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  1. Proud of the boys tonight. It's been a fun season, ups and downs, but this is the final nail in the coffin. Next up, April 9th.
  2. We most likely finish 5th or 6th last. Ott/LA/Det/NJ won't be able to catch us. Ducks may if they can squeeze some wins out. Ignore the opinions of the peope that "aren't big on jack hughes". Theres a reason hes undisputedly the #1 ranked prospect throughout the hockey world. I don't want the russian, maybe its just me but I'm done having to worry about russians going back to the KHL. Give me Hughes, Kakko or Bowen and I'll be smiling all summer.
  3. I mean, a hypothetical foot fracture, saving a year of his ELC and allowing team tank to fully execute over the next 14 games isn't the worst thing in Canucks land.
  4. Agreed about Goldobin. Watching him for the past 2 weeks, hes much more confident with the puck. Visually he's been the Canucks best forward over the past 14 days. (Not saying much butttt) I hope he continues his play and the canucks include him in there plans come September.
  5. I think you have to factor having both Hughes brothers on the same team. If we can get Jack, I'd say its much more likely Quinn (and Jack) stay here after RFA. If jack goes somewhere else, Quinn may want to join him....or Jack would want to join us. Interesting to think about.
  6. Anyone else see it as, Hughes Kakko Byram Everyone else 4-10 Let us win the lottery please. Any top 3 pick will do.
  7. Can't remember a game where the canucks were dominated for 60 minutes like that. Honestly.