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  1. Lost me at “who have played at least 100 minutes together”. I was gonna say more, but i think thats pretty telling.
  2. Replaying starcraft, brood war, beat starcraft 2 just have epilogue missions and nova missions to finish up.
  3. Is franchise mode any better than 19? Getting the itch to draft some franchise goalies in the fifth round
  4. Obvious joke. Trying to lighten the mood. You gettin too worked up amigo.
  5. Taking it pretty seriously though. Enough to call out your time of service to get your “street cred”. I also didnt call you names. I dont like being misgendered as dip$&!#. I prefer “male”, thankyou very much.
  6. Another alarm bell. Seriously you consider this “plugging away”? you gotta get out man. You arent some buffalo soldier. This isnt the “big time”. You wont get a career on unless you start out slinging nachos. Sad buddy. Go take a walk.
  7. Not gonna open this one up. So much wrong with this paragraph. All i gotta say is, perhaps the canucks were loyal to luo, and were backed in a corner with schneids.
  8. Wasnt even talking about you. But now that you mention it, you bringing up the “amount of posts” thing really throws up alarm bells for me.
  9. Some “chance” that was. Buy out a likely hall of famer, franchise leader goalie shortly after being in the finals. Yeah. One who was still elite up until last year. Good choice.
  10. Yet the Canucks got punished more for it than new jersey. Enjoy retirement lou. *and kovalchoke is still sucking money from the league, but thats fine because its in cali. The hypocrisy blows my mind sometimes
  11. I dunno about epic. Unhinged, like a guy who didnt care if he was fired or punished by the league. When i think “epic” i think, rally your team to win despite adversity... not chasing another coach down a hallway yelling like an idiot about something as inconsequential as a face off.
  12. Basically the nhl and everyone else who didnt think of it first.