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  1. Man, it is SO satisfying seeing this team dominate the Sharks. Was a little concerned the Canucks might have a point cheated away from them in the 3rd, but then Hughes answered immediately. I am so happy seeing this team get those immediate response goals when the team behind them gets one, it's such a dagger to their hopes. This and last game were some of the easiest games I've watched the Canucks play. By that, I mean games that weren't going to have me on the edge of my seat and stressed as heck as the team's under siege. I felt so comfortable watching them, and their defense was solid, it was really nice. I mean, the team held them to 7 shots through 2 periods, and only 10 in the third when they started to press a bit. Went to the prediction thread to see what I'd said on Loui. He's still a ways off from 8g 18a, but at 5g 3a, he's more than halfway to my goal prediction. As for Miller, I said 50 points, he's going to smash that, he's already at 46. Same for Jake, I had him at 32 points, he's already at 28 and playing with Petey and Millsy, I can only seeing him crushing that as well. It's absolutely amazing to see these guys shatter expectations. Canucks are playing a complete game right now, just as Travis Green mentioned in the post game. This is the kind of play I felt they could be at earlier in the season when they start to click. I know it's super close but going into the break first in the pacific feels great. Hope they're ready after the break, because they're going against the best in the west when they come back. But for now, I'll just enjoy this.
  2. Kings could make up some serious ground tonight. A win over Philly and they're only 13 points behind us! Gotta make sure to win tonight if we don't want to put ourselves at risk!
  3. Just your average Winnipeg-Vancouver game. One of these days we'll have successful games against them. Take the L and get the more important W against the Coyotes.
  4. Personally didn't feel like it was the Canucks greatest game today, but man was Minnesota shooting themselves in the foot most of that game. Missing so many prime scoring chances, taking terrible penalties. Thank goodness Marky came up huge when they did get flurries of scoring chances because the Wild did not deserve points for the kind of outing they put out there. Anyway, Canucks are going to have to execute better than that if they want to hope to beat the Jets. Winnipeg always seems to have our number, and considering they lost 1-0 against Nashville and are on a 2 game skip, I get the feeling their going to be hungry for a win and will try and pile up goals if we give them the chance.
  5. Not the prettiest game, and the Sabres definitely had their chances, but hey, you take this every day of the week after those last 2 games. Also, the Canucks really had a strong 3rd period which is where it often matters the most. Also, they didn't have any giveaways, so while they may have shot of themselves in the foot in being trapped in their own zone at times, they did a good job in not gifting the Sabres any quality chances or rushes. Boeser had a really good game, had some really nice goals. Good for Loui getting the goal in the end, he deserved it after taking that cut to the mouth. Anyway, if we could start another streak, we could really find this team set up really nicely. At the same time, if they lose the next bunch, we could suddenly find ourselves falling out of it, so let's hope for the best!
  6. Ugh, another 10AM start? I was hoping for at least 11, maybe even 1, but guess it's how it is. Just have a decent start to this game. After those last 2 games, really don't think they can afford to go down a goal early again.
  7. So rather than talk about the obvious being the game, I'm just going to take the time to thank the true heroes which are the people that rush on here to give us some quality memes to raise spirits. Really need some laughs after games like that. It is very much appreciated.
  8. One thing that I will always stand by on Loui Eriksson is that I believe he does his best when he's on a line with Bo. In the past couple seasons, he always started to look good when he was moved to that line, then injuries would happen or he'd be put on the 4th line again. Well now he's been left up there for a while, and he's doing pretty decent. Also, when he's on the ice, I actually don't feel quite as concerned of the team getting scored on as I have been, and given the kind of stressful games we've had at times, that's a pretty fantastic thing.
  9. Man, was beginning to feel like that last Rangers game the way that 3rd was going. Then we just have that one shift where everything went right and we get the Myers goal. These are the sort of games you need to get sometimes when you're streaking, thought Loui played fantastic in a game where defense was critical. Marky keeps this up, he'll need Vezina considerations, just incredible. Anyway, could some of the other Pacific teams please cool off a bit so we could actually climb the standings a bit? Ridiculous how Vegas came back in that game against the Blues, I thought blowing 3 goal leads was our thing. Anyway, I could go for us having an 8th straight win, anyone else?
  10. So what are the rules regarding elbowing in world junior, are they more strict than others, because considering contact was initiated with the shoulder and the elbow was more a follow through, the hit by Hoglander would seem to me to be more of the minor variety of elbowing as opposed to a major and match penalty. But if it is more strict I would guess there's not really an argument there.
  11. I was actually really stunned to hear that Canucks had gotten a player like Pearson for Gudbranson. I hadn't really followed his path since the last Kings championship too much, but I'd kind of always though that 70s line with him, Toffoli and Carter was going to be a force for some time to come. I hadn't realized how much he'd fallen off last year, and am still surprised his stock had dropped so low. He kind of had a similar slump to last year earlier this season, but it would seem having a coach who has confidence in him has helped him push through and become a good second line winger for us. With any luck, he's going to reach his peak with us. Our team really seems to be rounding the corner and showing a lot of promise.
  12. Rangers have always been a dangerous opponent for the Canucks historically, except in the 2000s when we had a nice run against them. Our last game against them in October was one of the first cases where we saw the Canucks end up under siege for the entire 3rd period while holding a lead. I would love to see them have a similar early game to that last one and this time if the Rangers start to mount a comeback, get a quick response goal and put a dagger in their hopes of mounting a comeback. Markstrom saved us the win last time against the Rangers, let's try not to force him to do that again.
  13. Also, one fun fact, last year our number 6 point getter was Loui Erikkson with 29 points. Halfway through this season, our number 6 point getter is Quinn Hughes with 29 points.
  14. Once that 4-3 goal by Hughes went in, that's when you knew it was gonna be one of these games. Wild scoring chances, goals galore, some unfortunate bounces, couple close calls injury wise.That's got to be one of the best Hawks Canucks games we've seen since our rivalry with them cooled off. Knew I was either going to be very happy or very frustrated at the end of the night, thank you Gaud and Bo for putting it away at the end. Canucks are on one heck of a roll right now, and on another note, how about that Nils Hoglander? Kid is tearing it up at the world junior. Lot of fun hockey ahead, let's keep the good times going, we still have a tight race ahead of us.