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  1. What's a good site to stream the game? I've never done that before but having a chill night in Denver would be perfect with the nucks whooping some ass . Much appreciated
  2. Well obviously every player is different . But if Theresa doctor that's a expert on concussions (specifically sports and or hockey ) why the hell wouldn't you go to the Guru?
  3. Needs to link up with sids concussion doctor . Remember when everyone said the kid was done ?
  4. Kid is a gamer ! Happy to see the hard work out in the summer paying dividends. What a steal.
  5. The boys are rolling !! There's our 6 Millon dollar dman. Time to sustain this play and roll the second half . Let's gooooo
  6. Bo needs some line mates . Hoping Ferland can get healthy and be that guy on Bos line. Markstrom is a stud wow!
  7. Of course I say move leivo to the 4th line and he lights it up ! Cant deny the boy is heating up. The team HAS to play more aggressive with the lead, sitting back is obviously not working. Rous what a frigging beauty !! JT Miller nuff said. Whooooooo
  8. Spread out the offense a bit and Miller is there to shelter gaud and to take half the draws
  9. Leivo Pettersson boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Bearscheese Gaudette Miller Schaller Graovac MacEwen
  10. Sucks that we don't get more coverage or are talked about by the "hockey experts" but on the other hand everyone sleeping on us is wicked. Keep the train rolling
  11. Paid off didn't it ? Hahaha I like Baer but the young guns need to play . Yes you could take Eriksson out and drop leivo to the forth and but Baer on the third .
  12. Nice I was hoping they'd put gaud with Horvat !!!