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  1. Yeah, it's a bad contract but I must be honest. I like what Schaller has brought to the team every game since he's regularly on the lineup. The guy shows always effort.
  2. It's always great to watch some great stuff from The Golden Era. Can't wait to play some late April hockey and to have new great memories with the new core. Love this team and love to share our passion in this board.
  3. Yes. That's why I want return to see Canucks' hockey in late April / May and June. Best period of the year.
  4. -3. Six months without Canucks' hockey. I can't stand it.
  5. Yeah, I agree with you. The current jersey will be forever linked with Lu (I own one home), Edler (I will buy the away), Kesler, Burrows and Bieksa. And the Twins, of course. But, you can also see this thing from a different perspective. 'I own the Petterson's rookie year jersey.''
  6. I like to refer to my favourite team which I support (from the other part of the world) watching all games and buying merchandising with the word "our". As a fan, I consider myself (and yourself) as a part of the Vancouver Canucks. BTW, in my (humble) opinion, a brand must can't have too many colour scheme changes. Think about Coca Cola or Pepsi. Or Canadiens / Packers / Leafs / Bruins. The colours are an essential part of their brand. Now, after decades of changes, we (they) were able to estabilish a great scheme colour which is linked to one of the most succesful period of our franchise history. It's great to see all the fans wearing green and blue. So I don't think it would be a great idea to change again the colour scheme.
  7. I searched but didn't find anything. I must learn how to use properly the search button. Sorry.
  8. In the previous years, they were absolutely a reliable source so I think the change is there.
  9. This. Another change of colous would hurt incredibly our brand, so I don't see that happening. And I also think that the Whale will be back.
  10. Based on rumours ( 2019 HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: Expected. After the Blackhawks, the other big surprise from the Adidas catalog was seeing new primary sweaters listed for the Canucks in 2019-20! It’s unclear whether the Canucks are working on sweeping changes or maybe just updating the crest to remove the superfluous “Vancouver” arched across the top. But I also wouldn’t be that shocked to see a new primary logo to coincide with the 50th anniversary. So it seems that Tuesday's game will be the last with the home jersey that gave us so many memories that will last forever. I don't know if the change is going to be marginal or not but I think that it's an era that comes to an end.
  11. Love to see the reaction from Gaudette e Magic Timmy after Granlund's goal.
  12. I am so upset that the season is going to end. This team is entertain to watch.