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  1. We were in the middle of painting the house, so we are at least finishing that, other then that going for a daily walk with the dog, he's sad all his doggo friends can't come. Watching a lot of Netflix while Telus has the internet caps off . Have done a few puzzles and a lot of board games with the fam. I've been lucky in the fact that I've been able to go into work at least once a week to keep tabs on the production office. It has def. been weird to not do my usual 14-16 hour days, then come home.
  2. It would be interesting to see if the entire season is cancelled is what happens with the conditional picks such as our first. Does it automatically go to next year? Will be interesting to see
  3. If we were to only get one, LE is the perfect choice. I totally agree with Baertschi. No point paying guys to play in the AHL. For me Beagle is a bit of a surprise, yes he has a meh contract, but he brings a ton to the team. Outside of Horvat/Edler I think him and Miller bring the most leadership/on/off the ice experience. Other choices is Sutter or Ferland though Ferland can be put on LTIR (if not healthy)
  4. It's gonna be a while. They said it could take up to a month for refunds once I got the event cancellation email. I could see it being even longer as events are still getting cancelled and hundreds of events have been cancelled.
  5. South Korea had/has drive thru testing centres, was very swift in its testing measures. USA has a horrible medical system in which people wont get tested because they cant afford the associated costs of getting tested.
  6. Rumours are that one of the options the nhl is looking at is to end the reg season and start playoffs based on either points or points percentage....Canucks for example under points would be out, but on % would be 3rd in pacific and facing the oilers. They are also looking at a full suspension/postponement
  7. Prob doesn't matter...as long as hes playing for Boston he's pretty much got a green light. Jacobs is basically Bettman's backbone
  8. Well your D has a issue when your best player is a 20 year old. Other issue is "toughness" as we really have no one that stands up for guys like Petey, Boeser and Hughes although that is better this year. I would love for some of the deadweight of contracts gone such as Eriksson and Roussel(nothing against them, their contracts just don't work) I'm okay with Beagle just because of what he brings to the team. Find some gems in this draft as there is a potential for us not drafting till the 3rd rd this year if we make the playoffs. If we resign Toffoli our top 6 does get better as Boeser would be back on Petey's line....i think us resigning him depends on Ferland's situation and the poss. of getting rid of contacts.
  9. Would love to see him stay in Van. Once boeser comes back he could slot right in with Pearson/Horvat. Unless he really likes it here and is willing to give a discount, we gotta clear some cap space first.
  10. Really liking it so far. Love the insights as not officially retired players and the stories from behind the scenes. In episode one Kess talked about how he handled leaving Van and I truly think he has regrets with the way he handled everything. I love how they just get off topic so easy...lol
  11. Loved how the Sportsnets guys were like...he will be a great player in a couple of years. A year later he's playing on the NHL Roster. Sometimes it's not just the player but the player's situation that helps them excel with the team and in the NHL environment. Funny how a couple redrafts have us picking Glass who a lot of Canucks fans wanted us to pick. Benning has a pretty good track record in the draft in the 1st rd so far as really the only player not on the team/in the system is McCann. I'm still holding out hope for Juolevi. Gaudette and Madden look like steals That was the year the kid tried to steal the spotlight and make the pick
  12. Yep. Hes part creator of Violent Gentlemen. I have no issue with the hit...Plus isn't this something u say after the game, not 2 days later?
  13. As much as i want the guys to rest....im gonna be voting for Hughes to go. think he deserves it. Would be pretty awesome to see him and Makar a couple of young d-men ripping it up at the All Star Game.
  14. McDavid Bergeron Pastrnak MacKinnon Petterson Ovechkin O'Reilly Crosby Kane Svechnikov
  15. Would have given him at least a couple more...not only does he stare right at the ref after the 1st ones called, he does it again, only harder. Aka oh who cares I already got the penalty