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  1. Done, thanks. Feel free to suggest a name if I forgot any potential candidate.
  2. My picks: Cyclone Taylor Award (MVP): Elias Pettersson (Markstrom runner up) Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero): Jacob Markstrom (Roussel runner up) Walter "Babe" Pratt Award (Top Defenceman): Alex Edler (Stetcher runner up) Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting Player): Elias Pettersson (Boeser runner up)
  3. You can vote here: Cyclone Taylor Award (MVP) Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero) Walter "Babe" Pratt Award (Top Defenceman) Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting Player) So, who you got?
  4. Cheer for a win, hope for a loss (1st time this season). Love my Canucks. GCG
  5. Bae in. Great news. On the other hand, I thought no more Pouliot in Canucks' uniform.
  6. Last year, at the end of March, Demko beat CBJ in his NHL debut. Same month, same arena, let's hope for the same result. Love my Canucks! Go Canucks Go
  7. I've always liked him as a player. My statement is only related to today's game. Absolutely no problem with him in the lineup.