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  1. Like hfboards Edmonton? Let me guess, just cause I think Green is a horrible coach I must be an Oilers fan? No, I've been with this team since 2017 and I don't intend on leaving until at least next April if we are not in the playoffs.
  2. What an overpayment by Montreal. Tanev is worth a third rounder and Brisebois is waiver fodder.
  3. Idk what you're watching, Markstrom looked shaky and Demko is creeping to bust status. Comparing these two sieves to a legend like Luongo is a slap to the face.
  4. Well Im sure as hell glad you arent gm. This team needs character. We don't need scoring, we need toughness and tenacity. Bring Lucic in at whatever the cost.
  5. Who cares? I only care about players currently playing. Most draft picks are busts anyway.
  6. Could've been good but the Canucks never play our prospects correctly
  7. If that's the best Benning can do I question why he was given an extension. I also doubt Green can properly utilize any of these players.
  8. Well before I have to go to bed I think this team should go hard after Lucic, we need more character guys on this team. Roussel and Bagel or however you spell it, aren't nearly enough. Who cares about points when you have character? Full team analysis coming soon.
  9. I guess nobody here wants to make the playoffs. My off-season plan- Fire Coach Green. Bring in Malkin and Benn regardless of cost. Trade Bo Horvat, he has done nothing in the league. Trade Elias Pettersson, he's too soft for the west and was a one year wonder. Trade Thatcher Demko before he's completely ruined thanks to our bad fans. I'll try to think of some more
  10. If Benning was smart he'd offer up our first this year plus Edlers contract to get Byram.
  11. Let's not get too crazy, with greens systems not sure how much that can be maintained over an 82 game season. I was talking to my buddy last November and he said at the time to fire Green so we will see how it plays out.
  12. Well don't screw this one up Benning that's all I'll say
  13. Looked shaky this season. Wonder if he's overhyped or just utilized wrong, like Green did with a lot of players in his AHL days.
  14. If I'm Benning I'm on the phone right now making this happen. Offer Bo, offer Brock, offer whatever. This team has shown over the past two years we can't compete with the big boys so we need someone with playoff experience.