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  2. @Smashian Kassian list Kaeden Korczak Arthur Kaliyev Bobby Brink Raphael Lavoie Nils Hoglander Brett Leason Ilya Nikolayev Micheal Vukovic Jamieson Rees Maxim Cajkovic Alex Vlasic Nick Robertson Albert Johansson Trent Miner
  3. Right now. Ott and LA had already made their picks.
  4. #overreaction. I know, but he is part of my Canucks' history.
  5. This tweet sums up perfectly my feelings..
  6. I love Eddy, but I hate how the situation has been handled.
  7. The third is growing on me. I'm fine with home and away (great to keep our colour scheme). Alternate one is dope.
  8. Quick question: no chance that we're going to pick Krebs after the injury? What about Boldy? He was the consensus pick here immediately after the lottery!
  9. He's my favourite player and one of my favourite Canucks ever but I'm totally on the Front Office side in the negotiation.
  10. I've ALWAYS tried not to go against a player who doesn't perform. Even if he's clearly overpaid. I'm not that type of fan. I consider all the players as human beings and I try to support a player that struggles. But when I read this type of stuff... C'MON MAN.
  11. I'm shocked. His passion and his work will always be remembered. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.