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  1. Comparing Tryamkin to Myers or Malik is like comparing the Hulk to a bean pole. This little snippet from an article back when he was playing here should help refresh some memories on this true, awesome size: If you go by official stats from, then Nikita Tryamkin of the Vancouver Canucks is the heaviest player currently in the NHL at 6′7″, 265lbs. However, a few years back, they had enforcer John Scott (since retired) listed at 6′8″, 270lbs, although his current player profile shows him at 260lbs. Other honorable mentions: Dustin Byfuglien - 6′5″, 260lbs Zdeno Chara - 6′9″, 250lbs Jamie Oleksiak - 6′7″, 255lbs
  2. Yes you have, but don't worry, the sudden blossoming of Rafferty and Chatfield was about all the noteworthy news from 2020. You didn't miss much else
  3. This is because Peters truly understands the value of a mobile, hard-hitting, man-mountain sized D man, which is something that I hope this year's playoffs finally drove home for all the CDC posters who think Benning should just trade Tryamkin's rights rather than waiting to sign him.
  4. I see Craig Button doesn't have Woo listed in the top 10 in his latest rating of Canucks prospects on the TSN website. He's been overtaken by the likes of McDonough, Utunen, etc.
  5. Probably the second highest next to Markstrom. That's a big reason why I don't think they want him here. If they can free up the big cap hit they'd be giving Markstrom, they will want to use it to strengthen the D around Demko, as well as to bring in another, lesser UFA goalie.
  6. Smithers,'s an easy mistake to make!
  7. If he can play centre, his future on this team looks bright!
  8. There's one positive step you can attribute to him. The problem is that there are so many more very basic steps he could have taken to do much more for his country. They're steps that most other leaders of civilized countries around the world had no trouble taking. When you highlight anything positive he has done, you have to ignore so many negatives. And the negative decisions he has made are so outrageously bad, you have to be putting seriously big blinders on not to see them. This is why being a Trump supporter is more like being a cult member than it is like being a supporter of any other leader or party in a democratic country. And it's something that so many of us who are not in the Trump Cult can see, even if we have no investment in American politics whatsover, and have major difficulties understanding or just letting go.
  9. But none but the most corrupt dictator would have allowed so many people to die so that he could avoid making unpopular decisions that would reduce his chances of staying in power. By his inaction and spread of misinformation on COVID, he has literally sacrificed thousands of people in order to feed his own ego (i.e., keep himself in power).
  10. Fact check: Trump administration takes credit for Obama-era veterans health program
  11. I've been to that bar in the Ekaterinburg sector. Rough crowd -- I wouldn't go back!
  12. While the current Republican Party would never have the sense of honour to do something like this. They've sold out on all their democratic and ethical principles in order to hitch their wagon to the Cult of Trump, just to try and stay in power as long as they can.
  13. ^This guy looks too intrigued by that statement!
  14. Maybe they're projecting his size based on a government-sponsored growth hormone injection regime they have him on??