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  1. Pettersson was horrible tonight. Not gonna win many games without Marky and #40 playing like that.
  2. Are we actually defending Jay Beagle and his atrocious season last year?
  3. This contract reminds me of Beagles 4 years 12 mill and makes me sad inside.
  4. Myers confirmed a Canuck via Andy Strickland.
  5. 7.5, sign me up. Myers is probably gonna get 7 long term, which makes me puke.
  6. 1. Dhaliwal has been by far the most infomative source on Canucks news the past few month. Must be the new whipping boy. 2. Would be a perfect fit here. Obviously would want a extension with the trade, but a perfect dynamic fit. Y'all are never happy, if you're complaining about JB going after Barrie, nothing will please you.
  7. No words man. Rest in peace.
  8. Not sure if this has been discussed early, but whats the consensus about Jack turning pro? One more year of school or are we talking 3 years at Harvard with the potential of a Will Lockwood situation.
  9. Yeah obviously, thats why I said if we don't move up we take a scoring winger at 10 aka boldy.
  10. Down for this, or a scoring winger at 10.
  11. We all are gonna speculate for the next 2 months but IN JIM WE TRUST. Come July 1st, we can worry. Until then, let Judd and Jim do there thing.
  12. Kakko and hughes going to the east? I'll take it.
  13. I know what your saying, but Quinn and Bo + a mid 1st in 2020 would be more than enough to get kakko. Honestly, would you trade quinn for kakko after seeing him these last 5 games. I'm not sure I would.
  14. Yeah the players are emotional after a tough loss, as they should be. Good thing we aren't in the room!
  15. Yes, we now can't finish worst than where we are now (9th) and can possibly move up to 7th depending on the Oilers and Ducks.
  16. People getting angry over a mean nothing loss in April, classsssssic. Perfect outcome. #TeamTank Rejoice ;)