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  1. Basically everyone one of our D in Utica could be brought up (and almost have been) as an injury fill-in if needed. And there are even better young D on the way to take their place. Right now what we're seeing is that we had Gaudette and Graovac as our C depth in Utica, and that was it! Madden's coming, and hopefully one (maybe two) of Karlsson or Focht, but that's it in terms of future C depth as well. There's no question that centre is a position where we need to add some young prospects. Unlike some of our fellow posters here, the depth charts don't lie!
  2. Sorry, I said our greatest prospect weakness is at centre and we need to prioritize adding at that position (particularly through the draft), not at D. I see your facepalm and raise you one!!
  3. It think it was worthwhile to trade Burrows for a young prospect, but seeing how he looked last night, I'd be all for signing him as a free agent now and adding him for our playoff run! Wouldn't it be great to see him playing on a line with Roussel?
  4. I got roasted a few days ago over on the Tyler Madden thread for suggesting that the Canucks need more prospect depth at centre. Some seem to feel that because we have a few good young centres on the NHL roster now, we don't need to add anymore in the forseeable future. As far as I'm concerned centre is a very important position, you can never have enough good young ones, and we're seeing right now why you always have to have a few more waiting in the wings.
  5. Yeah. He's the kind of hard working, but skilled player I'd really like to see get a chance.
  6. Who are Who exactly are we talking about at this point, Lockwood or Madden?
  7. "And it was written, a small Swedish child shall lead the way....."
  8. I suppose I could go for Big Ferocious Giant too, but just not Big Friendly, anybody who views him that way doesn't remember him very well. They would just have to re-view the video of him manhandling all of the Ducks' 'tough guys' singlehandedly in order to refresh their memories.
  9. How and why did anyone ever nickname Tryamkin Big Friendly Giant?! I'm pretty sure that if they asked any of the players who tried to physically engage him when he was here they'd tell you his nickname should be Big F***ing Giant That's how I read that nickname anyway.
  10. Considering that we're now down to only three natural centres in the organization with pro experience, I think that's probably a safe bet!
  11. And Benning's been doing more winning than losing in the last few drafts. I'd surely rather have him miss out on drafting Tkachuk than to have him miss out on drafting either Pettersson or Hughes. All the GMs who did that must really be kicking themselves in their rear ends!
  12. Looked like he did the same to Neal tonight near the end of the game, although the camera was panning away as it happened. It made Neal so upset that he went out and ran Tanev's head into the end boards shortly after.
  13. And it's a compliment to our prospect depth that few are talking about Jasek's future with the Canucks. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for him. Because of the lack of centre depth in Utica, that's where he's been playing, but not sure if he would be capable of playing centre in the NHL.