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  1. Madden will outgrow that title as well.
  2. Green was already up with the Canucks when Dahlen and Palmu decided to leave Utica.
  3. Unless this is a season ending injury like the one last year, I see no reason to panic. If anything, I hope this injury closes the door on the idea of trading Stetcher. The guy is tenacious, steady and more importantly young enough that he'll be in good condition as the Canucks window for contending continues to open. In terms of the wider discussion about the draft, I think it shows that Benning doesn't really fair too well when he doesn't get the guy that he initially sets his sights on. In 2016, it was pretty common knowledge that the Canucks were targeting Dubois at 5 this year. In 2014, I think it's also pretty common knowledge that the Canucks wanted to trade up for the #2 pick for Sam Reinhart.
  4. I can already see DiPietro being the #1 goalie in the playoffs. This kid always seems to find an extra gear when the pressure is on and there's a championship on the line.
  5. I honestly don't see Gaudette being damaged the way Virtanen was by being gifted an NHL spot at 19. He's shown more competitiveness and maturity in this preseason than I've seen compared to Virtanen in 2015.
  6. I think 20 - 25 goals is doable for Virtanen. Especially now that the team is deep enough to have more offensive talent outside the top 6. It's hard for me to see Virtanen as a 50 point player since he's never put up more than 10 A's in his career so far. Plus Green doesn't exactly deploy him like he's a 50 goal scorer. But there's a lot of opportunity this year for Virtanen to show his progression, especially if he's playing with say Baertschi/Goldobin and Gaudette.
  7. There are two things about Joulevi that really stick out to me: 1. At one of his post draft interview's he said he was confident that he would be the first defenceman taken because he felt he was the smartest. 2. At the World Juniors the year after they won gold, Finland played appallingly, and there were reports that Joulevi criticized the coaching and team. I'm not a psychologist by any means, but it sounds like Joulevi is the type of guy that shines when the stakes are high and is lacklustre when the stakes are low because he's the type of person that needs to feel like something is at stake to feel passion and desire. I think Joulevi knows that he's a good player and on a regular day or game he doesn't feel like he has much to prove. But in competitions where a championship is involved there's the added appeal of being the best in the world or league. If this is the case, I don't necessarily see this as a bad problem. Perhaps once he makes the NHL there will be the appeal of becoming a top player in the world's best league. Or maybe it's just a matter of maturity and perspective, for him to see that every game counts towards the ultimate big one.
  8. Great post. Also just to bolster your arguement, that one time Tampa missed the playoffs was when Stamkos was out indefinitely after 17 games.
  9. I don't think anyone's understanding of the law matters that much in Putin's Russia. Unless you're an oligarch.
  10. I concur with 99. I particularly liked how some of the stories were about hockey outside the NHL. I think even a non-hockey fan would find this interesting to read.
  11. I personally don't think Miller and Horvat's game are similar at all. But that's likely to do with how both players have been utilized on their respective teams. Horvat's entry into the NHL has been more of a trial by fire. Until Pettersson came along, Horvat and the Canucks had been in the trenches. Miller has been on a contending team for his entire career. Yet Horvat has better numbers. He's a player that's been tested and seasoned in adverse circumstances. I know that's more of an intangible, but I think it shows that if the circumstances were reversed Horvat would have posted better numbers with the Rangers and Lightening. But to answer your question. I guess it would depend on who our dance partner was and where that first overall was at. If New Jersey offered us the first overall, a third and Eddie Lack. I would absolutely pull the trigger. The Canucks would have a 1A and 1B at centre. Imagine a powerplay with Pettersson, Boeser, Podkolzin, Q Hughes and J Hughes. If Colorado offered Ottawa's first, a third and their AHL goalie at the trade deadline, I'd ask for more because of the risk attached on our end. Since who know's if Ottawa's pick would have won the lottery or if they'd have managed to claw their way into a playoff spot.
  12. I have no problem with Benning trying to make the team more competitive and sending a message that it’s time for the Canucks to be pushing for a playoff spot. But there are guys in free agency that could have done that too. Perhaps not as good as JT Miller. But without giving away a 1st and 3rd round pick. Anders Lee and Marcus Johansson. How beneficial would it have been for Pettersson and Boeser to play with Johansson, a guy who was just 1 win from winning the cup? Then there’s the problem of roster depth. Let’s say one of Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Hughes, Edler and now Miller go down in 2021. The Canucks don’t have a prospect lighting it up in Utica to call up and fill the void. So maybe the team pulls together and starts getting small contributions from everyone else. But maybe they don’t. Remember in 2016/17 when Steven Stamkos went down in November and pretty much missed the rest of the season? Note that Victor Hedman had already played 8 full seasons in the NHL. Quinn Hughes our would be #1 has played 5 games. The Lightening ended up missing the playoffs. They draft Cal Foote at 14 that year. Ottawa drafted Erik Brannstrom at 15. Also looks like Philadelphia got a major steal in Morgan Frost at 27 that year. This is the kind of prospect depth the Canucks need.
  13. Benning said it at the press conference when talking about the JT Miller trade at around the 4 minute mark. When I re-listened to the interview, I formed my opinion in context to the Miller trade. Not in the context of the question Benning was asked and the way he answered. My bad. When I said it was super weird, I was thinking that having Rafferty and co. being the next crop of guys in the pipeline who could possibly make the jump to the NHL wasn't worth surrendering a first round pick in either 2020 or 2021. Especially when our would be #1 and #2 in Hughes and Joulevi still haven't played a full season in the NHL. When I consider the fact that Benning surrendered a pick from #15-31 and who's been drafted in those spots, I find it really strange. Dante Fabbro, K'Andre Miller, Rasmus Sandin. These are the types of players the Canucks need in their system. I personally think the JT Miller trade should have happened at the end of this current season. After Hughes and Joulevi have gained some NHL experience.