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  1. Lol. Thought hed have a good game i guess not. Who drafted him for this league?
  2. ill do it if he scores. One more goal. its gonna be either the third or the black skate. &^@# maybe ill just do it even if he doesnt score. oh and love the sig brah. marchand is mint. good canadian boy
  3. Dafuq? I was never even agitated. good to know i wont bethe only one paying his bomus
  4. lol eff of dude, id rather support him than just trash the guy constantly.
  5. if green plays louie in a position to suceed tonight and he scores ill buy his jersey and post a pic on here.
  6. u dont adapt on the go ur done. play him.
  7. a spot? This is a player whos proven he can score 30 or whatever his top was. its hockey u dont play on a swivel ur gone.
  8. who would of thought propping louiei up might help the . team.
  9. Markstrom is a better goalie than Demko. I'd rather take an old markstrom than demko. Just gotta let it go when your draft picks don't work out.
  10. unfortunate but it is what it is....when a company sponsors your arena you're in business with them. If someone came into my house with a sign i didnt like id probably ask them to remove it or leave too haha. I do agree with the sentiment but business is business bro! I support cherry as well. I don't think what he said even was intended as it was interpreted and it made sportsnet look bad. Dont get my wrong, I cringe when he's on too but just fire the guy like a man don't make a circus out of it