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  1. Hey everyone hope you all are staying healthy and safe during these times. Soo just a idea and I am spitballing here but as a way to pass time can we maybe open up trades again? I know the deadline has passed ect and again I am just curious but would be cool to open them up again to almost pass time in the league? Does anyone like the idea or object? What do the commissioners think? Just a idea and if it gets shot down ain’t gonna be the first or last! cheers boy stay safe and keep your damn players off the ice during these times! Cheers, Colorado (aka Big-Country)
  2. They just grow so fast... breaks my heart to lose him but did know this was gonna happen eventually... Wishing @Patnat96 the best and hope we can continue our great friendship with many trades coming down the pipe!
  3. Beware of @Nolan he is ruthless! Loves to just mess up everything for everyone else! Jk he’s a good guy, welcome aboard bud!
  4. The Colorado Avalanche are proud to announce the hire of Patnat96 as a Assistant GM. Patnat96 has previously worked with the Victoria Grizzlies in the BCHL and is currently working with me now with the Prince George Cougars. We know he will bring lots of expertise to the table and will help shape this team to what it should be. Expect to hear from us as trade talks are heating up. If you are interested in trading for future reference please include Patnat96 in all conversation. I know you all will give him a warm welcome just like you guys did when I first came the league! Cheers! BC
  5. @Art Vandelay lots of wheeling and dealing haha. Gave a lot up to get a lot and it’s payed off so far!
  6. Just as Salter stated I did want starting players not first rounders. I have a lot of prospects already and I feel highly for a lot of them. In my opinion what’s the point in having a bunch of prospects coming down the pipe just to have to trade them later on or have them rot in my reserves. At least with this trade I get players who are putting up a ton of points and will support Kuch while he is still in his prime. If if it turns to be a bust well $&!# that sucks but you get over it and move on.
  7. COL is testing the market for Aarne Talvitie and is looking for picks in next years draft. Let me know through message if anyone is interested! BC
  8. Colorado with the fourth overall pick we would like to select.......... DYLAN COZENS @Art Vandelay