enough, i start most of my plagues in china. Perfect setting for a virus to start to annihilate the human race.
  4. Looks like its evolved coughing, water 1, and cow transmission 1. Lets hope it doesnt evolve bio aerosol, extreme zoonosis and drug resistance 3. (I play too much plague inc when i should be working i think)
  5. “Luke. Use the force Luke!” Oh wait. He priced himself out of Vancouver. “Luke. Your agent is a douche canoe. Luke...he probably isnt your father. He might be a death star ............ talk.”
  6. Obviously foundational Dirty jockstraps dont dirty themselves. Need a sausage and a bit of special sauce to make one of those bad boys, and they aint free. My prediction? Oilers are looking for a used washer and a drying rack for used jockstraps. Got confused. Realized afterwards they just made more dirty laundry and are willing to give up first rounders for cleaning supplies.
  7. We just need to take warning labels off things, and human nature will thin itself out. “Yes. You can use your hair dryer while showering. “ “No problem. Of course you can drink bleach. Cleans the toilet, pretty sure it will clean you too.” ”Naw...seatbelts and airbags are a scam made by auto companies to sell more useless junk.” “Yes, you can drink this water.” it will sort itself out pretty quick.
  8. One might come to the conclusion that its management or the city. But then i look at Edmonton and think....,”It cant be that bad....can it?”
  9. Retreat! Retreat! i wasnt talking about a random meaningless game. Im commenting on how our whole country can blindly follow some kids playing a kids game, but cant seem to decide on anything other than that. Seriously, it is spectacles of entertainment like this that are ruining us.
  10. Canada needs to find an identity that doesn’t revolve around the US. Basically “Canada needs to find its political gender and run with it. “ This wishy washy $&!#e is harming everyone, whether or not you believe it.
  11. Didnt you hear? All “suspensions” that the canucks players “deserve” are automatically tripled. Seriously is this hit worse than Romes? Is it worse than edlers? Hell, is it better than (we wont say his name), the hit Naslund took? Better than the one Baertschi took last year? What about Stecher? They must be clean hits, because i dont remember anyone getting suspended for hits against the Canucks. *I remember Pettersson getting choke slammed down to the ice and Matheson getting a pee pee slap, but was that really a hit?
  12. Yuck at everyone voting for hughes. Would you want to play in the all star game (once)? Obviously. Would you like to get voted in your first time like you got some kind of participation ribbon, “because you showed up to every practice and were a good sport and had social media vote you in”? Or would you play harder next year, so there is no question whether or not you deserve to be there? Misguided good will. Disgusting. John Scott says hello. You should be ashamed.