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  1. I think you ideally need a guy with more skill on that line than Kapanen. Kapanen is a great straight line skater and can score but doesn't create a ton for others. I'd compare him to a Virtanen with more hockey sense but he played on the leafs top line with a lot more talent (Matthews) which inflated his stats. That's why I'd lean towards Nylander. Horvat and Pearson will provide the grit and Nylander will complement them with his natural playmaking ability and puck possession. Kapanen's contract will likely look quite similar to Nylander. I think he'll require $6M AAV so the cap hit will basically be a wash. Nylander didn't have a great year with his holdout etc but came on strong once he got back into game shape and played well last night in game 1. Take a look at his first two full seasons in the league, matched Horvat's career high in both seasons. 22g 39a 61pts 81gp 20g 41a 61pts 82gp
  2. Benning has mentioned that a top 6 forward is an offseason priority. In my opinion there's no better team to target than Toronto. There is no way they'll be able to keep Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, and Nylander. Since they'll be in a jam, they likely won't be able to get full value in a trade and may be willing to take picks over players. All 3 of them are young, fast and skilled. I'd lean towards Nylander. Only 22, locked up for a while and the most skilled of the 3. Tanev and the 2020 first rounder might do it. Otherwise Kapenen would be a solid option. Either one could slot in on the Horvat line with Pearson on the left side. That would leave Petey with Boeser and Leivo. Pretty solid top two lines for the next few years.
  3. How about Devils 1st overall for Canucks 10th overall + Gaudette + Demko + Hutton + Virtanen + 2020 1st round pick
  4. Curious if this letter actually gets sent in the mail to season ticket holders or if's just sent out on the website?