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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I think it's a "Roussel" jersey.
  2. Sooo.. you're telling me that we've scratched all the year our best player? FIRE GREEN
  3. I agree, but for me the choice is simple: take Hughes even if you don't think it's the better player. Maybe I'm overthinking but, considering the small difference between the two prospects, picking Jack you guarantees yourself the opportunity to have also Quinn for his entire career.
  4. The last game vs NJ was one of the worst performances of the season. Time to win, today.
  5. Burrows - Dahlen: the real first rebuilding move. Idea of rebuilding: summer 2016 Factual rebuilding: february 2017
  6. I think he's my favourite player on the roster (w/ Edler). He's a warrior. Get well, Rous.
  7. PICK ODDS UPDATED 14th march (