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  1. Guys, It's time to try The Italian Method "Scaramanzia" So, repeat with me. We will pick from 9th to 12th. We will not pick in the top 3. Not this year. It's impossibile.
  2. Too good to be still there in the 9th - 12th range.
  3. I don't blame Green. Maybe Goldy deserved a full season, yes, but overall I think he had his chances. Simply not a fit here. He's skilled so he can be succesful in other systems. It's a shame but that's not on Green.
  4. So.. you're telling me that Gudbranson gave us Pearson back.
  5. The wrong Schenn. Time to start with the Schenn-O-Meter, Luke.
  6. It's time to say goodbye. I'll miss my Canucks. GCG
  7. Boeser has improved a lot his passing game since his rookie year.
  8. Yeah, it's a bad contract but I must be honest. I like what Schaller has brought to the team every game since he's regularly on the lineup. The guy shows always effort.
  9. It's always great to watch some great stuff from The Golden Era. Can't wait to play some late April hockey and to have new great memories with the new core. Love this team and love to share our passion in this board.
  10. Yes. That's why I want return to see Canucks' hockey in late April / May and June. Best period of the year.
  11. -3. Six months without Canucks' hockey. I can't stand it.
  12. Yeah, I agree with you. The current jersey will be forever linked with Lu (I own one home), Edler (I will buy the away), Kesler, Burrows and Bieksa. And the Twins, of course. But, you can also see this thing from a different perspective. 'I own the Petterson's rookie year jersey.''