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  1. Man, it's been too long since I saw that kind of jubilation from this team, it's beautiful!
  2. You know, I always feel 3-0 is one of the scariest leads in hockey, it's just in that perfect range where it feels like a huge lead yet can easily be decimated. Interesting turn of events with Toronto Columbus.
  3. Well what do you know! They actually pulled it off. Imagine how Toronto fans will feel if their team's out while Montreal's in XD.
  4. Man, the amount of penalties was insane that game! There were some chances by the Wild by Marky seemed to have the angle on them and covered rebounds really well. He was the steady Marky that's been carrying us in the regular season, as good as he's ever been. Also, I like how after having such a ridiculous wait for his first shutout in the regular season, he gets his first shutout in playoff hockey in 3 games! The Canucks honestly could have had 2 more goals. At the very least, that Bo Horvat chance that got gloved by Stalock was insane. Like there was nothing but net and the glove on that shot, so many ways that could have gone in. That was a tough go to get that first one, but it's what I thought it might take to beat him, getting the rebounds. Our best players are being our best players these last couple games, incredible the way Hughes just plays like a veteran all star in his first go in NHL playoff hockey. Great to see Petey get his cannon of a shot off again, Hughes plus Petey on a 2 on 1 is about as deadly a combination as you could get. Really happy to see Brock getting some goals and love. Rooster's goal felt Burrowsesque to me. Penalty Kill came up huge, there's no way we're going to kill 7 every night, but keeping them from getting any momentum on the PP was crucial to winning this game. Loved the protection that was coming up, felt anytime someone was getting targeted, guys were sticking up for each other, loved the tackling when the guys were harassing Marky. Let's keep it going, hopefully they can have their best game yet tomorrow!
  5. Don't care about the end, super happy to see the boys win! Amazing game from them except for certain points.
  6. Wow what a garbage penalty call to ruin the flow of the game.
  7. That was one heck of a huge game, and did they ever play like it. That was not an Avalanche team that was playing poorly, they were threatening all night. First period was especially dangerous, Canucks had a bit of luck coming out of that period with the lead. But from then on they played right at their level, it was a pretty amazing back and forth game. Third period was critical, and there was a ton of fantastic shot blocking especially on that power play. I was so happy when Zac got that 5th goal, we needed that so much. It's so nice to see the Empty Net unit finish this one off, it's been too long for them. Fight on boys, we're going to need to right to the finish!
  8. Well when you start the game off with an absolutely beautiful block into your own net against the Ducks, you're just asking for this to happen. This was one of those games that the Canucks were only going to win if they had a bit of luck and played for a 2-1 overtime win with how the bounces were going. Of course, shooting themselves in the foot early on prevented them from being able to play for the tie. But on the plus side, the Canucks won the most important of important stat lines, Shots on Goal! They beat them by a whopping 10 shots! Double digits! Wowza! A crummy way to finish off Sedin Week, but if they get the win against Minnesota on Wednesday, they won't really be in a worse position.
  9. While I know the Ducks aren't doing so well right now, in the past, games with them have often been pretty tight, just the kind of game where the Ducks could sneak out with the win. Just watch out, particularly for Silfverberg, he's consistently their most dangerous player when we go against them. But if we get lucky, maybe the team can pile some goals and put this one out of sight.
  10. Was watching the Sedin's last home game they had on, that was one amazing night. Truly a magical game to transition to the new era. Anyway tonight's game. Always a bit nervous in games where the team is up by a lot with 40 minutes left to play. Our team is one that can't afford to take shifts off, or relax because the second you do, it's a tie, which it would have been had Marky not kicked it in to overdrive and started stopping every Grade A scoring chance, and putting up hightlight reel saves. Quinn is really something special, with every game it just becomes more apparent, he's got one heck of a ceiling, and is just incredible to watch every night. He keeps this up and get his Pts/game a bit closer to Makar, I don't think it'll be a question on whether or not he deserves rookie of the year. Glad the Canucks broke the slump tonight, also really love the 90s jerseys. Team looks awesome in them and it grows on me every time I see them wear em!
  11. Oh boy, another one of those 3 goal leads turned it a 3rd period loss. Had immediate flashbacks to watching that game. Hearing that horn going again and again had to be the worst part. At least there were some decent goals before that 3rd period.
  12. Nice that the battle of Alberta is fun to watch again. It's been years since it felt like there was any real special battle happening. If we could manage to win the division, I really hope these 2 finish 2 and 3, that first round match up would be great.
  13. That save by Markstrom has got to be my favourite of his I've seen, and one of the best I've seen, saves like that at that point in a game are as big as it gets in the regular season. Canucks played bad early, but man when they scored, they were all nice goals. And it's crazy, even while being outshot, they were getting prime scoring chances, and Petey could grabbed a handful. That hit on Motte, hits like that are the kinds of things I hate the most to see. Just plays where someone takes advantage of the league's lax attitude on those kind of hits to ruin a player. I don't expect the league to do anything on it, but those kind of plays are garbage that shouldn't be in a league where you can't beat the hell out of the guy without the risk of lengthy suspensions. Anyway, really hope Motte's going to be able to get on the road to recovery and it's not a worst case scenario. Also, Boeser got a point, so maybe we can relax a bit about him, just let things play out? Keep the good times rolling!