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  1. That's exactly it, there's no real repercussions to deter this kind of behavior from the sheep. Jail, substantial fines north of $10k should do the trick (yes, this is that serious), but this is the USA, with some clown at the helm, who thinks this will all miraculously go away. I don't care about those who are going to church either, just everyone else they come into contact with in public spaces (Grocery stores, pharmacies etc...) It's the arrogance of these people that gets me.
  2. Quote- "The church is not a non-essential. The church is the most essential thing in all the world," Bunch of god damn morons
  3. Voted for burr, nominate Mogilny
  4. John Vanbiesbrouck Andy Moog Adam Foote Milan Hejduk Peter Bondra Sergei Gonchar The 'Boulin Wall Wendel Clark Damn, there's a lot of these...
  5. Voted Smyl, Nominate Mogilny
  6. That's a good point, had considered it, and went with Baer eating up nhl cap in the AHL, and Ferland could go on ltir if need be. @mll makes a solid point against that, with call up eligibility, bonus overages etc... but because Ferland's injured, it might not be allowed under the cba. I feel that if he comes back next season and has to go on ltir again, I think that'll be it for him and he'll likely call it a career. Not sure if the cap hit goes away or not though, anyone know?
  7. 1st buyout: Eriksson 2nd buyout: Baer Good chunk of change right there
  8. Voted Naslund, nominating Jovocop
  9. I believe that is generation 'Z' acting like a bunch of F'tards. But, on behalf of those millennials born in the late 80's, we apologize for the 90's version of us... seems kinda overdue...
  11. Voted Linden, nominate Ruutu
  12. Not even trying to grow a beard, but there it is... Track pants, yup.... Replace "beverages" with coffee and weed, yuuuuup...