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  1. hmm... should be something metal... (kinda tired of all this moderate rock/pop stuff) "13 steps to nowhere" by Pantera?
  2. @J-23 @bishopshodan Thanks for indulging my stoner rants, cheers!
  3. It's just that the universe is so vast (over 200 billion stars in our galaxy, each thought to have at least one planet, and hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the observable universe), and the complexity of life on this planet alone can only be explained by the laws of evolution. Time in the sense of hours minutes and years on earth are our creation, while the universe created the space-time continuum.
  4. lol, yeah, beliefs are tricky to figure out. I was just using that as an example of the theory I stated in said quoted post. kinda borders on the line of Buddhism (smoked alot of Buddah today). To each their own.
  5. Atheism is about belief or, specifically, what you don't believe. An atheist doesn't believe in any gods. Agnosticism is about knowledge or, specifically, about what you don't know. An agnostic doesn't know if any gods exist or not. I don't believe in gods, period. = Atheist.
  6. Our bodies rot in the ground giving back the basic elemental materials to the universe, while there is a theory that our inner consciousness is reincarnated into a life form just being born. there are people who explicitly remember details of a past life. this could also be a cause of peoples fears, (I've always had a fear of open bodies of water for instance which leads me to believe I may have drowned in a past life). I have nothing to support this, just a feeling. lol (this would also support my beliefs as an athiest. No heaven, no hell, no flying spaghetti monster)
  7. It's thought that the big bang originated in a highly energetic space no larger than the size of an atom, and because of black holes being a point of infinite mass in which light and energy cannot escape, as well as space and time being able to warp without limit, that there could be another universe on the other side of the event horizon. Maybe the big bang in our universe, was the moment in which a black hole was formed in another universe... if that is indeed the case, then we live in a boundless sea of multiverses. This could also explain (in my post-work, weed-addled mind) that the cause of the phenomena of "dark energy", which is accelerating the expanding universe, could be caused by a merger of black holes. Essentially a 2nd big bang. All in all, the universe is fking cool to think about!
  8. And we're sick and tired seeing a player who gets paid $6 million per year lolligagging his lazy uninspired ass around the ice, while everyone else is putting in an effort. He's definitely not an elite player. He can play PK, and that's about all he brings to the table.
  9. I'm not arguing that he's not going to be on opening night roster. NHL experience is invaluable. What I'm saying is that what they did with him last year did wonders to his development. They could start him in Vancouver, evaluate his game, and give him some aspects to work on in Utica where he'll be playing 17-18 mins a game (rather than 11 mins in Vancouver) with regular call ups. Sutter will probably get hurt at some point this season (again). He'll get his time. This is assuming Sutter is still a Canuck on opening night. If he isn't, I wouldn't be surprised if Gaudette is a full time NHLer. Not too many other center options.
  10. Someone should get loui to check out this forum. Might persuade him to terminate his contract!
  11. I may have to visit this thread more often now...
  12. That's the thing I noticed with Gaudette last year. Every time he got sent down with instruction from TG to work on a particular part of his game, he did, and he was just that much better when he got called back up. With 1 year left on his waiver exempt ELC, why not do that again? He's getting rewarded for his hard work, the way it should be. Another year of a split season between Vancouver and Utica, he'll be that solid 3C we need to replace Sutter. Definitely needs more time in Utica as far as minutes and roles go, but needs to be up with the big club every so often for stretches for TG to evaluate and keep giving him feedback.
  13. Speed and Shooting Fueled by RPM TechNHL® 20 introduces the next major innovation in RPM Tech-powered gameplay with Superstar Signature Shots. Your favorite NHL stars now look and feel truly authentic with the trademark shooting-styles you recognize from the real world. Additionally, over 45 new contextual shot animations make shooting more lifelike as players use new tools to get the puck on net.RPM Tech also ignites more speed to gameplay through revamped animation blending that allows players to execute shots, passes, and puck pickups without slowing a skater’s pace; creating faster, more skilled and more fluid plays up and down the ice.Finally, new goaltender A.I. includes full offensive threat analysis, allowing goalies to read the positioning and threat level of every attack before actively controlling rebounds and redirecting pucks away from danger. IT'S ABOUT FRIGGIN' TIME!