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  1. Using your logic I can assume you’re mafia “because of reads like this”. I already explained in a post why I find MR genuine. If that makes me scum, then you thinking I’m scum due to that makes you scum. &^@#ing hypocrite
  2. I think the question is, why are you so adamant to specifically defend Zfetch?
  3. Yes although I find MR’s to be the most genuine out of others. If I’m wrong for that then &^@# me
  4. Zfetch suspects me because MR suspected him who I agreed with (in terms of MR’s thought process). unvote vote Zfetch because I know I’m TP so Zfetch is attacking a TP which is a red flag EZ
  5. If you vote me, you’re literally Gudbranson tier in terms of advanced stats for mafia