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  1. I will be there posting live and hoping for a close game. If not, immediately switch to Isles - Pens game.
  2. Like the Boqvist comparison. Don't like what I read about this dman class.
  3. I like the Boqvist comparison that I read. I was high on him last year.
  4. Not sold about Soderstrom pick. It seems to be a "need" pick and maybe at 10th that's not what I want. I get your point, I simply think that with our scouting we can find something good at 40th or in the later rounds.. At 10th, I want the BPA.
  5. I can't stand it. I stopped after Matthews/Laine draft. I was too upset.
  6. Petey is 6'2", Marner 5'11" Gaudreau 5'9", Cole is listed as 5'7". Not saying I would not like the pick, but that would be a risky one. Skills are undeniable.
  7. Size is a concern. Gotta be honest. I like the player a lot.
  8. Good that this year was that early. No more weeks of watching the top prospects on Youtube and then the lottery screws us.
  9. Isn't he too much of a puck handler to play with Pettersson?
  10. I told you yesterday. We have no luck. Who do you prefer? Soderstrom, Boldy, Krebs, Caufeld? I wanna know your opinion.
  11. 2016- 3rd to 5th 2017 - 2nd to 5th 2018 - 6th to 7th 2019 - 9th to 10th WHY?
  12. So guys, help me with my "out of reach" list: Hughes Kaakko Podkolzin Byram Dach Cozens Anyone else?