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  1. Just curious to hear your opinion about Schneider's first NHL stint (when he was called up to play some games w/ Sanford and LaBarbera) and the Demko's one. Do you see similarities or do you think Demko is way more ready than Schneider was when he played his first NHL game vs Calgary?
  2. 3 Canucks' stars 1) Hughes 2) Pearson 3) Boeser Honorable mention: Schenn (hitting, standing up for his teammates and blocking shots all night) and Eddie (great accomplishment)
  3. Pearson deserved the GWG. He was a warrior all night long. Happy for him.
  4. Yeah. 4 of 6 players on the ice are accountable for the goal, think.
  5. Boeser first game Demko first game Sedins vs Coyotes Pettersson first game Hughes first game My top 5 pre game excitement in the last 4 years. So, today is a special game.
  6. Ryan Biech on air now..
  7. Happy for him. He deserves a lot of credit for what he's doing this year.
  8. Yeah, that's right. The reason why I posted this stat is to underline how those years were tough and tested our loyalty (personally those years made me more connected with the team than in the Golden Era). Hope for a bright future. GCG!
  9. Rebuild. No brainer. But when we will be back where we belong, I will think about this period and the 199 (and countin') losses and I will say "We deserve it, Canucks Nation":