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  1. I honestly think if they make the finals, they'd find a way to get people into Rogers Arena and BC Place, and outdoor areas to display the game, so at least there could be some sort of fan reaction (while being socially distant, of course).
  2. That is some sound reasoning right there. This could work in all 50 states!
  3. We could resign Eriksson to another 6x$6m deal and the Messier deal would still win out
  4. Huge bag of weed
  5. Yes. What is an Entry Level Slide? If a player who is signed to an entry-level contract and is 18 or 19 years of age (as of September 15 of the signing year), does not play in a minimum of 10 NHL games (including both regular season and playoffs; AHL games do not count), their contract is considered to ‘slide’, or extend, by one year. For example, if a player signed an ELC for three seasons from 2015-16 to 2017-2018, and their contract slides, their contract is now effective from 2016-17 to 2018-19. An exception to this rule is that if the player is 19 on September 15 of the first year of their contract, and turns 20 between September 16 and December 31, their contract does not slide. Players who sign at 18 years old are eligible to have their contracted extended for 2 seasons. This extension does not apply if the player turns 20 between September 16 and December 31 in his signing year. Signing bonuses do not slide, and are paid to the player regardless of a slide, this causes the annual average of the players contract to change, and therefore the cap hit decreases for this player I should have been clearer in my post. I wasn't implying paid as in like an actual salary, but a stipend is a form of payment meant to get around the "student athlete" rules (which needs to increase if they insist on calling them that). So not "free" but not much either. If you signed an ELC however, and it slid for a year, you still get the signing bonus, just not the actual AHL salary. I understand your point about not judging Russia because of wanting to introduce a draft law in reference to the CHL/NHL transfer agreement, the situation is a bit different though. Both need to keep their leagues running strong, and make money, which is why we see the 18-19 year olds go back to junior if they don't make the NHL roster, as they, the top players, draw crowds. I would like to see more exceptions based on stats over a 2-3 year period, but another year or 2 in junior with higher minutes is what most of these players would benefit from, also considering the education funds, perks of billet families, etc.. Where as Russia is wanting to punish their U23 players if they leave, instead of offering incentive to stay.
  6. Nice, quite the write up, though I assume this last year alone would have the turd blossom at the bottom of each category by now.
  7. F***ing disgusting waste of oxygen this guy is.
  8. My understanding is you can watch all out of market games, with in-market blacked out (though I'm not sure if blackout restrictions apply in the playoffs). Your in-market would be Anaheim/LA if you're living in San Diego right? So you should be OK to see it.
  9. Actually, Kes and Burr had left under Tortz and WD. The 17-18 season was that wonderful year where we had Chaput and Megna as our "talent" behind the Sedins, Boeser, Baertschi, Bo, and Vanek. Those were painful days. Take a look at this lineup... not even Edmonton would be envious. Coaches grow and learn just the same as players, not "what you see now is what you get forever", some people just don't have patience, and expect the results straight away, which bugs the hell out of me.
  10. Poll #1: Had to go with none, if we can't have it nobody can type thing, but if none wasn't an option, I'd say Montreal, they were the only ones pulling for us in 2011, and it won't be forgotten. Poll #2: Tough between Edmonton and Toronto(mainly because of my utmost loathing of Toronto), but Edmonton has had way too many 1st OA picks, and wasted them all on an otherwise crap-fest of a line-up. Poll #3: Play to Win. I can never cheer for my team to lose. If we do lose to Minny, at least we'd have a silver lining with the draft lottery. Poll#4: Too much reward for teams who continually crap the bed. That said, I have no idea what a format change would look like.
  11. We need Juice to be the colour commentator
  12. Day's not even close to closing, and Florida is already over 10.6k new cases. likely over 17-18k by the time 3pm hits. Edit: looks like they took 2k new cases off, shows just over 8.5k now