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  1. A list of North Dakota Alumni
  2. Torts would destroy this "man" I remember him just digging into Booth. He would be buzzcutting LE. It really feels like Ottawa, Arizona, or Utica. Maybe LE and 2nd in 2020 If they lose Panarin Dzinfel and Brob so they get the floor. But to give up Wennberg..? Maybe gaudette?
  3. Were not talking Swedes Were talking Yankees who play hard and want to win. The last great with us was Kesler and we saw how that plays out. He has Dakota in his heart man. They want a cup there as bad as us.
  4. I agree with the thinking if Boeser is cold on long term with us. To get max value on him, i would sign a bridge deal and let him increase his value to the deadline. I would only move him for 4th if we know for sure we can get Hughes or Byram. TBH I think Col would rather Dmen or Centers. And ones who have playoff exp.
  5. Nylander....he just put up points. Hes sticking. Marleau is going before this. Our first playoff drubbings are going to destroy some people on these forums. The young guys have to learn.
  6. Yeah Nail was just a consensus top pick. He was their 3rd? I vaguely remember Oilers fans wanting to trade it to give depth or pick the best D man
  7. Boeser, 10th, 2020 no lotto protection, +prospect 3x1sts for a 2nd overall. Or 10th, 2020 1st, Demko/Dipietro, Julevi + Roster Player Or we go get other picks and assets to make the trade. But with what we have those 2 seem to be the only packages worth. I would do both because of the value of adding to the team identity.
  8. ^ I say trade for him and make that his goal song
  9. Is WNP going full retool? Otherwise I think they need players more than pick. Maybe Mike Greene and 2x2nd round picks?
  10. If we can turn Boeser, 10th, 2020 pick, Demko/Dipietro In Hughes im all for it. Pay the price. We can learn from Edmonton Let Hughes and Petey spend some time on wings once and awhile. That will pay off in future playoffs big. Then we can focus on drafting depth and D. Signing depth and D and managing out contracts moving forwards. Clean up the Eriksson situation and name Horvat captain
  11. Hes worth going after but from the way I understood it he isnt happy with a Canadian City. So pass. Circumstances not meant to be. If offered id base the trade around these pieces Rights to Tryamkin Tanev relation Cheap possible fwds Gaudette and Virt 10th overall
  12. mods sent in tactical speech police please and lock thread. Burn it all
  13. Yeah. Which is why they take our deal over a team demanding more. Its a softball offer The deal pends on Tryamkin willing to return. I believe he will never play for us again. TML willing to play Sutter 2 year with whatever cap retention over Zaitsev With an Active NTC for like 5 Im not a fan of Torontos failures. (leivo wasnt a failure. A success. Too many players. Have to move one) Would rather trade for forwards and sign Depth D and draft a defensemen every round.
  14. Stop salivating over leaps scrapped. You "Canucks Fans" sure are cucked with leafs fantasys. Its actually pathetic.
  15. Rights to Tryamkim Brandon Sutter (Contract comes off)