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  1. Really liking it so far. Love the insights as not officially retired players and the stories from behind the scenes. In episode one Kess talked about how he handled leaving Van and I truly think he has regrets with the way he handled everything. I love how they just get off topic so easy...lol
  2. Loved how the Sportsnets guys were like...he will be a great player in a couple of years. A year later he's playing on the NHL Roster. Sometimes it's not just the player but the player's situation that helps them excel with the team and in the NHL environment. Funny how a couple redrafts have us picking Glass who a lot of Canucks fans wanted us to pick. Benning has a pretty good track record in the draft in the 1st rd so far as really the only player not on the team/in the system is McCann. I'm still holding out hope for Juolevi. Gaudette and Madden look like steals That was the year the kid tried to steal the spotlight and make the pick
  3. Yep. Hes part creator of Violent Gentlemen. I have no issue with the hit...Plus isn't this something u say after the game, not 2 days later?
  4. As much as i want the guys to rest....im gonna be voting for Hughes to go. think he deserves it. Would be pretty awesome to see him and Makar a couple of young d-men ripping it up at the All Star Game.
  5. McDavid Bergeron Pastrnak MacKinnon Petterson Ovechkin O'Reilly Crosby Kane Svechnikov
  6. Would have given him at least a couple more...not only does he stare right at the ref after the 1st ones called, he does it again, only harder. Aka oh who cares I already got the penalty
  7. It was really weird couple days ago when Perry had his 1,000 game. Ducks had a great tribute on their twitter. I really thought both were gonna be in California for life.
  8. @Canuck Surfer Got the lineups from daily faceoff...Dallas had Dowling on the 1st line vs Calgary last night. Pretty great story that guy. He just cant do it against us
  9. That is fugly....not sure how that passed quality control
  10. On the PP he has more room to work and be creative. I'd give it a couple more months before placing any judgement. I think he's still trying to play like he's 18 and the best player on the ice aka still in Ann Arbour.
  11. Roster Notes: Sutter had a MRI Wednesday morning - results have not be announced. Most likely not playing. Beagle is dealing with a "lower body injury" and is a game time decision/day to day. Tyler Graovac most likely would slot in. Vancouver, B.C. - The Vancouver Canucks host Armed Forces Appreciation night tomorrow when the Vancouver Canucks take on the Dallas Stars at Rogers Arena. The annual tradition honours members of the Canadian Forces for their commitment and dedication in the service of Canada. ARMED FORCES NIGHT DETAILS Every player will wear camouflage jerseys during pre-game warm up (available for purchase from Team Store, section 112 and at vanbase.ca). A ceremonial puck drop including two veterans and a special surprise you won't want to miss - be in your seats at 7:00 PM! Canadian and American national anthems will be accompanied by the Canadian Armed Forces Flag Party. An honoured veteran will crank the pre-game puck drop siren. Over 200 Canadian Armed Forces personnel in full uniform are expected to attend. Wounded Warriors will set up in Section 111 to share information about the program's important work focused on trauma resiliency and overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Esteemed Rear-Admiral, Bob Auchterlonie of the Canadian Navy will be interviewed during the 1st intermission. Army G-Wagon to be used during in-game prize give-a-ways. A special post-game photo, on-ice with Canucks players and Canadian Armed Forces members wraps up the game. Armed Forces Military Appreciation Signed Warm-Up Jersey Auction: https://vanbase.ca/collections/military-appreciation-signed-warm-up-jersey Last Game: March 30th, 2019 Throwback Thursday: Canucks News: Enjoy the game!!
  12. At least one of the games is against the rangers...looking forward to it. Wish there were more than 3 games in these jerseys.
  13. It seems more like a call out of the whole team...this Wild team has issues. Def a bottom 3 team in West the way they are trending.
  14. I dont think its ever gonna be perfect until we get something that truly matches the team or truly different...like where else but Nashville/NHL would you see I like it I love it as a goal song. Wanna go back to 2011 and riots - burn it down by Linkin Park or how about We Are All Canucks by Johnny DeMarco LOL. My favs were U2 coming out and electric worry - clutch as the goal song. esp that bang bang bang, vamanos, vamanos.