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  1. Actually, that was his third last concussion...and it was a fight in which he didn't even take any shots to the head. His sustained his second last concussion from throwing a few good hits in a game after that (without receiving any himself), and his last concussion after skating for a few shifts in a game in Utica.
  2. Who knew back in February that Mr. Rogers could see into the future.........from beyond the grave!
  3. Just Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks and Betty White left in the Nonagenarian Comedy Legends Club now (let me know if I left anyone out).
  4. The media definitely isn't making it sound like Vancouver is still in the running. But the US just had their highest number of new COVID cases diagnosed in a single day today and that number is only going to keep climbing into the forseeable future. If the NHL should somehow come to their senses and realize that the only way to guarantee their games will go on uninterrupted is if the don't play any in the US, and that the best way to guarantee this would be to play in the safest city in North America, then we would still be in the running. Heck, if the NHL execs were using any common sense at all, they would have all 24 NHL teams playing in BC!
  5. Playing dirty -- using physical intimidation -- wasn't really a big part of European hockey until they learned it from Canadians, I'd have to say. No matter how much we disliked the "Commies", we have to admit that we were the kings of physical hockey in the '70's. The Soviets had nothing that came close to the Broad Street Bullies or the Big Bad Bruins at the time.
  6. Considering that Jake is just finally showing some indications that he might justify Benning drafting him #6 overall, I have some doubts that Benning will be looking to trade him in the near future. If one of our top young wingers ends up going for a top young D, my bet would be on Boeser.
  7. And this could be why, at least in part, that the Canucks went against everyone's expectations and didn't reunite Toffoli with Pearson. That would have made Horvat his centre and probably made him much less excited about his future if he did resign with this team.
  8. So do you think the playoffs would go through the summer and end in late August every year? I can't see the league going for that and the only way around it would be to shorten the season and/or the playoffs, which I can't see the league going for either.
  9. If it means we get to keep Toffoli (and Jake) long-term, I'd definitely trade Pearson. Toffoli might not be too happy about losing Pearson though.
  10. You might be right re: Mac. But i have to say, in his last game or two, he looked damn effective out there! He was overpowering opponents with his size and sheer will, and contributing on the score sheet as well. Although Loui might be better defensively, Mac made a bigger impact in is last few games than I remember Loui ever making with this team (with the possible exception of scoring into his own net in his very first game).
  11. I'd like to know what happened with Teves too. He was looking so good early in the season, almost on par with Rafferty, then seemed to drop off the Utica radar completely part way through the season.
  12. Anyone who thinks a Sutter would be sat out in the playoffs doesn't know who the Sutters are and doesn't understand the difference between the regular season and the playoffs.
  13. Experience always trumps inexperience come playoff time. I see Sutter, Beagle and Leivo all getting into the lineup ahead of Gaudette. He and MacEwen will be the top forward subs. And Motte will be ahead of them if Ferland is ready to get in there and take his place.