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  1. Bought it and im pretty dissapointed. Should have done my research, but i had it in my head that it was a “full” ff7 game, not just the midgar section of it. I was looking forward to chocobo breeding and maxing out stats in the broken down sub with yuffie and her conformer. The battles are basically ff15, minus the teleport attack. Actually the whole world seems like ff15 which isnt bad per se, as i loved ff15, but the battles never really feel like im in control. My group members never seem to be doing anything and when i need them to, they dont have atb. Probably more my own fault, but it is a lot of micromanaging that seems tedious. Also, i spent €100 on the deluxe version, to go through the hated midgar section, and its not really the “full ff7” game? That really sucks. Like i said, pretty dissapointed but nothing against the “game” itself. It is good, but i should have done my research and bought something else. *Rumor has it, part two isnt coming out till 2023. At the rate one got through the story, two ends where, cosmo canyon? Cant remember actual time frames, but in the original getting through midgar took around 7-10? Hours or so
  2. Clearly bigger issues to deal with. How come blue collar joe has to ask for and earn a raise, when a politician and his fellows can vote on their own raise, despite the country going further and further in debt? How come unemployed able bodied bill can smoke drugs, drink booze, smoke cigs with malnourished kids on a welfare check, but guy working a month straight seven days a week in the oil sands, smokes a joint on his week off, fails a drug test, and gets fired? How come someone can pay into EI for fifteen years without claiming anything while not in trade school, can get fired a week after his wife having their firstborn because of “calling in sick to help take care of the baby because wife had a hard pregnancy and theres no one else” and get denied, but people can spend six months of the year claiming employment insurance? Get real. Instead of trying to get more money, use the damned money right instead of pissing it away on personal helicopter rides and vacations you corrupt politicians. They are up there with lawyers and drug dealers for scum of the earth. If i had to pay to “keep” my citizenship, id rather stay in ireland even if i do end up wanting to come back. Ill pay the health insurance. Unless i like the winters in canada?
  3. Yeah its quite nice here, for a stout. Very creamy taste to it. Dont try to go on a bender with guiness though. If you can manage to choke down enough to get drunk off of, your doodoo is going to be black the next day. Lots of iron in guiness.
  4. This is true. Guiness does not travel well. Completely different from canada to here in ireland. Still not something you wanna drink more than three pints of at a sitting though.
  5. Some crimes are so heinous, theres no going back. A guy eats people and wears their skin? Why waste the time to “rehabilitate “ that? Think hes going to repent and manage a stationary store? Get real. Murder one and yer done as far as im concerned. Save the money for someone who will contribute to society. Put it into mental health research. Might as well burn it for all the good giving him 3 hots and a cot will do. Its a pressure cooker in the states. I was thinking that the only way to control the situation would be to have checkpoints, allow people the choice to either break the lockdown and do what they want, OR have access to medical facilities when/if they or their household/immediate family they have been in contact with come down with serious symptoms. Sadly that will only work in the states until the first stupid family gets sick. They will not accept that the choice they made has repercussions. Its not a word in the american english language. When the first kid dies from it from those families? The populace is gonna throw down, right to civil war town. Rpgs in the street. Hate groups with grenades, assault rifles, an agenda, and a spark. Not sure people are fully understanding the gravity of those implications.
  6. @Dazzle not to worry im 8 hours ahead of you i doubt ill be playing much with you guys, if at all
  7. You and me both. Rather spend the money on something tangible. Bought a tv for my wife and an nes classic for my son for €500. Amazon is making a killing off me lately
  8. A fool and his money.....and he plays poker for a living? more like he wants to lose 500
  9. You are correct. There is no need to panic. There is a need, to take this seriously though, and adhere to the rules that make people safe. Those rules are in place, so that people dont panic, and feel that they are safe. Im guessin, taking a wild stab, that you arent high risk and or care about the elderly. Me personally, if i was single i would want to get it and get it over with. I have others to think about though, and they dont have the same constitution that i do. I am low risk. The people that i love and care about, arent. Thats why i follow the rules. Common effing sense.
  10. You are undervaluing people that work at mcdonalds. Those twenty year olds are working towards something better. Standfield? The teacher, life has passed her by and shes rebelling against Father Time. No money. No common sense. Hates her job. Mediocre at it, clearly.
  11. Intergalactic cable at its best
  12. The fooked up thing about this, is that china is the only country thats gonna come out of this smelling like roses. Hopefully people start to realize how important it is to be self sufficient and lets be honest, fookin china cant make me a god damned can opener that works right and or lasts longer than a friggen four pack of tuna.
  13. Oh good. It has mutated again. Basically the link says that symptoms are being missed in nursing homes. Elderly are experiencing things like loss of appetite, confusion, lethargy and dying suddenly.
  14. How can “you people”, care so much about donald trump, when your own lives are possibly at stake? scapegoat? Fookin handle your $&!#, get your head right, be safe, and stop listening to the moronic doo doo you are being fed. Isolation is reality. * This isolation should include the internet, because people getting crazy. Stop listening, stop reading, just enjoy the time you have because it is fleeting
  15. Because the only salad an irishman will pay someone to make for them is potato salad. :p The price to eat out is insane here. Eight euros for a caesar salad, about 12 canadian