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  1. I would love to have him on a daily basis for CanucksTV or Sportsnet. Can't have enough of contents like these.
  2. Troy Stetcher Brock Boeser Jordie Benn Bo Horvat Jacob Markstrom
  3. Bo "Captain" Horvat Quinn Hughes and Tyler Myers Brock Boeser
  4. Only picture, mods feel free to merge or move the topic (back in time it was opened in "Creative and media" but I think this section is more appropriate) Please label all the pictures so that people can search and find pictures.
  5. Undeserved but gold. Even if it's the start of the season, you gotta win this game especially against a team that had a long and exhausting trip. Kudos to the Flyers. They're a good team and they outplayed us in the third. Thanks to Marky (and Pearson, of course) for the win. I'm a little bit worried because we need to protect him better, the season is long and I don't want to have him tired in March/April.
  6. I'll take Fri Nov 1st vs Anaheim.
  7. We have the right to be disappointed, not the start we were waiting for. Keep positive: 1st line will show up, 2nd line is already in good shape, Marky seems to be on point and we will have more from our core. Plus: we'll have a new C and I really hope this will give an extra motivation to the team.
  8. I just want to forget as quick as possible the result and put the focus on one individual performance. Tanner Pearson was a beast tonight. All over the ice. Great player.