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  1. I will be there posting live and hoping for a close game. If not, immediately switch to Isles - Pens game.
  2. Like the Boqvist comparison. Don't like what I read about this dman class.
  3. I like the Boqvist comparison that I read. I was high on him last year.
  4. Not sold about Soderstrom pick. It seems to be a "need" pick and maybe at 10th that's not what I want. I get your point, I simply think that with our scouting we can find something good at 40th or in the later rounds.. At 10th, I want the BPA.
  5. I can't stand it. I stopped after Matthews/Laine draft. I was too upset.
  6. Petey is 6'2", Marner 5'11" Gaudreau 5'9", Cole is listed as 5'7". Not saying I would not like the pick, but that would be a risky one. Skills are undeniable.
  7. Size is a concern. Gotta be honest. I like the player a lot.
  8. Good that this year was that early. No more weeks of watching the top prospects on Youtube and then the lottery screws us.
  9. Isn't he too much of a puck handler to play with Pettersson?
  10. I told you yesterday. We have no luck. Who do you prefer? Soderstrom, Boldy, Krebs, Caufeld? I wanna know your opinion.
  11. 2016- 3rd to 5th 2017 - 2nd to 5th 2018 - 6th to 7th 2019 - 9th to 10th WHY?
  12. So guys, help me with my "out of reach" list: Hughes Kaakko Podkolzin Byram Dach Cozens Anyone else?
  13. Taylor Hall. First with the Oilers, now with NJD.
  14. Near Venice. Yes, I will be here at 2am. Nothing compared to 4 am games (usually I watch only 1am games live, the others the day after).
  15. Welcome to the "Italian Method". This time you'll be right. 9th to 12th. No chance top 3.
  16. Two hours till our 9th to 12th pick. Can't wait.
  17. No, it's impossibile. We will pick 9th to 12th. No chance. :ItalianMethod: :scaramanzia:
  18. Guys, It's time to try The Italian Method "Scaramanzia" So, repeat with me. We will pick from 9th to 12th. We will not pick in the top 3. Not this year. It's impossibile.
  19. Too good to be still there in the 9th - 12th range.