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  1. I've been playing for a couple days now. They did pretty good with the AI logic this time around. Defensively, don't have to pull the winger way out of position just to cover the slot/back door plays any more. They read the plays better (offensively too). Haven't had any glitchy goals go in either. Not a ton to complain about thus far (besides the music. Bring back custom music, I want my metal!) Coaching logic in BAP mode. They had Baertschi centering Horvat and Goldobin... Goldy was taking regular shifts with Boeser on defense in the preseason too. Kinda killed the mode for me. The new score clock layout is gonna be hard to get used to. Why change what ain't broke? The skating is a bit slow at default settings, but gameplay sliders fix that right up. All in all, I'd give it a 7/10
  2. sportsnet now if you live in bc (what I use) nhl live for outside bc.
  3. I'm sure that little balding prick will think of something to get them off the hook.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure what the penalty is in the offseason
  5. Yeah, have fun with this Dumbass... TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS PROJECTED CAP HIT : $94,865,199 PROJECTED LTIR USED : $13,365,199 PROJECTED CAP SPACE : $0 ($0 ) CURRENT CAP SPACE : $0 TODAYS CAP HIT : $94,865,199 ROSTER SIZE: 23 CONTRACTS: 49/50 RESERVE LIST: 70/90
  6. Well said. I think it's more just a shock to see 40 seconds of ice time, tbh. Never see that in NA. I don't think most users here realize they go with 13F, 7D every game (I sure didn't).
  7. Yup. Then maybe we can tell Boeser we'll give him an A if he signs 4 years @ 6.5.
  8. Just looking through again, didn't see Saku Koivu either. Seems to be a notable miss for Anaheim.
  9. I always play every game including preseason. 10 minute periods, with goalie reaction settings maxed out to balance the scoring a bit.