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  1. Nothing's wrong with disliking someone based on the team they play for. It's just repugnant to see some Canucks fans talk about Nylander being a girl when these same fans get indignant when fans of other teams call Henrik and Daniel the Sedin Sisters. Plus, calling someone a girl or effeminate in a derogatory way is really an attitude that should be retired to the past. There's nothing wrong with being a girl or looking like one in the 21st century.
  2. To be fair to Benning, I doubt Anaheim's GM would have given up Shea Theodore when he knew Kesler had a 1 team trade list. This trade still upsets me but Sbisa was likely the best Benning could get. Pouliot like Philip Larsen was just a Hail Mary at the Dollar store to insert some mobility on the blueline. The Gudbranson trade is the exception and was just absolute garbage. I still can't believe Benning threw away McCann for a pilon and a 2nd. Plus the second round in 2016 had some really interesting prospects. If this article is to be believed, this is the logic behind drafting Juolevi. "The source says the feeling is that the Canucks fell in love with Juolevi early and zeroed in on him all year. And you can’t blame them, —Juolevi was having a great season with the powerhouse London Knights." "A source tells me that Sergachev was never under serious consideration for the Canucks with the fifth overall pick." "Another story has the Canucks scouts having issues with defenceman Jakob Chychrun’s hockey sense."
  3. I cheer for Jake even when he's in the dog house. He's the local boy and it's pretty special to watch him finally start to cement his place on the team. But as someone who lives in Toronto and is forced to watch Leafs games at the bar, Nylander has been playing with a lot more intensity this year. He's gained a lot of strength and speed and he's not afraid to be hit while going to the front of the net or retrieving a puck. He's not the same soft kid that was seen at the draft in 2014. It's pretty gross they way people throw epithets towards Nylander and Ehlers to try and pump up Virtanen.
  4. Agreed. But the Canucks are still trying to compensate for Gillis' inept drafting, so I see why they didn't pull the trigger on that. Zegras is just so creative. He and Pettersson would just be dynamite together. No one on the Canucks can match Pettersson's IQ, creativity and puck skills to truly complement him. However down the line, Zegras could potentially force the Canucks to trade Horvat and that would be a monster return that compensates for losing a 2nd round pick.
  5. Why can't we just be happy that we have both Juolevi and Rafferty? Edler is close to retirement and Juolevi could fill his role. Tanev is constantly broken and what Rafferty lacks in defence he could make up for in offence.
  6. The Rangers wanted to take a shortcut in their rebuild and drafted the 18 year old playing in the SHL. Then proceeded to ruin him by bouncing him around the SHL, AHL and NHL in his first year. I think Andersson fits Benning's vision of a "hard skill" team. If only that were the GM.
  7. Unless both sides consider it to be a hockey trade. Goldobin is a successful AHL player and has even had some limited success in the NHL compared to Andersson. But Goldobin doesn't have a role with the Canucks anymore and likely won't going forward. He's not challenging Boeser and Miller or even Pearson and Leivo for a spot in the top 6. Virtanen is showing that he can effectively play up and down the line up. Andersson may be the less proven player but he has a skillset that would allow him to slot in almost anywhere on this roster. Has some proven chemistry with Pettersson. Capable of playing a 200ft game with Horvat. Can win face offs and finish his checks to play on the fourth line. He's basically a young utility player that could possibly allow the Canucks to experiment with their line combinations. This kid was playing in the SHL in his draft year. Goldobin + 6th round pick. Maybe add in some conditions and it becomes a 5th.
  8. I think this logic is part of the reason Benning took Juolevi after Columbus picked Dubois. Juolevi was the consensus choice to be the first defenceman selected because he looked the most NHL ready at the time. But the thing is part of being NHL ready is situational opportunity. Mikhail Sergachev was lucky enough to get traded to a stacked team in Tampa and could be sheltered. Jakob Chychrun was guaranteed to make the roster in Arizona. Charlie McAvoy was damn impressive in 6 playoff games he started in. But he only got that opportunity because Torey Krug and Brandon Carlo were injured.
  9. The old strategy of “re-tooling on the fly” is really stifling this team.
  10. Got the free trial just to read this article. Pro's “He’s been saying he wants to be the best defensive forward for Team Russia,” Eronko said. The attention Podkolzin has paid to his defensive game has stood out to Brown: “He’s been way better defensively than I expected — and I thought highly of that part of his game. He’s strong defensively already. High activity rate. He’s a disrupter; cuts off the top and pressures shots with purpose. Wins battles consistently with strength, understanding of body positioning and pure effort. Once he gains body positioning, it’s nearly impossible for a player to recover because he cuts off their hands, widens his stance and swats away any attempt for the defender to get his free hand in front again.” “When he’s not a passing threat, he removes his defender by tying up his stick or feigning a powerful drive to create space behind him. Highly advanced off-puck player — regardless of age." Con's “Two skill-based concerns have hindered Podkolzin’s KHL play and provide NHL projection concerns,” Brown said. “At this point, his skating has been debated enough. There’s a really noticeable heel kick that results in a short, inefficient stride.” “While neither the skating or stickhandling concerns are enough alone to sink Podkolzin, combined they present a real challenge. I think it’s one that he’ll overcome. However, in transition, he’s easily thwarted because he’s driven to the outside, then his rigid handling prevents him from problem-solving back into open ice. Powerful rushes with possession are often easily removed from his stick, despite him being a monster without possession.” Random "So why did Podkolzin sign with a club that probably doesn’t have his development as its top priority? Per Eronko, every 17-year-old in Russia is obligated to sign a standard three-year deal; it’s not possible to sign a one- or two-year agreement. Podkolzin’s current deal reportedly pays him about 300,000 rubles per year, roughly the equivalent of $4,800 USD." “It was my second time in Vancouver at the time of the draft,” Podkolzin said. “I was nervous, but I liked the city a lot from the first time. When I came to the draft I knew where to go, what to see. Cool city. It’s not a calm city, it’s a business one, but I liked to see that movement inside."
  11. I don't think Leivo or Pearson will be top 6 players on this team 2-4 years down the road.
  12. Leivo is just a place holder until Podkolzin can leave the KHL.
  13. I always saw Lind as a complimentary player. Sort of like a higher end version of Leivo. Not someone who would necessarily drive play, but someone with the hockey IQ and skillset to work with players like Pettersson or Gaudette and not bring them down.
  14. Madden will outgrow that title as well.
  15. Green was already up with the Canucks when Dahlen and Palmu decided to leave Utica.