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  1. Caps continue to impress these past few weeks. I really hope they are able to purchase Ali Adnan and bring in a quality box to box midfielder- a player of similar quality to Adnan. Fun game today. Looking forward to Friday’s Hopefully Henry and Adnan are healthy for it!
  2. Weren’t you just speaking of being pro-separation not too long ago? All it takes is a pipeline to appease these cries...until the next thing you want isn’t provided, that is. It all reads as so childish, doesn’t it?
  3. Careful, people become wildly unpredictable when their thin facade of an ideology is pulled back.
  4. Obviously you don’t mean pipeline construction - beginning in summer would be beyond stupid - so what do you mean?
  5. Well, according to some on these forums, libel is a universal truth that is not covered under freedom of speech. Shouldn’t be a problem to prosecute, right?
  6. Tough to say - are people allowed to look at the visitor logs yet...? Thats partially meant as a joke. Trump is a lazy sack. It’s obvious to anyone not blinded by his racist, isolationist rhetoric.
  7. It’s amazing how people try to rationalize the behaviour of Trump.
  8. Maybe we should buy the ships from Russia or China, then we can be dependent on them for parts and servicing. What could possibly go wrong???
  9. He needs to be impeached and put in jail. If there are no consequences for his presidency and the events leading up to it, there is no hope left for any semblance of American democracy.
  10. So you’re for freedom of speech, but in the same breath are compelled to place limits on said free speech. I’m sure you find this perfectly logical until you realize the law is malleable, therefore so is your “free” speech. The rest of your post about Leftist blasphemy etc is ridiculous drivel. The Kmher Rouge were “Leftists” if I follow you definition. Does this mean I’m in favour of slaughtering the educated?
  11. I’m talking economic exapansion. It is required even if we assumed a static population size.