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  1. Backes is a $6 mil/year cap hit, and Calgary's tight for cap.
  2. Just kinda re-reading off capfriendly here... When a team trades a player, they have the option to retain a part of their salary (and cap hit). The team who retains the salary then pays the retained percentage of the salary, and also retains the percentage of the cap hit until the contract expires. The following requirements must be met to retain salary: The percentage retained cannot exceed 50 percent of the player’s salary (including all bonuses) and Salary Cap Hit. The same percentage must be retained for both the player’s salary and Salary Cap Hit, and cannot be modified. All teams are limited to a maximum of 3 retained salary contracts per season. Teams cannot retain an aggregate amount of more than 15 percent of the Salary Cap Upper Limit. Players’ contracts are limited to 2 retained salary transactions per contract. Once a retained salary transcation has occured, there are various limitations, such as: A team cannot reacquire a player whom they have retained salary from for a minimum of one year after the date of the transaction, or unless the player's contract expires or is terminated prior to the one-year date. All teams involved in a retained salary transaction will have cap implications if the contract is bought out or terminated. Teams who retain salary on a players contract, will have the full value of the cap hit act against the teams salary cap total, regardless of whether the player is reassigned to the minors by their current team. If we retain 50% of Baer's salary($3,366,666/2=$1,683,333) to, say, mtl, then they bury him in the minors, that takes another $1.075 mil off mtl's cap hit leaving it at $608,333, (original math was right) while we still get hit with the $1,683,333 regardless... or am I missing something here?
  3. Sry, meant 800k. If the new team buries him in the minors, $1.075 mil comes off his cap hit, no?
  4. Odds of winning down there are only 1 in 17 though...
  5. Yeah, but the courts mandated he install a breathalyzer next to the start button, caused chaos last time out to the grocery store
  6. His plans consist of sending Petey, Hughes, and Marky to steal all of Tocchet's coaching strategies
  7. We have been getting pretty lucky with ncaa players... would be a good dman to play behind Rafferty, and we have more good forward prospects on the way to replace Lind... Kinda feel like this is one of those trades people will feel indifferent about.
  8. If Mtl kicked the baer-can around, makes me think there's a potential trade partner out there. + if he were designated to the minors, his new team would only have about a 600k cap hit.
  9. Baer 50% retained for a mid/late pick is probably the best we can hope for at this point. Would only be $1.65 mil for one more season, vs. a buyout in june at $1.76 mil next season, $800k the season after.
  10. Memory can be a tricky thing when you chuck knuckles for a living,,,
  11. Happened in the split second between him being a little b&#*& and a whiny little b&$#(