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  1. Lol. Thought hed have a good game i guess not. Who drafted him for this league?
  2. ill do it if he scores. One more goal. its gonna be either the third or the black skate. &^@# maybe ill just do it even if he doesnt score. oh and love the sig brah. marchand is mint. good canadian boy
  3. Dafuq? I was never even agitated. good to know i wont bethe only one paying his bomus
  4. lol eff of dude, id rather support him than just trash the guy constantly.
  5. if green plays louie in a position to suceed tonight and he scores ill buy his jersey and post a pic on here.
  6. u dont adapt on the go ur done. play him.
  7. a spot? This is a player whos proven he can score 30 or whatever his top was. its hockey u dont play on a swivel ur gone.
  8. who would of thought propping louiei up might help the . team.
  9. Markstrom is a better goalie than Demko. I'd rather take an old markstrom than demko. Just gotta let it go when your draft picks don't work out.
  10. unfortunate but it is what it is....when a company sponsors your arena you're in business with them. If someone came into my house with a sign i didnt like id probably ask them to remove it or leave too haha. I do agree with the sentiment but business is business bro! I support cherry as well. I don't think what he said even was intended as it was interpreted and it made sportsnet look bad. Dont get my wrong, I cringe when he's on too but just fire the guy like a man don't make a circus out of it
  11. Wow, just actually watched the original clip for the first time... I dont even think what he said indefinitely means people who come to canada from elsewhere etc. What I heard was people who enjoy the fruits of the labour that the armed forces have and still provide for the people need to show some appreciation. "You people that come here" Could have just meant people who rise up to the status of actually being comfortable day to day (or even minute to minute if you ask a veteran how long they got to rest while being constantly shelled). I never really got into the whole bashing the SJW or whatever (i dont even know what it stands for) but oh my goodness. Connecting dots that aren't there much? It's true there are a lot of folks who benefit from the tough guys in camo and in one way or another blatantly piss on the sole proprietors of their luxuries and then make a career out of being ignorant of their deeds, and then now as we are seeing even attack those who call them out for it because oh golly their freedom based on those they disrespect is being threatened. To call upon them to ONE DAY OF THE YEAR to give them a &^@#ing break....and then get fired. WOW And just fYI i am part african, german, english, etc. To take such an obviously non-intentionally racial comment and turn it racial is absolutely disgusting and i for one am sick to my stomache.
  12. Binnington believes he deserved Calder: There's a 'bad taste in my mouth' Brandon Maron 6h ago Joe Puetz / National Hockey League / Getty Jordan Binnington may have helped the St. Louis Blues take home the Stanley Cup last season, but he believes he should have taken home the Calder Trophy too. "There's a little bit of that bad taste in my mouth about the outcome last year," Binnington said after beating the Vancouver Canucks Tuesday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jim Thomas. "But he's (Elias Pettersson) a talented player, so it's good going up against some of the best." Binnington finished second in voting for the Rookie of the Year award, losing out to Pettersson. The Blues goalie earned 18 first-place votes to the Canucks star's 151. "Yeah," Binnington added when asked if he thinks he deserved to win the honor. "(But) they’ve got a good young team and some elite talent. He’s one of those guys, so it’s a lot of fun." The two players aren't showing signs of slowing down in their sophomore seasons. Binnington sports an 8-2-3 record paired with a .921 save percentage and 2.43 GAA. Pettersson has six goals and 20 points in 15 games. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1873828/binnington-believes-he-deserved-calder-theres-a-bad-taste-in-my-mouth --------- Not to try to cause drama, but what a sore loser. Esp Considering the votes weren't even close if I remember correctly. (Mods, If this is the wrong forum to post in please move)
  13. Hi. Sick of playing with idiots in drop in. Wondering if any Xbox Eashl players want to play dropin and maybe start a club. I dont use a mic cuz I'm deaf so, lol.
  14. I rarely post but I am absolutely enamoured by this player. He broke numerous ankles like Pettey does and made a bunch of players fall in those videos. If Johnny Hockey can play in the NHL so can Nils. I predict he will be on Pettersson's level athletically. Maybe he doesn't have the shot etc but if there's a player who can keep up Hoglander is one of them. He also reminds me of this play: A+ pick Benning. I absolutely can't wait to see this guy skate circles around players. Mix in some size and grit with the smallish players like him and Hughes and we could be dangerous.
  15. If u sink to the level of your "enemy" your entire argument can kiss my ashfault
  16. 4 years 5m + a free english teacher. if he walks to another team benning is dead to me
  17. hes' doin us a favour. retain 2m and trade. or 1 for 1 for lucic. edmonton is a $&!#hole. i think lucic has gas in the tank for us. if not, id still prefer him over eriksson. re-sign tryamkin