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  1. My (late) thoughts of the game:


    - Really solid performance by Demko after a rough start. He shows character and confidence. 


    - Maybe he was overaggressive in the Red Wings' goal, but what a game and what a start of the season by Eddie. He was all over the ice and so dangerous offensively. 


    - What stats don't tell you. Beagle is a warrior. He fights (and often win the battle) for every puck, he plays in dangerous area and he's smart. 


    - JT seems to be really good.


    - Petey. :wub:

  2. Undeserved but gold.

    Even if it's the start of the season, you gotta win this game especially against a team that had a long and exhausting trip.

    Kudos to the Flyers. They're a good team and they outplayed us in the third.


    Thanks to Marky (and Pearson, of course) for the win. I'm a little bit worried because we need to protect him better, the season is long and I don't want to have him tired in March/April.

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