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  1. This is actually a hilarious post considering the liberals and anyone left of them are the reason for is now called the "cancel culture". How inclusive can you be when you just want to ban everything you don't agree with?
  2. I guess in one way or another every city is west of Vancouver.
  3. What? Philly got pretty much the best ranked player of the draft. Patrick was unanimous number one until just before the draft.
  4. I sure hope it's not this week.
  5. That's a different discussion. What I was saying is for the most part you don't want to do certain speeds in semis, especially depends on the weight of loads on the drive tires. A good way to lose a tire is doing 110+ on a fully loaded semi.
  6. If you're talking semis they are all generally governed to point. It isn't so much because of speed limits it's actually more because of tires and load rating.
  7. LMFAO, imagine using an apple product!
  8. It really is too bad that this kind of person does not exist in politics anyway.
  9. Basically this. Injuries might dial back about 5-10% but our stars will be the ones getting it worse.
  10. If Schaller isn't sent packing to somewhere in Europe, this season is a bust.
  11. Personally I think Bustanen has more of a ring to it.
  12. Can someone please explain this hockey thing everyone is talking about?