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  1. @Quinn_Jet Yeah pretty close, I think Jake get's at least two more goals then he did last year especially if he plays all 82 games.
  2. @coastal.view Without a list you're exempting me from taking another shot, and thats the fun! @kloubek Thanks yeah, was typing from an iPhone- has the weirdest spell check, I understand the correct terminology <3
  3. One per person who post there results, I also realized I had Boeser at 38 and meant him at 35, and yes so I've taken one dinger!
  4. @48MPHSlapShot Yes I forgot to mention this is in speculation everyone plays 82 games, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt this comes to tuition- that would be a fever dream.
  5. I remember Botch and Patty Phatty would do this on the Patcast where they'd have to guess the goal totals of a bunch of players I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think on theses players He's what I perceive to be our definite or potential top six forward going into the season- and since I'm not a wuss I'll go first, Time to see the faithful, realist, optimist and liberals come out! Virt: 21 (Please JV let me be right, I'll shotgun every two drinks every goal past 10) Sven: 17 (Massive wild card don't worry anyone it's impossible) Miller: 24 (Would be happy) Ferland: 22 (Would be very happy) Pearson: 15 (I feel as though you were in honeymoon stage and Bo will find a new dance parter on his left side) Bo: 32 (I'd have you higher but you will finally have somebody to pass to, so your assists will go up.) Petey: 31 (You're our little Swedish alien, and I swear I'll swarm Area 51 if they ever capture you, I know you could hit more but you'll have a LW and love to pass) Brock: 35 Let me know what you guys think I felt I was pretty optimistic, Godspeed, lets go xIC3wALEzX!! This is in speculation everyone plays 82 games, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt this comes to fruition !!
  6. I just like the idea of it and think it's reasonable for both sides, but &^@# me for suggesting something actually somewhat realistic.
  7. Ello- decided to make an account, time to armchair. To NYR: Loui Eriksson Nikolay Goldobin Chris Tanev To VAN: Kevin Shattenkirk Vlad Namestikov